Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day.

It is a time for solemn reflection.

It isn’t easy to put words to paper or screen for those like me, who was not able to serve in the military. I’m not privy to a lot of the traditions or the habits of the military personnel, except for those in my family that have served or those of my friends that tell me of this or that.

Still, some things come through anyway.

In my hometown, there’s a structure for the veterans from home that have lost their lives in service. It stands silently, day after day, under the hot Florida sun and hurricanes and other conditions. Many of the names are those who went on before I was even born, and some not. One is someone that I went to school with, others after that. It isn’t a happy place, isn’t something to celebrate or rejoice in, but it is something to remind those still living of the sacifice made by others for us.

Today, when you hear “The Star Spangled Banner” play with all the majesty of its history, put your hand over your heart. When “Taps” is blown, if there’s a tear in your eye, don’t be ashamed. I wasn’t.

I will remember those that sacrifice made for me, for the Gold Star families bereaved, for those that live in freedom – because of what they gave.

I have not forgotten.

I will not forget.

Working on “stuff”

I’ve been working on the second book in the Cadealith Chronicles Trilogy, and waiting to see what I get back for the Wizard’s Apostasy audiobook. Early listening of what I’ve been sent make me, as the author, excited to hear my characters come to life. I think the Master Ranger is the one I’m really looking forward to.


Also, I have published Unknown Worlds in paperback (and got my own copy.) If you are interested in getting your own copy, you can purchase it at Amazon.

I’m excited to see what happens.


— JB Steele

JB Steele Ebooks and Paperbacks

From JB Steele


Wizard’s Apostasy and Unknown Worlds have been released in paperback.

Links below.

Wizard’s Apostasy Unknown Worlds
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The Wizard’s Apostasy audiobook is currently in production, with a projected release of January 2018.

The Fog

The fog.

The filmy blanket muffled sound, dampened windows and refused to leave right away. Even when the sun stumbles up out of bed, driving in it was never fun. Even worse in rush traffic, but the kicker was the people with lead feet and no sleep. Like me. I stay in the median, waiting for a break in traffic. I wanted to cross the street, and get to work. I’m running late.

Zoom. Zip. Whoosh.

“What is this,” I think, “NASCAR tryouts?”

A car blazes by, inches from my pickup’s nose, riding the line and rocking my little Ford with only his Doppler shift. Finally, a break. I saw no headlights on the road, finally. I look at the dash mounted clock and grimace. Twelve minutes to be standing at the time clock to punch in, or I would be late.

I ease off my brakes and pull out onto the road. Only to slam back onto my brakes, very quickly. Materializing out of the fog, side by side, a custom van and a lifted F250 with mud grippers! No headlights on either! They blaze past me into the qualifying lap of their little minds, with only the twinkle of chrome and the roar of engines to mark the winning lap.

I sit, shaking in anger and the accompany grip of the fear stoked adrenaline rush, cursing the damn-fool drivers wouldn’t recognize a headlight switch if it bit them. And the fog laughs at me, as I finally cross the street. It sneaks away on its little cat feet, and is gone when I get to work.

I hate fog.

Wizard’s Apostasy – JB Steele

Wizard’s Apostasy

The Realm of Cadealith is under attack. An evil stranger is looking for something, and attacking everything in his path. He doesn’t care who or what gets in his way.
King’s Master Ranger Cuileán Abel has been on his trail for a long time, trying to stop him.
Abiradon, an Elven Warrior Monk, barely survived one of the brutal attacks and is now seeking vengeance, too.
Others in the realm are affected by the mad dash to power, and they all have different views that come to light as the Master Ranger and the warrior monk race against time.
Can Cuileán Abel and Abiradon be successful in their quest and restore safety and peace to Cadealith?
Or, will the Wizard’s Apostasy destroy them all?
Also in this book, “King’s Ranger,” a Cadealith short story.
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