The Thirteen Hours of Halloween… Hour 9…

The clergyman held the cross high as he began to chant an ancient prayer. He knew the evil was still near by. He could smell it . He also knew the other visitor still remained. He chastised himself for not appearing on the hill sooner. At least it wasn’t an innocent who had lost their life& soul to the creature…
“We must find the other before the creature does. It is near by , I can feel it. The creature already has a hold on it , and the innocent doesn’t even realize it…
Now spread out & take these crosses. They will protect you from the darkness, and the beast.”
The men reluctantly did as they were told. Each one gripping the cross tightly in their hand opposite their lantern.

©2015 ML Steele

A Little Note on Part 28 which is coming

Hello all, just a little note. This section I am to begin, is one thing I am not very good at writing. Fight scenes. I can see them occur in my head, but getting those images penned is more difficult than one can imagine. I honestly do not understand why it is so hard, maybe the fact I haven’t much experience in the way of fights, is part, or maybe the fact I am a peaceful person. I do not know, but I will try my best to make it good. Please forgive me, if it isn’t an epic battle, such as I hope. But I am going to try. Thanks Y’all Happy Reading MLSteele

A little info

Hello all

I have been posting every other day I believe, new portions of my story. As the school year resumes shortly, those posts may get further spaced out. Do not worry, I have not forgotten to post, for those interested, I just have other things which take up my writing time.
Some parts are already written, however the area I am in now, is being written each night. I hope you are enjoying the story, and as always, please feel free to comment or question anything I have written. Thanks Y’all MLSteele


This post is not for reviews, ponderings about writing, suggestions for equipment, or plugs for other projects.

This post is to say to the new subscribers that have signed up…


Thank you for signing up. I was pleasantly surprised to see my email mentioning several new subscribers, and I hope that everyone has a good time here. There are many more things to come in the months ahead, so keep viewing this site. Suggestions and comments are welcome.

-JB Steele

Review – Basic Equipment

20150712_131800 slim

Here’s a glimpse into history.

Not history as in “what happened during the Crusades,” or “Jonas Salk’s discovery of the polio vaccine,” or even any number of historical greats that some of us dozed off to in class.

This is a glimpse into the way things were before computers.

I grant you that right now, reading this on a computer or cell phone screen, it doesn’t seem to be quite right. Still, dissonance in the space-time continuum aside, this is a tried-and-true method of putting down ideas.

Don’t believe me? Think about it, the next time the internet goes out. You’ll be digging around for the paper bill from your ISP to call them and give them a piece of your mind. That is, if you don’t do your services through your cell phone.

About the only problems with using computers to compose is the notifications, the seductive lure of email, the clarion call of Google and Bing to look up this or that, and that link up in your bookmark bar to play a browser based game.

Johannes Gutenberg revolutionized the way words found themselves distributed in the 1400’s. Before then, it was carefully carved wooden blocks or even more carefully scribed letters. The common denominator for all of these was the surface for all the symbols. Clay tablets, or papyrus scrolls, fabrics, or paper.

And that is what I refer to, when I mention history.

There are times when I write that I don’t want to be bothered by the blinkenlichten and sounds. I just grab the pad and something to write with and go. I write faster this way and while there might be scratchouts or whatever, I get my ideas down. Writer’s block is often cured in this way.

Also, if I should get a new idea, I’ll scribble it down on the back of the page, or in the margins, and keep on truckin’ with the main event.

So, looking at Amazon, for instance, I found these pads. Plenty of paper to look at and think about what to put down.

And pads or notebooks are of no use whatsoever, if you don’t have anything to write with, so here are some tools to write with. Simple stuff, really, and there are certainly preferences to take into account here, but I would suggest these.

And, of course, these can be used for more than just writing the next bestseller.