Wizard’s Apostasy – JB Steele

Wizard’s Apostasy

The Realm of Cadealith is under attack. An evil stranger is looking for something, and attacking everything in his path. He doesn’t care who or what gets in his way.
King’s Master Ranger Cuileán Abel has been on his trail for a long time, trying to stop him.
Abiradon, an Elven Warrior Monk, barely survived one of the brutal attacks and is now seeking vengeance, too.
Others in the realm are affected by the mad dash to power, and they all have different views that come to light as the Master Ranger and the warrior monk race against time.
Can Cuileán Abel and Abiradon be successful in their quest and restore safety and peace to Cadealith?
Or, will the Wizard’s Apostasy destroy them all?
Also in this book, “King’s Ranger,” a Cadealith short story.
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Curse of the Moon Slave

Curse of the Moon Slave

Book two in The Moon Slave Chronicles. The story continues for Stella McCafferty and Eula Jackson as they raise Ebony, Stella’s biological daughter who was

The story continues for Stella McCafferty and Eula Jackson as they raise Ebony, Stella’s biological daughter who was part wolf at birth. Will Ebony follow her mother’s path and inherit the gene which will transform her into a moon slave as well? Only time will tell.


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Vigilance in Disguise – ML Steele

Vigilance in Disguise

Evangeline Dalton was a girl from the south transplanted to the city that never sleeps. Her life seemed to be humming along just fine, until one day when she was sitting alone in a café. That one night would change the rest of her life and introduce her to the hidden world which she had always been a part of without knowing.

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Something different

I found something different today on Twitter to try as a writer. This is a thing called , and I decided to try it. Want to read mine?

Her eyes held me captive.

That gives me a bunch of ideas, and I could write a romance from just that! Here’s the tweet for retweeting.

Want to try your own? Give me your best shot and retweet to me at my Twitter address.

Happy writing (or tweeting!)

–JB Steele

Nibble, nibble…

In the next few days, I will be putting up a GoFundMe campaign to finance the publishing of Wizard’s Apostasy. I need editing work along with other things before I can release a quality product. I’m going to take my own advice here, and submit it for an editor’s review… assuming I can find one. There are a couple of publishers inquiring about the manuscript, and of course, I want to do things right.

In the meantime, happy writing (and reading!)

–JB Steele