The Life of a Newborn (6 )

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay here? I can help you. Or at least get you on the right track before you leave.” Miriam began.

“No, I need to leave, thank you for all of your help, and the cookies… and the recipe. I have caused too much alarm to be raised here for you. You live a normal existence, with David. It isn’t right for me to impose on you. Besides, I have always wanted to travel.”

Miriam kissed my cheek, and stated, “Not all vampires are friendly to one another. Please remember this. And Paul,”


“Take care of yourself.”

I smiled as I exited her home. I had no idea where I was heading, but anywhere was better than here.

As I walked, I remembered what Miriam had told me about drinking and not draining. “It will take time for you to master this skill. I learned on chickens. You, you could use any animal, just don’t experiment with humans. We may be able to kill them, but it doesn’t mean we should. You understand that Paul?”

I had understood. I only wish I had when I was still alive. If only I had, had someone take the time and energy with me when I was alive. I can’t dwell on what might have beens, I have to focus on what I must do to survive. I head towards the road out of town, and the mountains. I figure there is enough wildlife to sustain me, and I could sleep in a cave during the day.

I managed to drink from a deer, unfortunately I drained him once again. Next time, I will eat a cookie, and then try. Miriam didn’t say to do this, it is my own idea…

I search the country side until I find a suitable cave. It’s deep and narrow, with a lot of moss growing inside of it. I collect a great deal of the moss and place it in the floor. I ensure that the sun cannot enter once it rises. I then curl up and sleep.

I dream of Miriam. I was incredibly attracted to her. She was beautiful, wise, and quirky. Had things been different, I might have stayed around and seen if we worked together. However somehow I didn’t fit into her plan. When she is out of her home, she has a routine, a pattern she has to follow. I personally think it has something to do with how she died. She is just reliving the scene over and over, but changing it. She is no longer the hunted, but the hunter.  

I’m getting off topic. My dream, it was so life like. We were sitting in her kitchen, just as we had been today. She was talking, not to me, but to David. She was preparing for her evening walk. I heard her say things, kind things about me. It melted my heart. I have never had anyone speak so nicely about me.

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Part 2 of the Vampire Story (11)

Morning rolls around, and we decide we can stay in bed no longer, due to practical reasons. So much had to be done, and John and Neil need to meet with Edmund. We assume we are first up and downstairs, however when we appear in the kitchen, Amy and Aedam are already there, drinking coffee.

“Amy, you look much better today.” Chris begins.

“I feel much better. This has been the worst vacation, I think I have ever had.” A hint of laughter touching her voice.

I smile, “At least it’s a paid vacation.” Aedam gives me a look like really. I shrug. “Just trying to think of the positive.”

Chris speaks up “What do you want for breakfast my love?”

I can feel Aedam’s icy stare on my back as I turn to face Chris. “I think first off I would like some coffee.”

“Sure thing, you go and sit I will bring it to you.”

“I have work to do. Amy, I will see you when you return to our room.” Aedam then gets up and storms off.

I look at Amy, “What did I do?”

Amy looks down, “He blames you for my accident. He was helpless to help me, and it was all on you to save me.”

“Oh…” I get up and leave the room.

“Leigh, wait.” Chris comes calling after me, my coffee in hand.

“Wait for what? So I can hurt you too? It is my fault. I was the one who wanted to go exploring. I am to blame.”

“That isn’t fair and you know it. He shouldn’t blame you. It wasn’t your fault Amy fell. You didn’t push her, did you?” Sarcasm resonating in his last words.

My eyes fall upon him, a cold stare. “Really?”

“I’m sorry, bad joke. But seriously you can’t blame yourself. You did not cause the fall, and you did all you could to save her life.”

“I do though.”

“I will talk to Aedam. He is one of us who are here to protect you. I can’t have him hesitating due to this if something happens.”

“No, I will talk to him.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” I take my coffee from Chris’s hand and head towards Aedam’s room.


“You two heading out?” I ask as I return to the kitchen to cook Leigh some breakfast.

“Yeah, I figured the sooner we go the sooner we get back.” Tammy comes up and kisses John’s lips.

“Please be careful, and return to me as soon as you can.”

“Will do.” John then picked up Neil’s bag. “This all you need?”

“I think so. Chris, where is Edmund suppose to meet us?” Neil asked.

“A local pub, I will get the address, it’s in my phone.”

I returned to John and Neil address written on a slip of paper. “Neil, you don’t blame Leigh for Amy’s accident do you?”

Neil looks at me hard. “No Chris, I don’t. Aedam does though. I think because he felt so useless, and without Leigh, well Amy would have died.”

“But that could happen anywhere, at any time. He can’t blame Leigh for that.”
“It’s irrational, yes, but he does. She is his focal point. In his mind, she caused this all because she wanted to go for a hike. Give him a day or two, he will cool off. It’s that Irish temper.” Neil threw a wink at me with those last words.

I agreed to give it some time, as I seen the two to the door. I gave them instructions as well. Heading back to the kitchen, Leigh reappeared. “How did it go?”

“It went okay, I suppose. He doesn’t want to talk to me right now, but I spoke my mind anyway.”

Returning to the kitchen, we see Tammy and Amy sitting having coffee. “After that, life is easy. Tammy finishes up.

“After what,” I question.

“Oh um, what is for breakfast Chris?”

“I thought maybe pancakes and sausages, we are in Canada, for goodness sake.”

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Part 2 of the Vampire story (10)

We emerge from our shower, feeling refreshed, and starving. Chris slips on a pair of pajama bottoms and throws me the top. Then he heads downstairs, as I slip into his bed. I look around Chris’s massive room, as I lay waiting on him to return with food.

I find that whoever decorated this space actually had pretty similar taste to me. Soft beautiful colors, fabrics that were inviting you to curly up and stay awhile.

As Chris entered the room with a large heavy tray, I ask, “Who decorated your room?”

He places the tray on the bed, and picks up a small bunch of grapes. He places one in my mouth. “You mean who decorated your room.” This is your house Leigh, remember. A sly grin crossing his lips.

I chew up the grape and swallow, then ask, “Fine then, who decorated my room?” A touch of laughter in my voice.

“Honestly, Amy did. I told her what your style was, and I had her redecorate it. She is honestly such a godsend. I don’t know what I would do without her.”

“But you will, one day, she will die. She is human.” I blurted it out without even thinking.

I could see the pain in his face as he those he already watched die pass into his mind. “I’m sorry Chris that was stupid of me to say.”

“No Leigh, it was the truth. If Amy isn’t turned, she will die. Just as you and all other humans. Death is a side effect of living. There isn’t a thing I can do about that.”

“I know you plan on turning me Chris, my ring, the Alexandrite touches my skin. But, what about Amy? Why not her as well.”

“You are one thing my love, but Amy, she has her own free will to choose. Plus I have Aedam to think of. He won’t live forever. I don’t know how long a hunter does live, but it wouldn’t be fair for him to age and then die all while Amy stays young and immortal. And before you say it I know, I could change him as well. But Leigh, where does it stop?”

I was at a loss for words. What he said was true. He may not live forever, and if he changed Amy, then she would be all alone one day. It seemed even for immortals life wasn’t fair.

“When do you plan on changing me?” I asked.

Chris stares at me for a few minutes. “How about some coffee? And toast?”

“Yes please. Chris, are you avoiding my question?”

He slid in beside me in the bed with my coffee and toast. “No my love. I just have not given it any thought yet. To turn you means to take away your chance at life, and all that comes along with it.”

“Chris, you are my life. What else could I ever want?”


“Oh Chris. No. I couldn’t even if I chose. Have you never wondered why I never have my period?”

Chris was a bit embarrassed at this. “I never really thought of it to be honest.”

“I had to have a hysterectomy at nineteen.”

“Oh. So no kids of your own?”

“Well if I chose, my parents had some of my eggs frozen. So I could still have them, or more over we could have them, if we chose.” Chris’s face lit up. “I have never even thought of having kids. “

His face then turned grim. “What if it was bad, like it is with your blood. What if we have a craving for our kid’s blood?”

I laugh. “Chris, you will be fine. But I must admit, that is a first. Sorry honey, I drained the baby of her blood today.” I bust out laughing hard, and he joins in.

“So, when will you turn me?”

“Leigh, I don’t know yet. Do you have any input?”


Chris frowned, “No Leigh, not today. It may be a few years before I can. For one the ritual with Deirdre has to be completed first. Then we will talk.”

“Ok, at least I know you will turn me.” I smile as I set my empty mug and plate on the table. I then pull him back into me. “I love you. You do know that? Don’t you.”

He kisses my lips. “Yes my love, I do.” His mouth returns to mine once again.

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The Life of a Newborn (5 )

I was beginning to become more relaxed, even though she was not telling me what I so desperately longed to know.
“Do you not wonder why you did not immediately go after David? Why his blood didn’t call for you to drain it?”
Honestly the thought never crossed my mind. I was so focused on the task she had completed so easily, my blood lust had not gotten the better of me. I then ask. “Was it because I was so adamant about finding out how you could do what you do?”
Miriam laughed heartily. “Somehow, I doubt even that could give you such restraint. No, it is because he drinks a special drink I make him. He drinks it daily, and that way I have no urge to drain him either.”
“How is it you know so much?”
Miriam takes a bite of the cookie. “When you have lived as long as I, you learn things through trial and error, and through others like us.”
“What do you mean as old as you?” I blurt out, “You can’t be much older than I am.”
Miriam stares forcefully into my eyes.
“Did you never watch a movie on vampires Paul? Do you know absolutely nothing about what you are?” Miriam questioned?
Looking and feeling ashamed, I state, “No… I haven’t. I didn’t grow up to privilege. I fought for all I had, and fighting for a frivolous luxury was not going to happen when I was starving. So to answer your question, I know nothing of vampires. I know nothing of what I was forced to become.”
Miriam took pity on me. She began to explain everything, starting from her change into a vampire. My the time night fell, I had a better knowledge of what had occurred, even though I didn’t know exactly why. I suppose no one could answer that except for the one who made me.

Happy Christmas

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The Life of a Newborn (4)

“Wait, you’re like me. How did you, take so little?”
The woman just leered at me. “Not in broad daylight, so to speak. Meet me at this address at dawn and I will explain what I can. Now I must be off, or the pattern will be disrupted, and who knows what will happen then.”
I took the slip of paper she had handed me and unfolded it carefully. There in neat black ink was the address I needed. I folded it back the way it had been and slipped it into my pocket, then I wandered through town , looking for 108 North Broad Ave.
I arrive at the neat and trim cape cod style home. I go to the door and knock. “Can I help you?” A man asks appearing at the door.
“I was given this address, by a lady in town, she told me to come before the sun arose.”
“Miriam, it’s for you.” The man then disappeared back into the house.
The woman I had been watching appeared. “So you made it Paul.”
“Yes, I did Miriam. You never even gave me your name.”
“You had no cause to know it. You only know it now, because you need my help.” She then turned and called out. “David can you invite this young man in?”
I thought to myself, young man, you can’t be a day over 25, however I kept my opinion to myself. David reappeared at the door, “What is your last name Paul?”
Immediately I say Fortner, why?”
David then asked, “Paul Fortner would you like to come in?”
I said “Yes,” and stepped through the door frame.
“First lesson Paul Fortner, be specific when inviting anyone into a dwelling you wish to occupy. Had David merely asked would you like to come in, anyone could enter. Not to mention that once they are invited, you can’t uninvite them.”
I was anxious to find out how she could drink so little and turn the guy loose. “How did you do that, in the alley?” I was unsure just how much to say in front of David.
Miriam noticed me eyeing him cautiously. “You can speak freely, David is my confederate.”
“David is your confederate What does that mean?” I was beginning to grow agitated, so much of this world I knew nothing about.
“Let me ask you Paul, how did you become a vampire?”
Miriam noticed my apprehension. “Oh where are my manners? Paul, why don’t you come in and have a cup of hot tea and maybe a little something to eat.”
I look at her as if she is crazy. “Something to eat. I can only have blood. I’m a vampire.”
Miriam takes my hand and leads me to her kitchen. She sits me down and begins to make us some tea. “ I hope you like oolong, it is what I always drink. Nice and strong, and I have some ginger molasses cookies to have along with it.”
Miriam then walks over, and picks one up and takes a bite. She then places it on her plate. “The little things are what keep us from being monsters.” She then places two more cookies on her saucer before offering me any.
I follow her lead, and take one taking a bite. It actually feels good in my mouth and relieves the burn of thirst in my throat. I reach in and take two more, “ Where can I get some of these? They , they.”
Miriam finished my sentence “ they take the burn away from the thirst we have. I know.”
She then retrieves the tea kettle which has begun to whistle. “You can’t exactly buy them. You can the ingredients, but the cookies themselves, must be homemade. I make them once a month, and I store them in my canister. One of my secret weapons mind you.”

The Life of a Newborn (3)

I decided to go in search of more food , I mean after all the city was my buffet. I could drink from anyone I chose. I headed south on Cable street. The slews of people were calling to me. I had to watch for another opportunity, and low and behold , it didn’t take long. A woman this time , decides to leave off from her group of walking companions.
The woman bends down to tie her shoe and I take advantage. I silently creep up behind her, and move in for my dessert. “You know, you really shouldn’t follow a woman down a dark alley. Not all of us are as frail and helpless as we look.”
I am stunned, how could she have known I was there? She then stands, and turns to face me. “It’s a lovely night we’re having , wouldn’t you say..?”
I stand there staring at her dumbfounded.
“Your being rude, I wanted to know your name, hence the pause in my statement. Are you thick?”
I finally stammer out “Pppaul. My name is Paul.”
“Well Paul, wouldn’t you agree this weather is enchanting?”
I nod my head. I can’t believe only a few moments before and all I could think of was sucking her dry, and now.. Now , I don’t know.
“I really should catch up to my group, the woman stated. It was lovely to meet you Paul.” Then she was suddenly gone, and the thought of blood returned to my mind.
I head back towards the building I had slept in last night after picking up a light snack on the way. I was “home” and asleep when the sun climbed it’s way into the morning sky.
“Hey boss, two more bodies have been discovered, no blood in them. Both had some mutalation, but nothing like that first one, it you could barely make heads or tails of.”
“Lawson could you grab me a coffee & a bagel. Oh and get some for yourself, I need your opinion on something.”
The young officer did as he was told, then returned to his supervisors office. “ What could you need my opinion on?” He was feeling so nervous, he just sat toying with the cup of coffee.
The supervisor rises, and goes and shuts his office door. He then takes a large bite of bagel and washes it down with coffee. “ Not a donut, mind you, but still delicious with that cream cheese and jelly.”
“Sir, you didn’t ask me in here to discuss breakfast food, what is it you need my opinion on?”
The Lt. Danced around the subject a few minutes more. Finally he sat across from the kid and said, “Do you think this is some gang initiation?” Then he mumbled out, “or could this be something supernatural we are dealing with?”
The young officer stares at him, “Sir, what I think is, these murders are committed else where, then the perp is dumping the body, hence no blood.”
The Lt. Smiled at him. “Then explain the kid to me? He disappeared down an alley to retrieve a ball. When his friend went in search of him, he found this,” holding up the photograph of the kid with his arm mauled. “Coroner says the mutalation is post mortium.”
Watching the officer, he added, “Oh, and he said it looks like their were two puncture marks in his wrist.”
I wake once again as night begins to engulf the city. My throat is burning, and I can barely contain myself, waiting on the last rays of light to disappear. I try to occupy my mind, thinking back to the woman from yesterday. I decide once I feed, I would go and try to find her. Something had to be different with her, because my blood lust disappeared.
The veil of night had finally fully descended, and I was out the door. I made quick time traveling from my place of sleep back to the city. Once again the streets teemed with life. However tonight, a new presence was about. The men in blue. It looked as if every man on the force was out here tonight, mingled in with the everyday people. I decide to search for food further from town. As my throat burned , I headed back to a little cottage on the hill. I could slip in there and have a quick drink and be on my way with no one the wiser. I move in on the cottage, close enough that I can smell the lovely scent of the humans blood which are snug inside. My fangs begin to erupt , as I place my hand on the door knob. I twist the knob, snapping the lock and swing the door open. “Easy as pie.” Something happened though. I tried and tried to move across the threshold, but I couldn’t. Something strong was stopping me.
I heard movement from the next room as some one slowly came to investigate the noise I had made. I had to get out of their quickly or risk being discovered.
This night was proving that being a vampire was hard. No wonder Alex had diverted his response in my asking that very question. I had to find blood and soon. I headed down the road when I happened upon a deer running through the field towards the city. I was faster than it, and it became my meal that night. I can say, that deer blood is nothing to a human, it’s like comparing ground turkey to filet minion. It did the job of fueling me, but yuck at the taste.
After that I headed back to the alley where I had seen the woman the night before. And wouldn’t you know it , there she was again, tying her shoe, same place, same track suit, same time.
Tonight, I didn’t approach her, I just watched and waited in the shadows. After a few moments she resumed her run.
Each night over the next week I watched this women every evening, like clock work. She dropped off from her group of walkers whether there were two or ten, and she would go down the same alley. Finally last night I got to see the reason why. Since I had moved my hunting out of our town, the men in blue slacked off on their man power here and I was able to roam freely around town once again. Last night as the woman headed into the alley, a man followed her. She gave the same spill to him about not being so frail. Well needless to say, when he followed her, she picked him up and drained a pint before looking in his eyes and whispering something. She then covered the marks on his arm with his shirt sleeve , wiped her mouth and headed out of the alley. The man turned and went the other way.
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The Life of a Newborn (2)

I resume walking in the direction of town. The moon is high in the sky, and the streets are deserted. I make my way towards the place I called home. It sits empty, many beer cans and whiskey bottles litter the yard. There is someone sitting on the steps of the dilapidated building. He looks familiar as I near him. I choke out “Can I help you?” The man just stares.
“I think it’s the other way around, can I help you. Needless to say I already have. I’m Alex. Just Alex, you need to know nothing more of me. I unearthed your coffin, thank god for the lazy prisoner who buried you. Your coffin was merely inches below the ground as opposed to the usual six feet. I cleaned it off, to make it easier if you returned as I hoped you would.”
“Who are you?”
“I have told you , I’m Alex.”
I stood there staring at him, baffled.
“You are now the undead. You died from lethal injection, but before it occurred, when the sleeping agent was administered, so was the venom.”
“Venom, what am I a snake?”
The man cackled loudly “You Paul , are a vampire.”
This old man had to be crazy. “This is all a dream, I’m gonna pinch myself and wake up.”
And I did pinch myself, and it hurt enough to have awakened me… But I wasn’t waking, the dream was still happening.
“You must feed from a human before daylight, then find somewhere safe to sleep out of the light of sun. I will return tomorrow night with information for you. Now we have wasted
So much of the night. Go and get out of the city after you feed.”
I look at him odd, but follow his instructions.
I stumble down the street and happen upon a junkie passed out. The closer I get the more my throat burns. I decide to do what the man had told me. I look around to find something to cut the junkie with, but as I move in, something happens in my mouth. I reach up and touch the two razor sharp fangs. Immediately I pick up his wrist and insert my fangs. The blood squirts out and hits my throat. “Ahhh, a cooling sensation. I siphon all of the blood from the body of my victim, then suddenly my new teeth are gone. I grab the shirt from the dead body & wipe my mouth. As I return to my feet, the burning returns to my throat. Something has changed, though. I have strength and coordination. I pick up a car and smash it repeatedly on the victim’s body, to hide the real cause of death. I wasn’t going down for murder again, even in this dream. I head out on foot, and realize I can run. Faster than even Jason Barnes. He was the fastest boy in my class in high school. What I wouldn’t give to see the look on his face as I ran past him on the racetrack.
I headed towards the train tracks and out of town.
Morning arrived for the city and the mauled body of the junky was discovered. The scene was horrific, and yet not as horrible as if it could have been, the young officer thought. “Boss, why is there no blood spatter, or pools of blood?” The young man questioned. It had taken his keen eye to notice the oddity of the scene.
“Good question there…” The boss drew a blank due to so many new guys coming and going. This last year.
“It’s Lawson. Allen Lawson.”
“Good call Officer Lawson.” The boss then turned and began discussing the young officers find with his sergeant
Evening was on its way, when I awoke. I thought, I suppose vampires do sleep, just as humans do. I opened the blind, just in time for the last rays of the sun to fall on my face. I can tell you the pain it is excruciating! I learned that lesson though, never let sun fall upon my skin.
Once the sun was surely gone for the night I slipped out of the abandoned office building I had made my bedroom. The night air was crisp and cool, I felt so alive, however, my throat was pulling me down. The burn was becoming unbearable as I neared town. Once I reached the city I knew why. People were everywhere!!
I had to be smart. I couldn’t just go around killing people, this much I knew. I watched and waited for an opportunity. It wasn’t long before some unsuspecting kid followed a ball down an alley. I in turn followed the kid.
I never thought of the struggle that would occur, nor the fact that this kid could and would fight back. He also was able to use his lungs, and yell. Yet another thing that never crossed my mind. In the end, though I was stronger, and he succumbed to my thirst. Once again, I drain the body of all blood. This time, I decided to use an abandoned wrench to take care of the evidence. I had to hurry, so the only area I mutilated, was the area which contained my fang marks. I was then on my way, carrying the wrench in my back pocket. I figured I would wipe it down and dispose of it later.
I reached the place I had last seen Alex the night before. He was inside waiting on me tonight.
“I’m glad to see you followed my instructions. Had you not, well… you would have wound back up in your coffin, only no longer undead.”
“What is going on?” I demand.
“Your new life is what is going on Paul. I have created a few of you. There are others, original ones, not sired from a test tube as you were.”
“Why choose those on death row to give this gift to?”
Alex dodged the question.
“So, you have no reflection, no fingerprints, and no DNA. You cannot go out during the day, certain things can harm you, but overall you are a killing machine. Be careful who you friend and trust this secret with. Oh and one last thing, you can’t step foot on holy ground again.”
I gave up, I nodded in agreement, then Alex was gone. “We will not meet again. Either you sink or swim. I cannot choose for you. I have given you all the information I have. Maybe you should read a book or two on the subject, or search the web.”
Alex then disappeared into the fog that had suddenly appeared around the city.

The Life of a Newborn (1)

I can remember my life before anything changed. How I use to just exist. Some would say I was even a bit on the wrong side of life, headed down a trail for destruction. I might agree, seeing as I had been in and out of jail more times than I was years of age. Most of it was petty stuff, breaking and entering , damaging public property, you know the easy stuff. Then it happened, the act which would push me over the edge, the act which there was no coming back from. I committed murder.
It all started out rather innocently, me and a couple of friends looting houses, looking for people’s Christmas presents, cash, jewelry. Things we could easily sell at the black market. I was first to enter, I slid the window open, and crawled through. That should have been my first clue something was off. Then I began walking across the wooden floor. Just my luck, a toy had been left out by their kid. As I kicked the toy car, I could hear the loud clanking it made, as it rolled across the floor. That was it, a large man appeared at the door. I didn’t waste time on questions. I began firing my gun. Three rounds later and the man laid in his own blood, dead. I searched his pockets and stole the two hundred dollars he had in cash. I then took his rings and watch and fled. I was all over that murder scene, so when the crime scene investigators arrived, well they were waiting for me in my normal hang out.
“Paul, what are you doing? You have never killed before.”
“And I still haven’t.” I lied.
“ Your DNR was all over that crime scene.”
“Oh I admit I was there, and I even robbed him, but as for killing him, no, that was someone else.”
I though the detective had given up on trying to get me on the murder. I was wrong…
“Well Paul , I guess then I should take you into custody. One last drink and you will go peacefully for the burglary right?”
I was on cloud nine. A little slap on the wrist, and I would be back on the streets by summer. “You buying?”
“Of course. “
“Hey John, two shots of your fireball.”
“Sure thing detective.”
I didn’t see what happened behind the bar, but when I picked up the shot and tossed it down, the detective flipped Oma strange light . Suddenly my hand was glowing. “And that my friend Paul is gunshot residue. I have you dead to rights. You will get the lethal injection for this.”
It was true, I was booked and held for less than two weeks. The jury came back finding me guilty. The day came for my execution a couple of weeks later. I wasn’t worried. Life had been nothing for me. Just surviving the world. Now I got an easy peaceful way out. I waved the choice of confessing to God and everyone else, I mean I didn’t even believe in the almighty. How could a kid like me. I closed my eyes, and waited for the I.V. To begin. It took no more than fifteen minutes, and the doctor was injecting the cocktail into my veins.
“ This is better than being high,” I told him. He never made one sound. Slowly I drifted off to sleep, into my eternal slumber. Or so I thought.
After the whole ordeal was finished, and the coroner pronounced me dead, I was put in a pine box and immediately taken to the prison cemetery. I don’t recall any of this, because after all I was asleep. Or rather dead, but the man who dug me up told me.
I woke trapped in a dark cold spot. I began trying my hardest to get out. I punched the wood repeatly , till suddenly it gave way and cracked. Something was wrong. My throat burned as if a match had been thrown in it. I wandered am I in hell?
I finished opening the box, and crawled out onto the cold wet dirt. “Surely this isn’t hell, for if it were it would be hot.” I managed some how to get myself to my feet. I wandered around still feeling half way high from the drugs they had put in me. Something must have gone wrong, I didn’t die. I stumble into a yard with a birdbath. I am so thirsty, I don’t care that it’s for animals, I begin to drink. “I truly am in hell!” No matter how much of the water I consumed, the thirst never went away.

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