The Thirteen Days Of Halloween… Epilogue

The small town that lay just on the other side of death, returned as best it could to normal. Those who had been killed during this most recent fight to save the soul of a pure and innocent human, were laid to rest in the churchyard. Even the cowards who tried their best to escape , had a home there. All among the others who had stood in battle in one time or other against evil.
As a soul leaves its body, it drifts either towards the heavens , or down into despair. Some, those who leave to early , they sometimes find theirselves here. In a battle to ascend to heaven and escape the claws of hell.
The people of the town, led by the cleric fight for those souls. So they may find their way home to eternal peace & slumber. Every now and then , an evil soul passes through and is devoured immediately. Such as the man who had slain Ana Marie. The demon could see when he searched the man just what he had done. He watched as he drained the last drop of life from AnaMarie, then he tried to flee. Her father caught him. He killed him in return. And when he fell through the grave landing here, Clarence followed. He came out , somewhere among the witches graves , for he was not evil. He then waited for the right moment, and appeared.
Today, on All Souls Day, the people of the town watch as Ana Marie’s spirit once again rises , only this time free of her body, it ascends into Heaven.


©2015 ML Steele

The Thirteen Hours of Halloween… Hour ….

The man prepares for what is to come. He knows just who the creature has summoned. As the ground begins to shake and heat up, the cleric continues his transformation.

Great wings appear from the giant crevice. Slowly an entire creature emerges. The new creature is much larger than the one who had been toying with them all of this time. Bright red, long wings, and the heat of a volcano emanating from it. The cleric hesitates momentarily as the full magnitude of this beast emerges.

The clock on the tower, ticked away. The seconds edging ever closer, to midnight. Ana Marie had made her way finally back to the church. As she stood staring at what was occurring on the hill, she worried if her father would die. His words, then replayed in her head. “Do not worry for me. Get back to the church and leave this god forsaken battle to me. I will see you again my dearest. Remember I love you. Always.” Ana Marie then slumped to the ground, exhausted from the night’s events. Slowly she began to search through the graveyard, for the portal. She would do as her father had asked, she would find her way out, even if she lost him in the war which was about to commence.

“Leave here Satan!” The man and cleric exclaim together. And this time they meant just that. The creature that had materialized, was the devil himself. This lesser demon’s master. In fact, the master of all evil.

“You think you can dismiss me so callously?” The devil questioned. “I have more strength here, than you. This graveyard is full of souls you men gave to me. Witches, I believe you called them.”

Suddenly it was apparent just where Ana Marie had landed, when she came through the portal. Somehow she had wander, or more so was drawn to the hill by the beast who longed for her pure soul. The very hill that had been lost in time, and harbored the bodies of those who had been accused of witch craft. No crosses adorned the graveyard to protect those innocents who lost their lives to the ignorance of the men of that time. Their souls had been the first meal of this lesser beast.

“You have no right to the child.” The cleric states. “She will is on her way out. Her father and I will see to it.”

At this the devil scoffs. “You have nothing on me Jedidiah. Nothing can save you here. Not your cross, not your faith, not your god. I will have you all, and nothing can save you.”

Tick, Tick, Tick……

Jedidiah knew something the devil didn’t. His time was limited. “Clarence, stay strong. We can do this. Hold tight to your faith.” The cleric commanded of the man. Clarence did just that. He knew if he failed, it would be all over for everyone, including his beloved child.

The devil caught sight of the girl, by the church. “You fool.” He hissed at his minion. “She is pure. She is who we need. The others are mere pawns, toys. They are tarnished. Even the cleric.”

Tick, Tick, Tick……

Jedidiah then took action. His cross, glowed just as he. His size was massive, however in comparison to the devil, he looked to be a mere child. Nonetheless, he began the battle for the life of Ana Marie, against the devil. Words were weapons, along with talons, and crosses. A bloody mess was on the horizon, as the clock closed in on the night. Time was on the side of good, and just as the clock began to chime midnight, Ana Marie found what she searched for. She stood staring, before making her way back down into the hole. Her hand traced the words… Our beloved daughter. Ana Marie Flores. June 1,2009 to October 30,2025. Her life stolen before she had a chance to live it. She will live on forever in our hearts. May her eternal soul rest in peace. Love Mom and Dad.

This couldn’t be right. She couldn’t be dead, she was just talking to her father. She can feel the blood escaping from the gash on her forehead. A voice came to her. A voice of peace and calm. A voice which lead her into the hole. Inside, she found her eternal resting box. The beautiful flowers painted on it, the satin interior, the pictures of all her loved ones lined it. Ana Marie, crawled inside. She laid her head down on the soft pillow, closed her eyes, and returned to the eternal slumber she had begun not so long ago.

The clock chimed midnight, just as Ana had returned to her grave. Suddenly things began to unravel for the devil. His time on this alternate portion of earth had run out. He and his demon were sucked back down into the great void, which had allowed his entrance to this world. Clarence and Jedidiah stood, bloodied and exhausted from their battle.

“All Hallows Eve,” Jedidiah states. He has no place on earth on such a holy day.

“You knew it the whole time?” One of the only villagers left asked.

“I did.” Jedidiah answered. “Time was on our side.”

“And what of him?” Another asked pointing to Clarence.

The cleric smiled. “He will return to his time.”

“He is dead, he must find his grave as well.”

“Are you so sure about that John?” The cleric questioned.

The villager shook his head. Confusion mixed with exhaustion, he honestly had no real recollection of what had taken place over the last few hours, let alone how the man had appeared.

“Come Clarence. I will help you return to your family.”

“First, I need to do something. He bent and collected the crosses from the ground. Clarence then set out to the church. When he arrived, he opened up his daughter’s casket, and there sleeping her eternal sleep, was Ana Marie. Clean and beautiful once again, the battle wounds and scars of the evening gone. Clarence carefully raises his daughter up in his arms, then places the cross he had worn around his neck around hers. He places another strong iron cross in her hands. He then kisses her forehead, and says his goodbye once again.


©2015 ML Steele

The Thirteen Hours of Halloween … Hour 1….

Hiding behind the tree, a forgotten villager watched with wide eyes as he saw the humongous beast confronting the tall man and the priest. He had been too afraid of what was going on and clutched his cross to him. There were only a few others standing with the priest and the other man, and with the girl. The villager watched, flabbergasted, as the priest changed form. He didn’t know what to think, and in his fear did the only thing that he could.
He started to pray.
His fingers trembled. The man’s body shook hard enough that little pebbles underneath him crunched together with a grinding sound lost in the noise of the confrontation in the clearing. He squeezed his eyes shut, unwilling to look out and see around him, not wanting to be aware if Death was coming for him.
The villager ignored everything but the feeling of the cross in his hands and the sound of his prayers. He entreated the Most High to protect him, scared out of his mind and clinging to the only thing that he could think to cling to. The man rocked back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, the gravel crunching under him.
He never noticed when the cross suddenly lit up. He continued to pray and cry, not caring that it wasn’t a manly thing to do. He felt some of his fear leave him, but there was so much of it that he didn’t stop. The prayers tumbled out of his mouth, some incoherent but for feeling, some worded clearly, but all unceasingly. His voice got stronger, but didn’t stop quivering. The fingers wrapped around the cross kept shaking and remained white knuckled, but the prayers didn’t stop.
The priest continued his transformation, and his cross changed as well to a flaming sword. He had grown in size, but there was still a couple of feet of difference between the beast’s height and his own. The priest started singing again. It was the same thing that he’d been chanting before, but this time the words issuing from his mouth took form. They became powerful and sharp, striking sparks from the gravestones and ricocheting toward the beast.
Ana Marie’s father stood tall, with no cares about being struck down by the priest’s words. Indeed, most of them avoided him, and the ones that transited his body affected him adversely not one whit. Instead, he seemed strengthened by them. After a moment, he started to walk toward the monster. The Stalker stood waiting, having sent out a call for help from those like him.


-JB Steele

The Thirteen Hours of Halloween … Hour 1….

“I am ready.” The man states to the monster.
The beast begins circling him looking him over as his inner light still glows very bright. The creature knows he cannot close in until the light dims.
As if realizing this the man slowly begins to dim, the closer the beast edges. My the time the monster is able to grab the man the light is but a mere flicker.
The creature then lunged. It’s massive body landing right on top of the man.
The man pinned to the ground, looks up into the beasts eyes. Suddenly the man’s light returns.
“Quickly Ana Marie, Now!” The man exclaims.
The girl breaks free of the chain , and tries with all her might to make the journey back to the church , and the portal.
“You double crossed me!” The serpent creature hissed. It then headed into the direction of the girl. The towns men stood shoulder to shoulder, those who were left , crosses held high, chanting. The cleric , first and foremost creating a barrier between the beast and the girl.
“You shall not have the pure and innocent , the cleric demanded. I will never allow it!” The cleric then changed form. He grew in size , his body glowing. I shall not let thee pass!”
Feeling himself defeated, the creature closes its eyes… To summon others.

©2015 ML Steele

The Thirteen Hours of Halloween, Hour 2, part 2

“I’m ready, foul beast.” The light in his eye and look on his face, along with the straight back, drew grudging respect from the Stalker. It wasn’t something to relish from his point of view. He preferred the Prey and other incidentals to cower in fear from him. It was something that he found refreshing, but this man was not following the script.

Shaking his head, he took out a small length of metal. He muttered an incantation, and the rigid bar became flexible.

“Put your hands out.” The man did so, and the beast tried to wrap the metal around his wrists. He was repelled by some force and stumbled back in surprise. His eyes narrowed, and he growled deep in his chest. The girl’s father simply smiled.

“Papa!” The girl’s cry was anguished, and he looked over his shoulder.

“Hush, my dearest. Remember what I said.”

The priest moved toward her while the beast was distracted and put his hand on her shoulder, subvocalizing another litany. He broke off as he looked at her. There were only a few of the other men around to witness this event, and more of them decided that elsewhere was a better place to be.

“He knows what he’s doing, my daughter.”

“But…!” The fatigue in her from the chase kept her from objecting more strenously. “He’s going to die!”

The priest’s smile was unexpected, at least to her, and she stopped for a moment to stare at him. He stared back placidly, then his attention drifted back over to the other man. Even with the seriousness of his plight, the tall form still stood upright, staring at the ugliness of the beast as though he was commenting on the bark of some old tree.

The Stalker didn’t miss the look. He sneered at the man.

“You have some kind of power that I didn’t expect. If you resist me, then the deal you want to make is off, and I take the girl. For that matter, if you resist me, I’ll take the girl and you. Then the few others still here, and then the cleric.”

“I know what your intentions are.” The glance the man gave the Stalker was harder still. “But I know that any deal we make in his presence is still something you’re bound to. This is the deep magic.”

Stymied for a moment, the Stalker paused. The others could see that he was still calculating a way out.

“Very well. You for her. Stand ready.”

-JB Steele

The Thirteen Hours of Halloween … Hour 2…

The man stood there waiting for the creature to release the girl, when suddenly he pulled a heavy chain and shackles out.
“That wasn’t part of our agreement. I said me for her, not both of us.”
The monster cackled. “Think of who you are dealing with. You must have known I would not free her, to allow her to go running off, and making an escape. You can swap , if you choose… But I am growing steadily bored. You have 1 minute & 1/2 left, so move.”
The man moved forward and began to speak to the girl, his hand moving her dirty hair from her eyes. “Look at me dearest. Remember who I am.”
He then moved in closer, hugging her tight.
“Remember I love you , and I have since the day I found out you were growing inside your mom.”
Once again he hugged her tight.
A spark then lit in her dim eyes. “Papa!”
“Yes, it is me. I have come to help you.” He whispered in her ear as he hugged her tight.
“Thirty seconds.”
The man eyed the beast. He then, leaned in to hug his daughter one last time.
“You must list close.” As he placed something in her hand. “I forgot this when I sent you on your journey. When I discovered my mistake, I knew I had to correct it. I made it here & to you. I made it in time! When you get the chance break for the church . You will find the way back there, I promise.”
The man looked over his shoulder, and the clerics eye met his , and each man gave a nod.
“Now I must go, do not fear for me, I will find my way back. And remember ____, I love you, Always.”
With that the man released his daughter and turned to meet his fate.

©2015 ML Steele