Part 2 of the Vampire Story (14)

Arriving back at the Estate, Edmund is already there having heated words with Chris. The men remain in the truck at the front entrance, as John’s ear picks up their conversation.
“He took out all of my seconds Chris, I want this man.” Edmund growled.
“How do you know they even have him?” Chris retorted as he heard the wheels of his trucks tires hit the gravel in the drive.
“I just know, and when they arrive, I will take him. It is my right Chris. You know it is.”
Chis glared at Edmund. He knew Edmund was right. According to the entente, he was well within his rights. “Let’s just wait until they return. If he is with them, he is yours, if not, then he is your responsibility to find. Agreed?”
Chris kept the conversation going and Edmund, he hoped distracted from the fact the others had already returned.
“We can’t bring him here.” John announced, as he quickly rolled the windows up.
“Why, what is going on?” Neil questioned.
“Edmund is there. And Chris said he has the right to take Thomas, according to some treaty that is in place.”
“What are we going to do?”
“I don’t know. But we can’t just hand him over to Edmund.”
“Hey y’all, right here. I’m not afraid of him. He is after all a,” he looked at John, “Vampire.”
“Yes, and that vampire, will tear you head off the moment he sees you.” Neil asserted as his eyes began to glow. “Now sit back and let us figure something out.”
“You know your eyes are glowing, don’t you?” Thomas asked Neil.
“I would stop talking,” John chimed in. “If he changes here before you, you could go blind.”
Thomas swallowed hard, and that was the last sound either John or Neil heard from the back floor boards.
“What if you throw it in reverse, and we take him further up the mountain? You could stay with him, while I return with the truck. I could say you were hunting.”
“I don’t know if it will work, but it’s the only shot we have.”
John carefully shifted to reverse, and backed out of the drive. Drove a good mile down the road, and then he exited the vehicle, telling Thomas to stay put for the time. John went to the back, and looked in the toolbox on the back of the truck. He was lucky. Inside, he found a coat of Chris’s, some trash bags, duct tape, and a can of scent off. He quickly sprayed Thomas with the spray, “I’m kind of worried about the stuff Chris carries in his tool box. There were cable ties in there too,” he adds as he throws the other items on the front seat.
“I think he just likes to be prepared up here in this weather.” Neil stated.
“Cable ties, duct tape and trash bags,” John began. “What is he prepping for an abduction and murder?” A hint of laughter entering his voice.
“He is a hunter John, and he has human’s he cares for. The coat, I would say is for Amy, or his doc, in case they get stranded. The duct tape and bags, to cover their feet in the snow to keep them dry.”
“And the rest?”
“Oh we don’t have time for this, ask Chris when you see him and just be grateful now.”
“Yes sir,” John patronized.
Once again Neil’s eyes began to glow.

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Part 2 of the Vampire Story (13)

“What in the hell happened here?” Edmund demands.

Neil starts, “We heard their attack, and tried to stop it.”

Edmund makes his way to the woman, “Her? She is why half my seconds lay here dead, on my territory?”

John nods. Edmund picks the woman up from the ground, she isn’t even worth their time this lowly whore.” He then snaps her neck right in front of John and Neil.

“No! John lunges.” His eyes fill with rage as he stands their helpless at what Edmund had done.

“Let this be a lesson, human’s lives are not important to me. I spare them when possible, and don’t make it a point to kill, but if the question is my men or a human, then every time the human must be the one sacrificed.” A smugness floats around Edmund as he speaks.

“John no,” Neil begins. He realizes what John wants to do, and realizes that if they are not careful there will be a war on their hands and humans will be the ones who will lose the most.

“I’ll be at the truck,” John stated through gritted teeth, as he moved back in the direction which they had arrived.

Neil stayed in his hunter form, out of fear of what Edmund may do if he were human. “Who was that man?” Edmund asked. “And why was he here?”

“I don’t know the answer to either of those questions.” Neil stated.

“Why did you tell him to leave?”

“Because I knew you would kill him, just as you killed the girl.”

“You are correct. However, now I’m curious. I think I will see if I can track him. Tell Chris hello for me.”

“But our meeting.”

“That will have to wait. I have a human to find.” And with that, Edmund was gone. Neil was fast. He was back in human form and to the truck faster than he thought he could be.

“John, we have to find the man, before Edmund, Drive!”

John shifted into gear and was on his way. He watched for Edmund along the trees as they drove parallel to the path which Edmund had run.

“There, speed up!”

John didn’t even stop, as they neared the stranger. As he drove by, Neil opened the window and grabbed him up pulling him into the truck. Neil then pushed him down into the back and out of sight. “Get back to the house John, now.”
Neil didn’t have to tell John twice, he drove faster than he had ever in his life.

“You don’t have to worry, I threw him off my trail, I know what I’m doing.”

Neil looked in the visor mirror back at the man in the floor board, “who are you?”

The man looked offended and said “More importantly who are you and why do you consort with the eternally damned?”

Neil openly gawked at the man, unable to believe his nerve. “We just saved your life, and you won’t tell us who you are.”

John added, “Not to mention you are being incredibly rude. We are vampires. And if I were not driving at this moment, I might just let you see what it is like to be one.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” The man demanded.

“I would. In fact when we get to the estate, I may do just that, seeing as Neil broke your weapon.”

“You think that is the only weapon I carry?” The man snarled.

“Enough!” Neil shouted. “Let’s get back to the others before Edmund catches us and has all our heads.”

“You are a hunter Neil, no vampire can kill you.” John stated.

“You’re a hunter?” The man asked. “That is what I am. I’m from a little place called Texas.” The man revealed as he held his hand up for Neil to shake.

Neil snubbed the man. “We have nothing in common. I do not go searching for vampires to kill. I was made to protect the innocent, whether they are vampire or human, it matters not to me. You on the other hand, murder any vampire you meet, or at least try to. And your stupidity has cost an innocent human her life today.”

The man slunk back against the seat. “My name is Thomas Holiday.”

John then spoke. “I’m John, and this is Neil. Our first names is all you need to know. John then turned on the radio, turned it up and kept his eyes peeled on the road and his mirror. Watching for signs of Edmund or his crew.

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Part 2 of the Vampire Story (12)

How much further?” John impatiently asks.
“Let me look at the map again.” Neil replies.
“Map, type that into the controls on the dash, the truck will then take us right to the front door of the pub.”
“I prefer a map. I don’t much go in for all the new technology they have now,” Neil states. “Take a right up here and it should be just on your left.”
John kept driving past the right he should have taken. “Where are you going? You missed our turn.”
“I hear something, you can’t? It sounds like a woman screaming. I can’t just pass it by, could be trouble.”
“Yes, and it could be a trap laid for us.”
“I’ll take my chances. Besides who would want to mess with a vampire and hunter?” John question as a grin appeared on his face.
Suddenly John throws the truck in park and leaps out. He is on his feet and running before Neil can even blink. Neil sighs, then transforms and draws his sword, and follows after John.
When Neil reaches John, John has a group of three or four vampires coming after him. He has placed himself between the other vampires and a woman who lays on the ground barely conscious, clothing ripped from her body. Neil swallows hard, and moves in on the ravenous vampires as they repeatedly goad John.
“John, think of Edmund. They are in the same state as he was. Surely they are from his clan. We have to try and not kill them unless necessary, we don’t want a vampire war on our hands.” Neil then cut his own palm and watched as the frenzied vampires watched the blood dripping down his hand. “Come and get it boys, you know you can’t possibly resist.” The vampires stood there as their mouths visibly began to water for the blood which escaped Neil’s hand. They began moving towards Neil, the whole mob, just as the woman made a noise, and brought their attention back to her blood and body there incapacitated on the ground. John snarled his body language daring the others to make a play for her. The biggest of the lot took the dare and lunged at John. Neil was quicker than the human eye, as he knocked the vampire to the ground and off to the side of John away from the girl. Neil too then took a stance, guarding this innocent woman.
“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Someone questioned as they edged down the alley where this all was taking place. The stranger was tall and quite thin. His hair long and blonde and slicked back. Dark glasses covered his eyes, and a long duster covered his clothing, cowboy boots covered his feet and he moved with slow intent moves. “You boys look as though you could use a bit of help.” He then spotted the female laying on the ground.
Neil and John stare at the stranger, as he approaches the group. “What in the hell does he think he is doing?” Neil questioned.
“Got me.” John responded.
“Who are you?” Neil asked as he continued his defensive stance.
“I think the question here is who are you?” The stranger stated in response. “And why do you think you can handle these damned creatures alone with,” and his words dropped as he raised his glasses examining John more closely. “Shit, you’re one of them too, aren’t you?” Pointing at John.
“Now is not the time,” Neil stated as the pack began moving towards the three of them once again, having lost interest in this new blood donor.
“John. John!” Neil started, but it was too late. One of the vampires had reached him and knocked him to the ground, as his attention was drawn to the man who appeared to be a cowboy, extracted a gun and fired in his direction. John pushed the body of the vampire off of his, and returned to his feet. His teeth were bared and he was ready to attack this man, however the other vampires prevented this as they charged forward.
The battle was brutal and gory, and in the end, only Neil, John, the cowboy and woman survived. The man then turned on John after fighting side by side with him moments before. “And now it’s your turn.”
Neil was quick and bent the man’s gun before he could fire the special bullet he used to kill the others. “What are you?” The man asked, just as Edmund appeared.
“I suggest you get out of here, and fast,” Neil urged.
The man looked hard at Neil, then at John and finally at Edmund. He then turned taking his weapon with him.

The Train

I sat quietly on the train as it chugged along, trying to drown out the noise in my head. My eyes darting around examining my fellow travelers. If they knew what I was no one led on. A woman across from me , caught my eye. My mind began dancing around at the sight of the woman’s large protruding belly. Would I ever have this fate? Deep down I knew the answer. I could know motherhood , but at what cost? Could I truly pass this on to my unborn child ? My mother had passed it .
I smiled at the woman as I got to my feet. The woman smiled back as I walked by. I found the restroom, and washed my face. I could do this , it was destiny. As I travel back to my seat all of the thoughts came rushing in. My hand brushed the pregnant woman’s as I passed her by . “ Oh excuse me dear,” she exclaimed! I stared at her as her life flashed in front of my eyes. This was the normal, this was my life. I asked her to come and sit with me as they began bringing the dinner carts around. “You’re to kind.” I smiled at her as I see deep inside why she travels alone, so close to delivery. We receive our dinner , and chat as we eat. She then excuses herself to the bathroom. While she is gone, I look through her bag, searching for it. It has to be here.
Just as she returns , I find what I seek. She sees and frowns. “If you needed money, I would have given you some , I don’t have much , but I would share. I smile. You are so kind. I was just trading my bank roll for yours. Her mouth then drops as she sees the size of mine. I place hers in my bag and tuck mine neatly in her purse. I then get up and take her seat by the window. “I don’t mind sitting by the window,” she smiled. I grab hold of her hand and hold on tight . Suddenly the train lunges forward , something is wrong. I watch as her life changes right before my eyes. Everything moving so fast.
Finally everything stops , I lay in a pool of blood beside the woman . She smiles as she tries to care for me.
“Ma’am lay down , you are bleeding. How far along are you?”
“ I’m only twenty seven weeks.” Suddenly her water bursts as they lay her down beside me. We hold on tight to one another as my life slips away. I look up into her eyes as she realizes her child will be lost. She mumbles “ Why, why did you switch seats?”
I manage a smile , “because I love you mama.”
As the child inside her dies , I fade.


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The Life of a Newborn (6 )

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay here? I can help you. Or at least get you on the right track before you leave.” Miriam began.

“No, I need to leave, thank you for all of your help, and the cookies… and the recipe. I have caused too much alarm to be raised here for you. You live a normal existence, with David. It isn’t right for me to impose on you. Besides, I have always wanted to travel.”

Miriam kissed my cheek, and stated, “Not all vampires are friendly to one another. Please remember this. And Paul,”


“Take care of yourself.”

I smiled as I exited her home. I had no idea where I was heading, but anywhere was better than here.

As I walked, I remembered what Miriam had told me about drinking and not draining. “It will take time for you to master this skill. I learned on chickens. You, you could use any animal, just don’t experiment with humans. We may be able to kill them, but it doesn’t mean we should. You understand that Paul?”

I had understood. I only wish I had when I was still alive. If only I had, had someone take the time and energy with me when I was alive. I can’t dwell on what might have beens, I have to focus on what I must do to survive. I head towards the road out of town, and the mountains. I figure there is enough wildlife to sustain me, and I could sleep in a cave during the day.

I managed to drink from a deer, unfortunately I drained him once again. Next time, I will eat a cookie, and then try. Miriam didn’t say to do this, it is my own idea…

I search the country side until I find a suitable cave. It’s deep and narrow, with a lot of moss growing inside of it. I collect a great deal of the moss and place it in the floor. I ensure that the sun cannot enter once it rises. I then curl up and sleep.

I dream of Miriam. I was incredibly attracted to her. She was beautiful, wise, and quirky. Had things been different, I might have stayed around and seen if we worked together. However somehow I didn’t fit into her plan. When she is out of her home, she has a routine, a pattern she has to follow. I personally think it has something to do with how she died. She is just reliving the scene over and over, but changing it. She is no longer the hunted, but the hunter.  

I’m getting off topic. My dream, it was so life like. We were sitting in her kitchen, just as we had been today. She was talking, not to me, but to David. She was preparing for her evening walk. I heard her say things, kind things about me. It melted my heart. I have never had anyone speak so nicely about me.

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Part 2 of the Vampire Story (11)

Morning rolls around, and we decide we can stay in bed no longer, due to practical reasons. So much had to be done, and John and Neil need to meet with Edmund. We assume we are first up and downstairs, however when we appear in the kitchen, Amy and Aedam are already there, drinking coffee.

“Amy, you look much better today.” Chris begins.

“I feel much better. This has been the worst vacation, I think I have ever had.” A hint of laughter touching her voice.

I smile, “At least it’s a paid vacation.” Aedam gives me a look like really. I shrug. “Just trying to think of the positive.”

Chris speaks up “What do you want for breakfast my love?”

I can feel Aedam’s icy stare on my back as I turn to face Chris. “I think first off I would like some coffee.”

“Sure thing, you go and sit I will bring it to you.”

“I have work to do. Amy, I will see you when you return to our room.” Aedam then gets up and storms off.

I look at Amy, “What did I do?”

Amy looks down, “He blames you for my accident. He was helpless to help me, and it was all on you to save me.”

“Oh…” I get up and leave the room.

“Leigh, wait.” Chris comes calling after me, my coffee in hand.

“Wait for what? So I can hurt you too? It is my fault. I was the one who wanted to go exploring. I am to blame.”

“That isn’t fair and you know it. He shouldn’t blame you. It wasn’t your fault Amy fell. You didn’t push her, did you?” Sarcasm resonating in his last words.

My eyes fall upon him, a cold stare. “Really?”

“I’m sorry, bad joke. But seriously you can’t blame yourself. You did not cause the fall, and you did all you could to save her life.”

“I do though.”

“I will talk to Aedam. He is one of us who are here to protect you. I can’t have him hesitating due to this if something happens.”

“No, I will talk to him.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” I take my coffee from Chris’s hand and head towards Aedam’s room.


“You two heading out?” I ask as I return to the kitchen to cook Leigh some breakfast.

“Yeah, I figured the sooner we go the sooner we get back.” Tammy comes up and kisses John’s lips.

“Please be careful, and return to me as soon as you can.”

“Will do.” John then picked up Neil’s bag. “This all you need?”

“I think so. Chris, where is Edmund suppose to meet us?” Neil asked.

“A local pub, I will get the address, it’s in my phone.”

I returned to John and Neil address written on a slip of paper. “Neil, you don’t blame Leigh for Amy’s accident do you?”

Neil looks at me hard. “No Chris, I don’t. Aedam does though. I think because he felt so useless, and without Leigh, well Amy would have died.”

“But that could happen anywhere, at any time. He can’t blame Leigh for that.”
“It’s irrational, yes, but he does. She is his focal point. In his mind, she caused this all because she wanted to go for a hike. Give him a day or two, he will cool off. It’s that Irish temper.” Neil threw a wink at me with those last words.

I agreed to give it some time, as I seen the two to the door. I gave them instructions as well. Heading back to the kitchen, Leigh reappeared. “How did it go?”

“It went okay, I suppose. He doesn’t want to talk to me right now, but I spoke my mind anyway.”

Returning to the kitchen, we see Tammy and Amy sitting having coffee. “After that, life is easy. Tammy finishes up.

“After what,” I question.

“Oh um, what is for breakfast Chris?”

“I thought maybe pancakes and sausages, we are in Canada, for goodness sake.”

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Part 2 of the Vampire story (10)

We emerge from our shower, feeling refreshed, and starving. Chris slips on a pair of pajama bottoms and throws me the top. Then he heads downstairs, as I slip into his bed. I look around Chris’s massive room, as I lay waiting on him to return with food.

I find that whoever decorated this space actually had pretty similar taste to me. Soft beautiful colors, fabrics that were inviting you to curly up and stay awhile.

As Chris entered the room with a large heavy tray, I ask, “Who decorated your room?”

He places the tray on the bed, and picks up a small bunch of grapes. He places one in my mouth. “You mean who decorated your room.” This is your house Leigh, remember. A sly grin crossing his lips.

I chew up the grape and swallow, then ask, “Fine then, who decorated my room?” A touch of laughter in my voice.

“Honestly, Amy did. I told her what your style was, and I had her redecorate it. She is honestly such a godsend. I don’t know what I would do without her.”

“But you will, one day, she will die. She is human.” I blurted it out without even thinking.

I could see the pain in his face as he those he already watched die pass into his mind. “I’m sorry Chris that was stupid of me to say.”

“No Leigh, it was the truth. If Amy isn’t turned, she will die. Just as you and all other humans. Death is a side effect of living. There isn’t a thing I can do about that.”

“I know you plan on turning me Chris, my ring, the Alexandrite touches my skin. But, what about Amy? Why not her as well.”

“You are one thing my love, but Amy, she has her own free will to choose. Plus I have Aedam to think of. He won’t live forever. I don’t know how long a hunter does live, but it wouldn’t be fair for him to age and then die all while Amy stays young and immortal. And before you say it I know, I could change him as well. But Leigh, where does it stop?”

I was at a loss for words. What he said was true. He may not live forever, and if he changed Amy, then she would be all alone one day. It seemed even for immortals life wasn’t fair.

“When do you plan on changing me?” I asked.

Chris stares at me for a few minutes. “How about some coffee? And toast?”

“Yes please. Chris, are you avoiding my question?”

He slid in beside me in the bed with my coffee and toast. “No my love. I just have not given it any thought yet. To turn you means to take away your chance at life, and all that comes along with it.”

“Chris, you are my life. What else could I ever want?”


“Oh Chris. No. I couldn’t even if I chose. Have you never wondered why I never have my period?”

Chris was a bit embarrassed at this. “I never really thought of it to be honest.”

“I had to have a hysterectomy at nineteen.”

“Oh. So no kids of your own?”

“Well if I chose, my parents had some of my eggs frozen. So I could still have them, or more over we could have them, if we chose.” Chris’s face lit up. “I have never even thought of having kids. “

His face then turned grim. “What if it was bad, like it is with your blood. What if we have a craving for our kid’s blood?”

I laugh. “Chris, you will be fine. But I must admit, that is a first. Sorry honey, I drained the baby of her blood today.” I bust out laughing hard, and he joins in.

“So, when will you turn me?”

“Leigh, I don’t know yet. Do you have any input?”


Chris frowned, “No Leigh, not today. It may be a few years before I can. For one the ritual with Deirdre has to be completed first. Then we will talk.”

“Ok, at least I know you will turn me.” I smile as I set my empty mug and plate on the table. I then pull him back into me. “I love you. You do know that? Don’t you.”

He kisses my lips. “Yes my love, I do.” His mouth returns to mine once again.

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The Life of a Newborn (5 )

I was beginning to become more relaxed, even though she was not telling me what I so desperately longed to know.
“Do you not wonder why you did not immediately go after David? Why his blood didn’t call for you to drain it?”
Honestly the thought never crossed my mind. I was so focused on the task she had completed so easily, my blood lust had not gotten the better of me. I then ask. “Was it because I was so adamant about finding out how you could do what you do?”
Miriam laughed heartily. “Somehow, I doubt even that could give you such restraint. No, it is because he drinks a special drink I make him. He drinks it daily, and that way I have no urge to drain him either.”
“How is it you know so much?”
Miriam takes a bite of the cookie. “When you have lived as long as I, you learn things through trial and error, and through others like us.”
“What do you mean as old as you?” I blurt out, “You can’t be much older than I am.”
Miriam stares forcefully into my eyes.
“Did you never watch a movie on vampires Paul? Do you know absolutely nothing about what you are?” Miriam questioned?
Looking and feeling ashamed, I state, “No… I haven’t. I didn’t grow up to privilege. I fought for all I had, and fighting for a frivolous luxury was not going to happen when I was starving. So to answer your question, I know nothing of vampires. I know nothing of what I was forced to become.”
Miriam took pity on me. She began to explain everything, starting from her change into a vampire. My the time night fell, I had a better knowledge of what had occurred, even though I didn’t know exactly why. I suppose no one could answer that except for the one who made me.