Hello! Welcome to Steele Writing Enterprises.

I’m JB Steele, and I write.

I imagine several of you are looking at the title of this website, looking at this post, and looking back again. I believe the correct response is, “Well, duh!”

Yep. I think so, too. Anyway, now that the obligatory joke is out of the way, please allow me to introduce you to my new unlimited square foot Internet home. Steele Writing Enterprises is my showcase for a few things.

A little more about me. As I mentioned above, I’m JB Steele, and I like to write. I am primarily a fantasy and science fiction writer, although I am not adverse to trying my pen to other genres. I grew up with Narnia and Lord of the Rings, the works of Asimov and Pournelle and Niven, and many, many others. I hesitate to mention just how many others. If I did that, it would be like reading a telephone book.

For the younger readers out there that might be asking themselves, a telephone book was a large bound book of telephone numbers and ads. The primary purpose was to be a reference for people to look up contact information, its secondary purpose was to be ripped to shreds by strongmen in feats of strength.

I live in sunny, hot, humid Florida, which in the winter time tends to be darker and colder, at least when Florida bravely gives up the fight and submits to the reality of the seasons. I was born and raised here, so I suppose I’ll have to say I’m used to the hot and cold. I say that, you understand.

I will be posting little snippets of work here, and reviewing the tools that I use in my work. I will also be making reviews of things that work for me in my writing.

I like to be witty, so in the days to come, don’t be surprised to see a little bit of humor sneak in from time to time.

Please check out the various sections of the site. Aside from the writing related aspects of this site, I have a news section, a games section, a brand new discussion forum, and links to social media.

The most important thing to me, is that you as my guest enjoy yourself here. If there are any comments or suggestions of any kind, please feel free to contact us.

-JB Steele

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