Thoughts (again)

I can’t take credit for this, but I heard someone say God is not a cosmic vending machine when it comes to thoughts and prayers.

It’s true.

God will always answer your prayers. It might not be what you want, might not be obvious, but here’s a thought. If you’re mad because you didn’t get the thing you prayed for, then maybe your focus wasn’t on God to begin with. It was on that thing.

Thoughts and prayers are good if they are in line with God. If you’re doing the thoughts and prayers thing because that’s what everyone does in a given situation, then you could be a Pharisee.

If you’re genuine in what you’re thinking and praying about, then cool. That leads to another thing, If you’re in a position to do something about whatever you’re thinking and praying about – and here’s the key – if that doing is in line with God’s will, then you need to be doing some work.

Doesn’t matter what it is.

Doesn’t matter what the argument du jour is.

Doesn’t matter what’s happened.

We have free will, but it’s not our place to impose our will upon God. Our place is to have the will to follow the things He has for us. And it was never predicted to be an easy thing to do, either. If it were easy, then something’s not right.

God is not a cosmic vending machine. Don’t treat Him like one.

There’s an old saying about God helping those that help themselves. I’ve always interpreted that to refer to a walk in faith. Others use a different meterstick. I won’t go into those differences. If you want to start an argument with people, on social media for example, inquire about those differences. I’m not interested in that kind of arguing. Not when there’s people in this world that need love more than they need arguing. ‘Love thy neighbor,’ it’s said.

Do you love your neighbor?

I wouldn’t presume to think that it’s me with the ability to argue. I’m not important enough in this world to make those with supposed power to listen to me. In fact, I doubt that those in power would agree with me, because if they’re agreeing with me then that means they haven’t bothered to find a way to agree with each other.

Sad thought, isn’t it? And some use the phrase ‘thoughts and prayers.’ I have to wonder how many have forked tongues shaping the words.

I don’t want that kind of influence anyway. It’s sad that I feel I need to say these things that should be evident anyway. I despair that I have to remind people about the more important things – and yes, for that matter, I have to be reminded too when I’m down.

I love you all. Be kind to each other, ok?

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