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I’m here again with another thought. Actually, more thoughts.

So, I got blocked today, apparently for asking a simple question. Again, I’m not going to make a direct reference to the person, same as the one from the last Facebook post and frankly I don’t care now. If that person doesn’t like it, then I am genuinely sorry.

I’m venting here.

So I was catching up with my friends on Facebook, and I come across a post congratulating Sweden for getting the first gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics. That made me smile, since I consider Sweden to be a pretty competent participant in either version of the Olympics. Let’s be honest – if you’re on any of the Olympics-level teams, you’re something special. I admit to some confusion about the viewing schedules on TV, and wish I could see the judo and taekwondo competitions more often, but that’s beside the point.

My smile was gone with the next sentence that said “MAGA supporters can suck it.” MAGA presumably refers to ‘Make America Great Again,’ which is a catchphrase that then-candidate Donald Trump used in the 2016 US Presidential Elections. Still uses, I should say. It worked then to reach those feeling left out.

My response was that this had started out as a good congratulatory note, and it was. I went on to call this person out – gently – and ask why did politics have to be put in it? Plus, I didn’t think that had bearing to the Olympics, and said that. I’m sure the athletes have their opinions, too, but when they get out on the field, or slopes or ice or whatever, they’re thinking of the competition, the stress of competing at that level, and what they need to do. I really don’t think they have time for whatever their country’s politics are.

That’s why I like the Olympics, because politics presumably aren’t necessary, and world-class athletes can compete. I get so tired of political grandstanding, arguing, sniping, and everything about it. Religion, too, as you probably remember from my post the other way. Politics, from my point of view, is just another form of power and influence that corrupts, and I dimly remember that the Founding Fathers had that same worry as they hammered out the Articles of Federation and later the Constitution.

So, for my question, I got blocked. My question, that failed to line up with this person’s views, wasn’t responded to with an answer other than a peremptory blocking. I won’t go so far as to say ‘dictatorial,’ since that is a privilege that all of us with Facebook pages have, but it brings up a troubling thought. This thought is not in specific reference, but it’s a trend I’ve observed in more people than I want to admit.

If one slashes away any differing points of view for the sake of a question, then what’s left? If there’s only one point of view allowed, then how can one be accepting of others?

I don’t go into my specific political choices – my family doesn’t alway know my thinking on this – but I’m generally centrist-right. I’m not registered Democrat or Republican, and if I had my say about it, I wouldn’t ever be. However, in order to vote in primaries, I have to temporarily pick one. When I do that, I get crap in my mailbox I’d rather not.

I wasn’t pleased with the selection that finally shook out in 2016. With the things coming to light and things left to come to light about supposed meddling
by technical, political, and other means by foreign agents, I am concerned about a redirection of will. A political judo throw, if you will. I don’t know how many of those reading this have been on the mat, but if your ukemi ability sucks, you ain’t going to feel real good as that mat rises up to meet you.

Out of breath? Achy? Unable to get up quickly and continue sparring? Considering how much arguing and backbiting there is (watch C-SPAN if you don’t believe me) after that judo throw of the elections, I don’t blame you. Use jiu-jitsu as the example if you want to, or any of the grappling systems.

Ever notice that the gun debate has gotten a little more quiet, now that there’s politics to argue about? After that politician was nearly killed on the field playing ball, there was an outcry and support for him, but now? Back to business as usual, and he’s still having some issues. It was a Bernie supporter that shot him, too. There’s people that say he should have shot straighter.

Or the sexual assault on college campuses thing there was a lot of talk about recently? Fraternities doing a pig roast, which I’m not going to define here. The stuff about rape – or the stuff about the false accusations.

What about the arguments about police or protestors? Want to touch off a real big one. Stand up on one side or the other. I well remember being called a slaver by someone on Facebook simply for having worked in the prison system. “Prison-industrial slaver,” it was. Refuses to ride along with cops to see what it’s like to be a cop. Protestors – sure, protest injustice if it exists, but the moment stuff starts burning, gets broken up by a mob, or someone get hurt by the mob, you’re no longer protestors. If the cops give a lawful order like “go this way, but not here, then take a right up to Walmart and disperse from there,” then do it. Somebody throws a brick or a Molotov cocktail at the cops, well, so much for that.

But no, there has to be politics.

I’d never ever want to be President. I’d tell the long term Senators and Representives that they need to quit using twenty-five words where seven would do.

I don’t want to be in politics, period. If it’s disappointment in our “leaders,” who either contradict themselves or find carefully measured but gleeful delight in finding contradiction, it’s the people who vote them in.

Take your pick of the side. If it’s a “hard-whatever,” then there’s someone else that’s got to take it upon themselves to respond. Snippily, snottily, with various curses and insinuations that make me wonder if they’d talk to their mother that way.

But no. Ask a question about why is politics getting put in a post about something that’s supposed to be above politics and its strife, and get blocked. I see that politics is more important than answering a simple question given without accusatory tones at all.

I know the Founding Fathers got pretty rough, but I really do think they’d be disappointed.

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