“Unknown Worlds” by JB Steele, now on Smashwords

Unknown Worlds


After finishing the Kindle Select exclusivity period that Amazon requires, I have elected to place Unknown Worlds on Smashwords. This e-book remains on Kindle as well, but a very slightly modified version is available with the ISBN number 9781310852978. If you do not have a Kindle ereader, but have one of the other readers that display files in an .epub format, please look at this link to find it.

Do you ever feel like you’ve awakened from a dream in which you visited an unknown world? Some of the best dreams stayed with you whether you realized it or not. Here are five stories from the mind of JB Steele, ranging from the days of yore to a time far from now. Sit back with a mug of steaming cocoa on a cool night, or a cold drink on a hot night, adjust the light over that comfortable reading chair and dive into these stories.

The Falls of Beta Tucanae – Humans fight on in a long war that no one knows when the end will come. Can Captain Quinn finish his patrol and bring his crew home alive?

Attack on the Castle – Aleister Greyblade has a problem. It’s one thing to handle the day to day running of the Castle Guard. That’s his job. It’s when someone tries to attack his King in more than one way, that’s when he has a problem. How does he solve it? As directly as possible.

Tenuous Voyages – Perfidy reigns, and the Felin have to find a way to stop the attack. Maybe it’s time to be more careful who they do business with.

An Onslaught Antagonized – She’s had all she can stand and she’s not going to take any more. Major Felicia Màrtainn is done, and there’s going to be hell to pay. She’s not the only one, either.

Waves – Being police detectives on the Gulf Coast is sometimes busy work. Sure, there are tourists walking the white sands and buying things the locals wouldn’t be caught dead with. When people turn up dead in different ways, Detectives Alex Rountree and Stephanie Loenen get a bit busy trying to catch a killer.


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New Release – Collapsing Worlds, by M.L. Steele

Collapsing Worlds Final Cover slim

Collapsing Worlds

Steele Writing Enterprises is proud to announce that M.L. Steele has released her next story on Amazon for purchase and download. This can be purchased at this link.

Collapsing Worlds is an honorable mention award-winning story from the Writers of the Future by M.L. Steele. It is the tale of a young woman’s will to do what is right over what she has been trained to do, as her world around her is drained of all life. Will Taigi be strong enough to survive and help those in need , or will her training kick in?

Please visit, and enjoy!

Also, Vigilance in Disguise by M.L. Steele is available from Amazon as well. That link is here.

Evangeline Dalton was a girl from the south transplanted to the city that never sleeps. Her life seemed to be humming along just fine, until one day when she was sitting alone in a café. That one night would change the rest of her life and introduce her to the hidden world which she had always been a part of without knowing.

As she says, “Happy reading!”