Vigilance in Disguise, by ML Steele

Introducing Vigilance in Disguise

ML Steele has published her first ebook, on It’s called Vigilance in Disguise. Here’s the description, from her page.

Evangeline Dalton was a girl from the south transplanted to the city that never sleeps. Her life seemed to be humming along just fine, until one day when she was sitting alone in a café. That one night would change the rest of her life and introduce her to the hidden world which she had always been a part of without knowing.

I’ve included the Amazon link in the book title. However, you can just click here to get it. She has worked long and hard on this, in between many things that us lesser mortals would just throw in the towel over. It’s a fun read.

There happens to be a mention or two of characters from her other works and stories, which is intriguing. Get the book and see if you can find them.

Congratulations, ML! May you write many more!

–JB Steele

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