A simple tip

Everyone has a different way of doing things, and writers are no exceptions. Of course, in the world of writing, there’s nothing to say that one writer can’t glean some of the same methods to turn out words as another. I’m specifically ignoring plagiarism, which shouldn’t be done anyway.

In this case, I want to mention using two colons. :: just like that, in your text.

I’ve discovered a tip, most especially when it comes to loong manuscripts like Wizard’s Apostasy. When I turn the computer on and want to go to the chapter I am currently working on, I do a search for “::” in the body of the text. If I put it in the text after “Chapter Twelve” or “Chapter Fifty-Eight” or “Chapter Eight Hundred and Forty Seven,” it saves a bunch of scrolling.

Use three, if you’d like. Whatever you can dash out quickly into a search box.

You’ll find that you save time, and this means more time for writing!

Happy Writing!

–JB Steele

You Are Cordially. . .

Here’s a funny…

I had to write this tiny snippet. I thought it was funny…

Food, of all things, had set them off.

He sneered, “And I suppose that butter goes on a pound cake, too.”

She looked at him. “No, but I’ve caught you doing that more than once. I wouldn’t be talking, mister.”

He turned away and stewed for a moment. “Aren’t you the one that likes to put hot sauce in hot chocolate?”

“Yeah, so?”

“And you talk about my food choices?”

She didn’t say anything else. The discussion had gotten a little heated, and no one quite knew how it had gotten started. The minister cleared his throat, and they looked at him. He stood there in front of them at the altar.

“I hope the reception goes better. Anyway, who gives this woman to be wed?”


Okay, I admit it. That was bad. But sometimes, you have to crack a joke. I can see this happening to some people, since we all know those that would argue whether water was wet.

Another key element of humor is length. Polonius had the right o’ it, when he said brevity is the soul of wit. Who can argue with that?