Part 2 of the Vampire Story (14)

Arriving back at the Estate, Edmund is already there having heated words with Chris. The men remain in the truck at the front entrance, as John’s ear picks up their conversation.
“He took out all of my seconds Chris, I want this man.” Edmund growled.
“How do you know they even have him?” Chris retorted as he heard the wheels of his trucks tires hit the gravel in the drive.
“I just know, and when they arrive, I will take him. It is my right Chris. You know it is.”
Chis glared at Edmund. He knew Edmund was right. According to the entente, he was well within his rights. “Let’s just wait until they return. If he is with them, he is yours, if not, then he is your responsibility to find. Agreed?”
Chris kept the conversation going and Edmund, he hoped distracted from the fact the others had already returned.
“We can’t bring him here.” John announced, as he quickly rolled the windows up.
“Why, what is going on?” Neil questioned.
“Edmund is there. And Chris said he has the right to take Thomas, according to some treaty that is in place.”
“What are we going to do?”
“I don’t know. But we can’t just hand him over to Edmund.”
“Hey y’all, right here. I’m not afraid of him. He is after all a,” he looked at John, “Vampire.”
“Yes, and that vampire, will tear you head off the moment he sees you.” Neil asserted as his eyes began to glow. “Now sit back and let us figure something out.”
“You know your eyes are glowing, don’t you?” Thomas asked Neil.
“I would stop talking,” John chimed in. “If he changes here before you, you could go blind.”
Thomas swallowed hard, and that was the last sound either John or Neil heard from the back floor boards.
“What if you throw it in reverse, and we take him further up the mountain? You could stay with him, while I return with the truck. I could say you were hunting.”
“I don’t know if it will work, but it’s the only shot we have.”
John carefully shifted to reverse, and backed out of the drive. Drove a good mile down the road, and then he exited the vehicle, telling Thomas to stay put for the time. John went to the back, and looked in the toolbox on the back of the truck. He was lucky. Inside, he found a coat of Chris’s, some trash bags, duct tape, and a can of scent off. He quickly sprayed Thomas with the spray, “I’m kind of worried about the stuff Chris carries in his tool box. There were cable ties in there too,” he adds as he throws the other items on the front seat.
“I think he just likes to be prepared up here in this weather.” Neil stated.
“Cable ties, duct tape and trash bags,” John began. “What is he prepping for an abduction and murder?” A hint of laughter entering his voice.
“He is a hunter John, and he has human’s he cares for. The coat, I would say is for Amy, or his doc, in case they get stranded. The duct tape and bags, to cover their feet in the snow to keep them dry.”
“And the rest?”
“Oh we don’t have time for this, ask Chris when you see him and just be grateful now.”
“Yes sir,” John patronized.
Once again Neil’s eyes began to glow.

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