Part 2 of the Vampire Story (13)

“What in the hell happened here?” Edmund demands.

Neil starts, “We heard their attack, and tried to stop it.”

Edmund makes his way to the woman, “Her? She is why half my seconds lay here dead, on my territory?”

John nods. Edmund picks the woman up from the ground, she isn’t even worth their time this lowly whore.” He then snaps her neck right in front of John and Neil.

“No! John lunges.” His eyes fill with rage as he stands their helpless at what Edmund had done.

“Let this be a lesson, human’s lives are not important to me. I spare them when possible, and don’t make it a point to kill, but if the question is my men or a human, then every time the human must be the one sacrificed.” A smugness floats around Edmund as he speaks.

“John no,” Neil begins. He realizes what John wants to do, and realizes that if they are not careful there will be a war on their hands and humans will be the ones who will lose the most.

“I’ll be at the truck,” John stated through gritted teeth, as he moved back in the direction which they had arrived.

Neil stayed in his hunter form, out of fear of what Edmund may do if he were human. “Who was that man?” Edmund asked. “And why was he here?”

“I don’t know the answer to either of those questions.” Neil stated.

“Why did you tell him to leave?”

“Because I knew you would kill him, just as you killed the girl.”

“You are correct. However, now I’m curious. I think I will see if I can track him. Tell Chris hello for me.”

“But our meeting.”

“That will have to wait. I have a human to find.” And with that, Edmund was gone. Neil was fast. He was back in human form and to the truck faster than he thought he could be.

“John, we have to find the man, before Edmund, Drive!”

John shifted into gear and was on his way. He watched for Edmund along the trees as they drove parallel to the path which Edmund had run.

“There, speed up!”

John didn’t even stop, as they neared the stranger. As he drove by, Neil opened the window and grabbed him up pulling him into the truck. Neil then pushed him down into the back and out of sight. “Get back to the house John, now.”
Neil didn’t have to tell John twice, he drove faster than he had ever in his life.

“You don’t have to worry, I threw him off my trail, I know what I’m doing.”

Neil looked in the visor mirror back at the man in the floor board, “who are you?”

The man looked offended and said “More importantly who are you and why do you consort with the eternally damned?”

Neil openly gawked at the man, unable to believe his nerve. “We just saved your life, and you won’t tell us who you are.”

John added, “Not to mention you are being incredibly rude. We are vampires. And if I were not driving at this moment, I might just let you see what it is like to be one.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” The man demanded.

“I would. In fact when we get to the estate, I may do just that, seeing as Neil broke your weapon.”

“You think that is the only weapon I carry?” The man snarled.

“Enough!” Neil shouted. “Let’s get back to the others before Edmund catches us and has all our heads.”

“You are a hunter Neil, no vampire can kill you.” John stated.

“You’re a hunter?” The man asked. “That is what I am. I’m from a little place called Texas.” The man revealed as he held his hand up for Neil to shake.

Neil snubbed the man. “We have nothing in common. I do not go searching for vampires to kill. I was made to protect the innocent, whether they are vampire or human, it matters not to me. You on the other hand, murder any vampire you meet, or at least try to. And your stupidity has cost an innocent human her life today.”

The man slunk back against the seat. “My name is Thomas Holiday.”

John then spoke. “I’m John, and this is Neil. Our first names is all you need to know. John then turned on the radio, turned it up and kept his eyes peeled on the road and his mirror. Watching for signs of Edmund or his crew.

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