Part 2 of the Vampire Story (12)

How much further?” John impatiently asks.
“Let me look at the map again.” Neil replies.
“Map, type that into the controls on the dash, the truck will then take us right to the front door of the pub.”
“I prefer a map. I don’t much go in for all the new technology they have now,” Neil states. “Take a right up here and it should be just on your left.”
John kept driving past the right he should have taken. “Where are you going? You missed our turn.”
“I hear something, you can’t? It sounds like a woman screaming. I can’t just pass it by, could be trouble.”
“Yes, and it could be a trap laid for us.”
“I’ll take my chances. Besides who would want to mess with a vampire and hunter?” John question as a grin appeared on his face.
Suddenly John throws the truck in park and leaps out. He is on his feet and running before Neil can even blink. Neil sighs, then transforms and draws his sword, and follows after John.
When Neil reaches John, John has a group of three or four vampires coming after him. He has placed himself between the other vampires and a woman who lays on the ground barely conscious, clothing ripped from her body. Neil swallows hard, and moves in on the ravenous vampires as they repeatedly goad John.
“John, think of Edmund. They are in the same state as he was. Surely they are from his clan. We have to try and not kill them unless necessary, we don’t want a vampire war on our hands.” Neil then cut his own palm and watched as the frenzied vampires watched the blood dripping down his hand. “Come and get it boys, you know you can’t possibly resist.” The vampires stood there as their mouths visibly began to water for the blood which escaped Neil’s hand. They began moving towards Neil, the whole mob, just as the woman made a noise, and brought their attention back to her blood and body there incapacitated on the ground. John snarled his body language daring the others to make a play for her. The biggest of the lot took the dare and lunged at John. Neil was quicker than the human eye, as he knocked the vampire to the ground and off to the side of John away from the girl. Neil too then took a stance, guarding this innocent woman.
“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Someone questioned as they edged down the alley where this all was taking place. The stranger was tall and quite thin. His hair long and blonde and slicked back. Dark glasses covered his eyes, and a long duster covered his clothing, cowboy boots covered his feet and he moved with slow intent moves. “You boys look as though you could use a bit of help.” He then spotted the female laying on the ground.
Neil and John stare at the stranger, as he approaches the group. “What in the hell does he think he is doing?” Neil questioned.
“Got me.” John responded.
“Who are you?” Neil asked as he continued his defensive stance.
“I think the question here is who are you?” The stranger stated in response. “And why do you think you can handle these damned creatures alone with,” and his words dropped as he raised his glasses examining John more closely. “Shit, you’re one of them too, aren’t you?” Pointing at John.
“Now is not the time,” Neil stated as the pack began moving towards the three of them once again, having lost interest in this new blood donor.
“John. John!” Neil started, but it was too late. One of the vampires had reached him and knocked him to the ground, as his attention was drawn to the man who appeared to be a cowboy, extracted a gun and fired in his direction. John pushed the body of the vampire off of his, and returned to his feet. His teeth were bared and he was ready to attack this man, however the other vampires prevented this as they charged forward.
The battle was brutal and gory, and in the end, only Neil, John, the cowboy and woman survived. The man then turned on John after fighting side by side with him moments before. “And now it’s your turn.”
Neil was quick and bent the man’s gun before he could fire the special bullet he used to kill the others. “What are you?” The man asked, just as Edmund appeared.
“I suggest you get out of here, and fast,” Neil urged.
The man looked hard at Neil, then at John and finally at Edmund. He then turned taking his weapon with him.

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