The Train

I sat quietly on the train as it chugged along, trying to drown out the noise in my head. My eyes darting around examining my fellow travelers. If they knew what I was no one led on. A woman across from me , caught my eye. My mind began dancing around at the sight of the woman’s large protruding belly. Would I ever have this fate? Deep down I knew the answer. I could know motherhood , but at what cost? Could I truly pass this on to my unborn child ? My mother had passed it .
I smiled at the woman as I got to my feet. The woman smiled back as I walked by. I found the restroom, and washed my face. I could do this , it was destiny. As I travel back to my seat all of the thoughts came rushing in. My hand brushed the pregnant woman’s as I passed her by . “ Oh excuse me dear,” she exclaimed! I stared at her as her life flashed in front of my eyes. This was the normal, this was my life. I asked her to come and sit with me as they began bringing the dinner carts around. “You’re to kind.” I smiled at her as I see deep inside why she travels alone, so close to delivery. We receive our dinner , and chat as we eat. She then excuses herself to the bathroom. While she is gone, I look through her bag, searching for it. It has to be here.
Just as she returns , I find what I seek. She sees and frowns. “If you needed money, I would have given you some , I don’t have much , but I would share. I smile. You are so kind. I was just trading my bank roll for yours. Her mouth then drops as she sees the size of mine. I place hers in my bag and tuck mine neatly in her purse. I then get up and take her seat by the window. “I don’t mind sitting by the window,” she smiled. I grab hold of her hand and hold on tight . Suddenly the train lunges forward , something is wrong. I watch as her life changes right before my eyes. Everything moving so fast.
Finally everything stops , I lay in a pool of blood beside the woman . She smiles as she tries to care for me.
“Ma’am lay down , you are bleeding. How far along are you?”
“ I’m only twenty seven weeks.” Suddenly her water bursts as they lay her down beside me. We hold on tight to one another as my life slips away. I look up into her eyes as she realizes her child will be lost. She mumbles “ Why, why did you switch seats?”
I manage a smile , “because I love you mama.”
As the child inside her dies , I fade.

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