The Life of a Newborn (6 )

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay here? I can help you. Or at least get you on the right track before you leave.” Miriam began.

“No, I need to leave, thank you for all of your help, and the cookies… and the recipe. I have caused too much alarm to be raised here for you. You live a normal existence, with David. It isn’t right for me to impose on you. Besides, I have always wanted to travel.”

Miriam kissed my cheek, and stated, “Not all vampires are friendly to one another. Please remember this. And Paul,”


“Take care of yourself.”

I smiled as I exited her home. I had no idea where I was heading, but anywhere was better than here.

As I walked, I remembered what Miriam had told me about drinking and not draining. “It will take time for you to master this skill. I learned on chickens. You, you could use any animal, just don’t experiment with humans. We may be able to kill them, but it doesn’t mean we should. You understand that Paul?”

I had understood. I only wish I had when I was still alive. If only I had, had someone take the time and energy with me when I was alive. I can’t dwell on what might have beens, I have to focus on what I must do to survive. I head towards the road out of town, and the mountains. I figure there is enough wildlife to sustain me, and I could sleep in a cave during the day.

I managed to drink from a deer, unfortunately I drained him once again. Next time, I will eat a cookie, and then try. Miriam didn’t say to do this, it is my own idea…

I search the country side until I find a suitable cave. It’s deep and narrow, with a lot of moss growing inside of it. I collect a great deal of the moss and place it in the floor. I ensure that the sun cannot enter once it rises. I then curl up and sleep.

I dream of Miriam. I was incredibly attracted to her. She was beautiful, wise, and quirky. Had things been different, I might have stayed around and seen if we worked together. However somehow I didn’t fit into her plan. When she is out of her home, she has a routine, a pattern she has to follow. I personally think it has something to do with how she died. She is just reliving the scene over and over, but changing it. She is no longer the hunted, but the hunter.  

I’m getting off topic. My dream, it was so life like. We were sitting in her kitchen, just as we had been today. She was talking, not to me, but to David. She was preparing for her evening walk. I heard her say things, kind things about me. It melted my heart. I have never had anyone speak so nicely about me.

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