Part 2 of the Vampire Story (11)

Morning rolls around, and we decide we can stay in bed no longer, due to practical reasons. So much had to be done, and John and Neil need to meet with Edmund. We assume we are first up and downstairs, however when we appear in the kitchen, Amy and Aedam are already there, drinking coffee.

“Amy, you look much better today.” Chris begins.

“I feel much better. This has been the worst vacation, I think I have ever had.” A hint of laughter touching her voice.

I smile, “At least it’s a paid vacation.” Aedam gives me a look like really. I shrug. “Just trying to think of the positive.”

Chris speaks up “What do you want for breakfast my love?”

I can feel Aedam’s icy stare on my back as I turn to face Chris. “I think first off I would like some coffee.”

“Sure thing, you go and sit I will bring it to you.”

“I have work to do. Amy, I will see you when you return to our room.” Aedam then gets up and storms off.

I look at Amy, “What did I do?”

Amy looks down, “He blames you for my accident. He was helpless to help me, and it was all on you to save me.”

“Oh…” I get up and leave the room.

“Leigh, wait.” Chris comes calling after me, my coffee in hand.

“Wait for what? So I can hurt you too? It is my fault. I was the one who wanted to go exploring. I am to blame.”

“That isn’t fair and you know it. He shouldn’t blame you. It wasn’t your fault Amy fell. You didn’t push her, did you?” Sarcasm resonating in his last words.

My eyes fall upon him, a cold stare. “Really?”

“I’m sorry, bad joke. But seriously you can’t blame yourself. You did not cause the fall, and you did all you could to save her life.”

“I do though.”

“I will talk to Aedam. He is one of us who are here to protect you. I can’t have him hesitating due to this if something happens.”

“No, I will talk to him.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” I take my coffee from Chris’s hand and head towards Aedam’s room.


“You two heading out?” I ask as I return to the kitchen to cook Leigh some breakfast.

“Yeah, I figured the sooner we go the sooner we get back.” Tammy comes up and kisses John’s lips.

“Please be careful, and return to me as soon as you can.”

“Will do.” John then picked up Neil’s bag. “This all you need?”

“I think so. Chris, where is Edmund suppose to meet us?” Neil asked.

“A local pub, I will get the address, it’s in my phone.”

I returned to John and Neil address written on a slip of paper. “Neil, you don’t blame Leigh for Amy’s accident do you?”

Neil looks at me hard. “No Chris, I don’t. Aedam does though. I think because he felt so useless, and without Leigh, well Amy would have died.”

“But that could happen anywhere, at any time. He can’t blame Leigh for that.”
“It’s irrational, yes, but he does. She is his focal point. In his mind, she caused this all because she wanted to go for a hike. Give him a day or two, he will cool off. It’s that Irish temper.” Neil threw a wink at me with those last words.

I agreed to give it some time, as I seen the two to the door. I gave them instructions as well. Heading back to the kitchen, Leigh reappeared. “How did it go?”

“It went okay, I suppose. He doesn’t want to talk to me right now, but I spoke my mind anyway.”

Returning to the kitchen, we see Tammy and Amy sitting having coffee. “After that, life is easy. Tammy finishes up.

“After what,” I question.

“Oh um, what is for breakfast Chris?”

“I thought maybe pancakes and sausages, we are in Canada, for goodness sake.”

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