Part 2 of the Vampire story (10)

We emerge from our shower, feeling refreshed, and starving. Chris slips on a pair of pajama bottoms and throws me the top. Then he heads downstairs, as I slip into his bed. I look around Chris’s massive room, as I lay waiting on him to return with food.

I find that whoever decorated this space actually had pretty similar taste to me. Soft beautiful colors, fabrics that were inviting you to curly up and stay awhile.

As Chris entered the room with a large heavy tray, I ask, “Who decorated your room?”

He places the tray on the bed, and picks up a small bunch of grapes. He places one in my mouth. “You mean who decorated your room.” This is your house Leigh, remember. A sly grin crossing his lips.

I chew up the grape and swallow, then ask, “Fine then, who decorated my room?” A touch of laughter in my voice.

“Honestly, Amy did. I told her what your style was, and I had her redecorate it. She is honestly such a godsend. I don’t know what I would do without her.”

“But you will, one day, she will die. She is human.” I blurted it out without even thinking.

I could see the pain in his face as he those he already watched die pass into his mind. “I’m sorry Chris that was stupid of me to say.”

“No Leigh, it was the truth. If Amy isn’t turned, she will die. Just as you and all other humans. Death is a side effect of living. There isn’t a thing I can do about that.”

“I know you plan on turning me Chris, my ring, the Alexandrite touches my skin. But, what about Amy? Why not her as well.”

“You are one thing my love, but Amy, she has her own free will to choose. Plus I have Aedam to think of. He won’t live forever. I don’t know how long a hunter does live, but it wouldn’t be fair for him to age and then die all while Amy stays young and immortal. And before you say it I know, I could change him as well. But Leigh, where does it stop?”

I was at a loss for words. What he said was true. He may not live forever, and if he changed Amy, then she would be all alone one day. It seemed even for immortals life wasn’t fair.

“When do you plan on changing me?” I asked.

Chris stares at me for a few minutes. “How about some coffee? And toast?”

“Yes please. Chris, are you avoiding my question?”

He slid in beside me in the bed with my coffee and toast. “No my love. I just have not given it any thought yet. To turn you means to take away your chance at life, and all that comes along with it.”

“Chris, you are my life. What else could I ever want?”


“Oh Chris. No. I couldn’t even if I chose. Have you never wondered why I never have my period?”

Chris was a bit embarrassed at this. “I never really thought of it to be honest.”

“I had to have a hysterectomy at nineteen.”

“Oh. So no kids of your own?”

“Well if I chose, my parents had some of my eggs frozen. So I could still have them, or more over we could have them, if we chose.” Chris’s face lit up. “I have never even thought of having kids. “

His face then turned grim. “What if it was bad, like it is with your blood. What if we have a craving for our kid’s blood?”

I laugh. “Chris, you will be fine. But I must admit, that is a first. Sorry honey, I drained the baby of her blood today.” I bust out laughing hard, and he joins in.

“So, when will you turn me?”

“Leigh, I don’t know yet. Do you have any input?”


Chris frowned, “No Leigh, not today. It may be a few years before I can. For one the ritual with Deirdre has to be completed first. Then we will talk.”

“Ok, at least I know you will turn me.” I smile as I set my empty mug and plate on the table. I then pull him back into me. “I love you. You do know that? Don’t you.”

He kisses my lips. “Yes my love, I do.” His mouth returns to mine once again.

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