The Life of a Newborn (4)

“Wait, you’re like me. How did you, take so little?”
The woman just leered at me. “Not in broad daylight, so to speak. Meet me at this address at dawn and I will explain what I can. Now I must be off, or the pattern will be disrupted, and who knows what will happen then.”
I took the slip of paper she had handed me and unfolded it carefully. There in neat black ink was the address I needed. I folded it back the way it had been and slipped it into my pocket, then I wandered through town , looking for 108 North Broad Ave.
I arrive at the neat and trim cape cod style home. I go to the door and knock. “Can I help you?” A man asks appearing at the door.
“I was given this address, by a lady in town, she told me to come before the sun arose.”
“Miriam, it’s for you.” The man then disappeared back into the house.
The woman I had been watching appeared. “So you made it Paul.”
“Yes, I did Miriam. You never even gave me your name.”
“You had no cause to know it. You only know it now, because you need my help.” She then turned and called out. “David can you invite this young man in?”
I thought to myself, young man, you can’t be a day over 25, however I kept my opinion to myself. David reappeared at the door, “What is your last name Paul?”
Immediately I say Fortner, why?”
David then asked, “Paul Fortner would you like to come in?”
I said “Yes,” and stepped through the door frame.
“First lesson Paul Fortner, be specific when inviting anyone into a dwelling you wish to occupy. Had David merely asked would you like to come in, anyone could enter. Not to mention that once they are invited, you can’t uninvite them.”
I was anxious to find out how she could drink so little and turn the guy loose. “How did you do that, in the alley?” I was unsure just how much to say in front of David.
Miriam noticed me eyeing him cautiously. “You can speak freely, David is my confederate.”
“David is your confederate What does that mean?” I was beginning to grow agitated, so much of this world I knew nothing about.
“Let me ask you Paul, how did you become a vampire?”
Miriam noticed my apprehension. “Oh where are my manners? Paul, why don’t you come in and have a cup of hot tea and maybe a little something to eat.”
I look at her as if she is crazy. “Something to eat. I can only have blood. I’m a vampire.”
Miriam takes my hand and leads me to her kitchen. She sits me down and begins to make us some tea. “ I hope you like oolong, it is what I always drink. Nice and strong, and I have some ginger molasses cookies to have along with it.”
Miriam then walks over, and picks one up and takes a bite. She then places it on her plate. “The little things are what keep us from being monsters.” She then places two more cookies on her saucer before offering me any.
I follow her lead, and take one taking a bite. It actually feels good in my mouth and relieves the burn of thirst in my throat. I reach in and take two more, “ Where can I get some of these? They , they.”
Miriam finished my sentence “ they take the burn away from the thirst we have. I know.”
She then retrieves the tea kettle which has begun to whistle. “You can’t exactly buy them. You can the ingredients, but the cookies themselves, must be homemade. I make them once a month, and I store them in my canister. One of my secret weapons mind you.”

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