The Life of a Newborn (3)

I decided to go in search of more food , I mean after all the city was my buffet. I could drink from anyone I chose. I headed south on Cable street. The slews of people were calling to me. I had to watch for another opportunity, and low and behold , it didn’t take long. A woman this time , decides to leave off from her group of walking companions.
The woman bends down to tie her shoe and I take advantage. I silently creep up behind her, and move in for my dessert. “You know, you really shouldn’t follow a woman down a dark alley. Not all of us are as frail and helpless as we look.”
I am stunned, how could she have known I was there? She then stands, and turns to face me. “It’s a lovely night we’re having , wouldn’t you say..?”
I stand there staring at her dumbfounded.
“Your being rude, I wanted to know your name, hence the pause in my statement. Are you thick?”
I finally stammer out “Pppaul. My name is Paul.”
“Well Paul, wouldn’t you agree this weather is enchanting?”
I nod my head. I can’t believe only a few moments before and all I could think of was sucking her dry, and now.. Now , I don’t know.
“I really should catch up to my group, the woman stated. It was lovely to meet you Paul.” Then she was suddenly gone, and the thought of blood returned to my mind.
I head back towards the building I had slept in last night after picking up a light snack on the way. I was “home” and asleep when the sun climbed it’s way into the morning sky.
“Hey boss, two more bodies have been discovered, no blood in them. Both had some mutalation, but nothing like that first one, it you could barely make heads or tails of.”
“Lawson could you grab me a coffee & a bagel. Oh and get some for yourself, I need your opinion on something.”
The young officer did as he was told, then returned to his supervisors office. “ What could you need my opinion on?” He was feeling so nervous, he just sat toying with the cup of coffee.
The supervisor rises, and goes and shuts his office door. He then takes a large bite of bagel and washes it down with coffee. “ Not a donut, mind you, but still delicious with that cream cheese and jelly.”
“Sir, you didn’t ask me in here to discuss breakfast food, what is it you need my opinion on?”
The Lt. Danced around the subject a few minutes more. Finally he sat across from the kid and said, “Do you think this is some gang initiation?” Then he mumbled out, “or could this be something supernatural we are dealing with?”
The young officer stares at him, “Sir, what I think is, these murders are committed else where, then the perp is dumping the body, hence no blood.”
The Lt. Smiled at him. “Then explain the kid to me? He disappeared down an alley to retrieve a ball. When his friend went in search of him, he found this,” holding up the photograph of the kid with his arm mauled. “Coroner says the mutalation is post mortium.”
Watching the officer, he added, “Oh, and he said it looks like their were two puncture marks in his wrist.”
I wake once again as night begins to engulf the city. My throat is burning, and I can barely contain myself, waiting on the last rays of light to disappear. I try to occupy my mind, thinking back to the woman from yesterday. I decide once I feed, I would go and try to find her. Something had to be different with her, because my blood lust disappeared.
The veil of night had finally fully descended, and I was out the door. I made quick time traveling from my place of sleep back to the city. Once again the streets teemed with life. However tonight, a new presence was about. The men in blue. It looked as if every man on the force was out here tonight, mingled in with the everyday people. I decide to search for food further from town. As my throat burned , I headed back to a little cottage on the hill. I could slip in there and have a quick drink and be on my way with no one the wiser. I move in on the cottage, close enough that I can smell the lovely scent of the humans blood which are snug inside. My fangs begin to erupt , as I place my hand on the door knob. I twist the knob, snapping the lock and swing the door open. “Easy as pie.” Something happened though. I tried and tried to move across the threshold, but I couldn’t. Something strong was stopping me.
I heard movement from the next room as some one slowly came to investigate the noise I had made. I had to get out of their quickly or risk being discovered.
This night was proving that being a vampire was hard. No wonder Alex had diverted his response in my asking that very question. I had to find blood and soon. I headed down the road when I happened upon a deer running through the field towards the city. I was faster than it, and it became my meal that night. I can say, that deer blood is nothing to a human, it’s like comparing ground turkey to filet minion. It did the job of fueling me, but yuck at the taste.
After that I headed back to the alley where I had seen the woman the night before. And wouldn’t you know it , there she was again, tying her shoe, same place, same track suit, same time.
Tonight, I didn’t approach her, I just watched and waited in the shadows. After a few moments she resumed her run.
Each night over the next week I watched this women every evening, like clock work. She dropped off from her group of walkers whether there were two or ten, and she would go down the same alley. Finally last night I got to see the reason why. Since I had moved my hunting out of our town, the men in blue slacked off on their man power here and I was able to roam freely around town once again. Last night as the woman headed into the alley, a man followed her. She gave the same spill to him about not being so frail. Well needless to say, when he followed her, she picked him up and drained a pint before looking in his eyes and whispering something. She then covered the marks on his arm with his shirt sleeve , wiped her mouth and headed out of the alley. The man turned and went the other way.
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