The Life of a Newborn (2)

I resume walking in the direction of town. The moon is high in the sky, and the streets are deserted. I make my way towards the place I called home. It sits empty, many beer cans and whiskey bottles litter the yard. There is someone sitting on the steps of the dilapidated building. He looks familiar as I near him. I choke out “Can I help you?” The man just stares.
“I think it’s the other way around, can I help you. Needless to say I already have. I’m Alex. Just Alex, you need to know nothing more of me. I unearthed your coffin, thank god for the lazy prisoner who buried you. Your coffin was merely inches below the ground as opposed to the usual six feet. I cleaned it off, to make it easier if you returned as I hoped you would.”
“Who are you?”
“I have told you , I’m Alex.”
I stood there staring at him, baffled.
“You are now the undead. You died from lethal injection, but before it occurred, when the sleeping agent was administered, so was the venom.”
“Venom, what am I a snake?”
The man cackled loudly “You Paul , are a vampire.”
This old man had to be crazy. “This is all a dream, I’m gonna pinch myself and wake up.”
And I did pinch myself, and it hurt enough to have awakened me… But I wasn’t waking, the dream was still happening.
“You must feed from a human before daylight, then find somewhere safe to sleep out of the light of sun. I will return tomorrow night with information for you. Now we have wasted
So much of the night. Go and get out of the city after you feed.”
I look at him odd, but follow his instructions.
I stumble down the street and happen upon a junkie passed out. The closer I get the more my throat burns. I decide to do what the man had told me. I look around to find something to cut the junkie with, but as I move in, something happens in my mouth. I reach up and touch the two razor sharp fangs. Immediately I pick up his wrist and insert my fangs. The blood squirts out and hits my throat. “Ahhh, a cooling sensation. I siphon all of the blood from the body of my victim, then suddenly my new teeth are gone. I grab the shirt from the dead body & wipe my mouth. As I return to my feet, the burning returns to my throat. Something has changed, though. I have strength and coordination. I pick up a car and smash it repeatedly on the victim’s body, to hide the real cause of death. I wasn’t going down for murder again, even in this dream. I head out on foot, and realize I can run. Faster than even Jason Barnes. He was the fastest boy in my class in high school. What I wouldn’t give to see the look on his face as I ran past him on the racetrack.
I headed towards the train tracks and out of town.
Morning arrived for the city and the mauled body of the junky was discovered. The scene was horrific, and yet not as horrible as if it could have been, the young officer thought. “Boss, why is there no blood spatter, or pools of blood?” The young man questioned. It had taken his keen eye to notice the oddity of the scene.
“Good question there…” The boss drew a blank due to so many new guys coming and going. This last year.
“It’s Lawson. Allen Lawson.”
“Good call Officer Lawson.” The boss then turned and began discussing the young officers find with his sergeant
Evening was on its way, when I awoke. I thought, I suppose vampires do sleep, just as humans do. I opened the blind, just in time for the last rays of the sun to fall on my face. I can tell you the pain it is excruciating! I learned that lesson though, never let sun fall upon my skin.
Once the sun was surely gone for the night I slipped out of the abandoned office building I had made my bedroom. The night air was crisp and cool, I felt so alive, however, my throat was pulling me down. The burn was becoming unbearable as I neared town. Once I reached the city I knew why. People were everywhere!!
I had to be smart. I couldn’t just go around killing people, this much I knew. I watched and waited for an opportunity. It wasn’t long before some unsuspecting kid followed a ball down an alley. I in turn followed the kid.
I never thought of the struggle that would occur, nor the fact that this kid could and would fight back. He also was able to use his lungs, and yell. Yet another thing that never crossed my mind. In the end, though I was stronger, and he succumbed to my thirst. Once again, I drain the body of all blood. This time, I decided to use an abandoned wrench to take care of the evidence. I had to hurry, so the only area I mutilated, was the area which contained my fang marks. I was then on my way, carrying the wrench in my back pocket. I figured I would wipe it down and dispose of it later.
I reached the place I had last seen Alex the night before. He was inside waiting on me tonight.
“I’m glad to see you followed my instructions. Had you not, well… you would have wound back up in your coffin, only no longer undead.”
“What is going on?” I demand.
“Your new life is what is going on Paul. I have created a few of you. There are others, original ones, not sired from a test tube as you were.”
“Why choose those on death row to give this gift to?”
Alex dodged the question.
“So, you have no reflection, no fingerprints, and no DNA. You cannot go out during the day, certain things can harm you, but overall you are a killing machine. Be careful who you friend and trust this secret with. Oh and one last thing, you can’t step foot on holy ground again.”
I gave up, I nodded in agreement, then Alex was gone. “We will not meet again. Either you sink or swim. I cannot choose for you. I have given you all the information I have. Maybe you should read a book or two on the subject, or search the web.”
Alex then disappeared into the fog that had suddenly appeared around the city.

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