Part 2 of the Vampire story (9)

Time passed slowly in the cave. We finally emerged to a changed world, after six days and seven nights. The rugged mountain terrain had been replaced by a thick blanket of white. The air so crisp and cold, took your breath as you tried to breathe it in. No tracks of any kind appeared on the snow, the creatures of the forest, had all bedded down it seemed for the arctic blast we had just endured. And I, I couldn’t feel more alive than I did at this moment. Between the blizzard and Amy’s health, it had been an uphill battle, but in the end, we all made it out of the storm, a bit better off than when we entered it.

“It’s so beautiful here. I don’t think I have ever seen this much snow. The most we get is a slight dusting every ten to fifteen years. But this, this is spectacular.”

Coming up and wrapping his arm around me “When we make it back to my house, we can play in it if you like. After we all have a chance to eat and warm up a bit.” Chris’s eyes linger on mine, as we wait for the others.

I enter his mind, “What did you have in mind?”

Images of our last night in my house appear in his mind. “It has been so long since I felt your soft, warm, tender skin on mine. I miss you. I want you Leigh.”

I could feel his hunger for me, as we moved down the mountain closer to his large estate.

Upon our arrival back at Chris’s, Edmund took off, to get the information to his others about drinking from certain types. John and Neil would join him later after they had a chance to shower, change and eat.

“Please make yourselves at home, there is blood in the fridge in the garage, and food in the one in the house. Help yourselves to anything you want or need.” Chris then opened the door and I stepped across the threshold. Neil was next, then Amy being helped by Aedam. Finally it was Tammy and John’s turn. Something stopped them at the door. Chris smiled, “Oh yes. You need an invitation, huh, throwing a wink at John. “Leigh, could you invite us into your home?”

My jaw dropped. “My what?”

“I had to keep you safe, so while we were changing your title and deed, I took care of this one as well. No one can enter without your invitation, well that is if they are a vampire.”

I smile as I look at Tammy, “Tammy Lynn Reeves, would you like to enter my home?”

She smiled at me as she walked across the doorway and entered into my new home.

I laugh, “You two are stuck out there, what if I decide to just let you stay out there?”

John begins, “hey, what did I ever do to you?” A hint of teasing in his voice.

“Hum… Okay, John William MacIntosh would you like to enter my home?”

John throws a wink at me as he slides by me and grabs Tammy’s hand.

“Now it’s down to you, eh? Just Mr. Maletesta left all alone out in the cold.”

Chris smiles and goes to my mind. “You know I can fight dirty.” Images of us together, begin playing in his mind.

“You will have to do better than that.” My eyes are very intent on him as our silent conversation continues.

Chris then really goes into detail of our first encounter. The burning he felt, both in his throat and in his pants. The moan I let out as he first pushed into me, making me feel all of his size. He was well endowed, and he knew how to handle himself. He showed as he brought me to the edge of orgasm, then let go himself. He showed me as he fed at my breast as he exploded with me.

That was it. I couldn’t take anymore. I barely squeak out, “Chris Malatesta, would you like to enter my home?” He scooped me up as he passed through the entrance.

“John, lock that door.” Chris threw over his shoulder as he carried me up the stairs.

It had been a week since I last showered, and my legs were in dire need of a shave, but Chris didn’t care. He stripped my clothes and had his mouth on mine, before I could protest. He picked me up and gently slid me down on his massive erection. Once again I let out a moan. He could see in my head what he did to me. My body ached to have him. It was like an itch that needed to be scratched, and as he slid himself in, I felt relief. I felt as if I were whole. I whisper, “I could live with you in me. You feel amazing.”

He growled, a deep throaty sound as he moved me up against his bedroom wall. He began to thrust slowly. I was in ecstasy. His mouth moved to my hard nipples. I thought, as his lips caressed one softly I might explode. His fangs then appeared. I smiled and dug my nails into his back as he push in harder and deeper. I was on the edge, and within a moment, he was too. His fangs sank into my flesh and brought us both home.

“My love, my love. Leigh.”

I had apparently given a bit too much between the physical exertion and the blood, he drank. I had passed out.

“I’m here, I’m okay.” I called out as I came to.

“I was worried, you passed out. This past week has been to much for you. I am sorry.”

In truth, it had probably been, only living off of meat for a week, does a number on ones body.

“Can I get you anything?”

“A hot shower, and maybe a salad and some coffee.”

“Strange combination, but I’ll head downstairs after we shower and see what I can come up with.”

Chris helped me to my feet, and into the shower. His strong hands washing my weak body, as I braced myself against the stone shower wall.

“I know you wanted to shower as soon as we got here, but to me, your scent was stronger than lavender. I wanted you so bad, I can’t explain it.”

“You don’t have to. I was in your head.” A smile dancing on my face. “Where is your razor? I am dying to shave my legs.”

“Really?” Chris was laughing a hearty laugh, as he handed me his very expensive razor.

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