Part 2 of the Vampire story (5)

Chris is in my mind, asking if I would like to go with him for a walk, or something. I tell him, I’m sure we can find something to keep us occupied. He sees in my mind, the Lavender oil, and images from this morning. Chris then smiles at me, and says, it is a beautiful day. Don’t you want to spend it out of doors with me? I say I would rather spend it in bed with you. I know, it is a losing battle for myself, had Chris not been under the influence of the Lavender, we still would not have been so intimate. However, I long for the moment, he does want me. I wish for the moment he is free of Lavender oil lust, and takes me in his arms, and loves me with everything he has, because he has his own free will.

I decide, I should take him up on the offer of a walk, and stop trying so hard. I tell him to give me a few minutes to get ready, and I will be back with him. He says okay, and begins to clean up the kitchen, as I head upstairs. I head to the bathroom, first, take care of all of my humanly needs, then I brush my hair, and pull it back into a braid. I go to the closet, and grab my sun hat, and sunglasses. I also grab a light jacket, to add to what I have on. I grab my boots, and head down stairs.

Chris is standing waiting on me, as I walk into the kitchen. He and Neil are talking. He has asked Neil to walk ahead of us, in an animal form, and check things out. Chris says, I thought we might go and check on your place, see how it is doing. I tell Chris, I like that idea. Neil takes the shape, of a cardinal this time, he flies to my house, and gets an Arial view. He then transforms once he reaches my house, and turns into a mouse, and scurries inside, to check for any intruders. He turns into his human form once indoors and messages Chris all clear. Neil then calls for some guards to be placed around the property so Chris and I can spend a relaxing afternoon together alone. Chris had plans, plans I did not know of. He had secretly organized a candle light dinner, with me, alone in my house, an evening of movie watching, but first, he had been spending time in my garden. He had planted many things, I could in fact cook for him. That was his plan. He wanted his southern meal. He wanted to see what it was like to have me cook for him, care for him, take care of him. I was more than willing to show him.

We arrive at my house, and first thing Chris does is take me to my garden. It is so beautiful, all of the work he has put into it. He has planted flowers, added bird feeders, even a swing, hanging from the old oak tree. He asks, if I would like to try it out. Feeling so happy, and like a kid once again, I break free of Chris’s hold on my hand, and say race you there. He ended up letting me win. He ran, but at a mortals pace, not that of a vampire. He then urged me to get on the swing. He said, sit still for a moment. He then pulled my hat from my head, and unbraided my hair. His fingers, slowly running through the strand. It was almost more than I could take. He puts everything in my hat, and tosses it to the ground. He kissed my nose, and says, hold on tight my love. He began to push me. I soared higher and higher, he then appeared in front of me and as the swing shot forward, he caught the swing, and me midair. He pulled me close with one hand, while the other one held the swing. He scooped me up in the one arm, as if I were weightless. He then released the swing, and that hand, went up to my back. His lips fell upon mine. He slowly slides me down his body, until my feet touch the ground, his lips never leaving mine. Finally, he pulls his lips from mine. He takes my hand, and leads me to the house.

We step through the door, and inside, set up, is a table for two.

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