Part 2 of the Vampire story (3)

The morning progresses, and Chris decides we should try spending a bit of time together, just the two of us. He suggests a ride on his bike, since it is faster than most things out there, except maybe an aircraft. I am suddenly in his mind, telling him, “I have only been on one, one other time. I was a teen.” He could see I was a bit apprehensive about riding again. “My love, I will keep you safe. I have attire that will help, and you can ride in front of me.” John begins to tease Chris about riding bitch. Chris shoots him a sharp look, and John turns red.

Chris and I head out together, on the motorcycle. He actually allowed me to sit in the front, I think honestly, more so he can protect me if something happens, than because he trusts my driving. We are alone, for once, just the two of us, spending a day together, heading out to the beach. I push the motorcycle to the limit, as Chris urges me to in my mind. He has required, I wear leather, from head to toe, and a helmet.

We arrive, at the beach. A totally uneventful trip, here. I strip the leather off, in the parking lot, and stow it in the saddle bags. I set the helmet on the seat, then we head out to the boardwalk. The parking lot is totally empty of other vehicles. I think back to the day, I was last here. Chris, grabs my hand, and brings it up to his lips. He tells me, I loved seeing you here, last time, when you made me my videos. Your hair, it shines so bright in the sunlight. Before, we step from the boardwalk to the beach sand, I tug at Chris’s hand to sit. I then carefully remove my shoes and socks. I leave them sit out of the way. Chris, places his beside mine, and then we resume standing. I am first to step into the sand. Chris follows, telling me, last time, I kept my shoes on. He laughs at this.

The day is one pulled from a romance novel. We walk along our hands intertwined, and enjoy the ocean view. Every now and again Chris pulls me in for a kiss, his mouth lingering a bit longer each time. His lips trailing down my neck. Each instance would end in his having to take a breather.

Chris finds a place in the sand that is flat, and far enough away from the water. He pulls me to the ground. I land on top of him, he rolls pinning me to the sand. “Now, what will you do?”

I smile up at him, he thinks he has me. “Oh, I think I could get myself free.”

“Do you Ms.Kearney?”

“I do.”

“And just how would you go about doing that?”

My lips land on his. My tongue slips softly into his mouth, carefully exploring, as my hands begin moving to his waist. Further south even. I find my destination, and begin unzipping his shorts. He suddenly rolls off of me.

“That is playing unfairly Leigh. If I were an attacker, I may actually want sex with you.”


“I didn’t mean it the way it came out. You know I want you.”

I just walk away, and head on up the beach on my own. Chris begins to follow. “Leigh, Leigh. You do know that, don’t you?”

“I don’t know anything Chris, how could I? The way you avoid sex with me like it were the plague.”

“I was there, I’m not avoiding you like the plague.” A hint of laughter touching Chris’s comment. “I just don’t want to hurt you. I could kill you. You do realize that, don’t you. Vampires are meant to have sex with humans and kill them, not be partners. I could kill you, and you would be gone forever. I can’t bear the thought of losing you.”

I turn abruptly and run into his chest.

“You are worried you will kill me? You were worried you would kill me when you drank from me. I think I can help. Just like feeding. If I am in your head you will stop before you kill me. I am positive.”

Defeated, “I am not.”

I reach my arms up, and pull Chris to me. Looking him dead in the eyes, “I am. I am positive.” My lips then land on his for a brief kiss.

I grab Chris’s hand and pull him up to the snack bar. Incredibly it is still open, and serving. We get a couple of hotdogs, and soda’s and head back the way we came. “I think we should head home.” Chris starts.

“Just give me a couple minutes more.”

“What for?” Chris questions.


The sun begins to dip in the sky.

We head back home, Chris still insists I drive. His body shielding me from any accident that may occur. He reaches up and squeezes the throttle a bit, to increase our speed. I am in his mind, teasing, I am not fast enough for you? Suddenly, I feel he is in pain, something is wrong. I notice four motorcycles are closing in around us. Chris’s hands go around mine. Then in my mind, he says, let me take over. He adds, activate the voice feature in your helmet. Call the hunters, or John. I do as Chris asks, we are still several minutes away from home. He then increases our speed, maxing it out. We are weaving in and out of traffic, trying hard to lose the others. I feel the pain building in Chris, he is trying hard to keep it together to protect me. Then, I feel the motorcycle begin to slow. It begins to wobble, suddenly we are sliding. The motorcycle is on its side. Chris engulfs me in his body, protecting me from the wreck. I feel him slipping away, slowly. As soon as we stop, I ask what is wrong, as I strip off the protective gear Chris made me wear while riding. Chris doesn’t respond. I crawl from beneath his body, to see, holes in the back of his jacket. I take a piece of broken mirror from the bike, and cut my wrist, and stick it in Chris’s mouth, he begins sucking after a few seconds. His mind returns to mine. I ask, what is wrong? Chris then tells me, they hit me in the back, with pieces of Iron. I think it was in a shot gun, buck shot. He says, your blood has helped. It feels as if the iron has shifted away from my heart. And truth be told, it had, my blood, had begun the healing process, pushing the foreign material from his body. He continues for another second, drinking. Then he pulls away, he says we have to move.

As we stumble to our feet, the other motorcycles are back in view, closing in on us. We manage to get to the side of the road, when the other motorcycles come to a stop. Four large men, step off of their bikes, and begin moving towards us on foot.

Suddenly, John and Tammy come speeding up on their motorcycle. The other vampires, yes, they are vampires, have closed the gap between us. Chris says to me in my mind, the one out front, is Nic. I stare very coldly at him. I reach up to touch my charm, when I realize, I left it at home, so as not to lose it on our day at the beach. I look up and see, Tammy, is on the front of their bike, John is up on his feet, balancing on the seat, then as she nears the four men, John jumps. He takes down two of them. Tammy then lays the bike down, and is back on her feet, and on her way to help. She grabs the last one walking with Nic, and throws him up against a parked car. Her newborn strength and training with John and the hunters, has ensured she can take care of herself, against all but the really old vampires.

Nic is on us. He comes straight at me, but Chris steps in between us. Nic then grabs Chris, and they are locked in mortal combat. As soon as John gets his two incapacitated, he had ripped out their hearts, he is on his way to Chris’s aid. And not a moment too soon. Nic has Chris, pinned, he is pushing his back to the concrete, forcing the iron back into his body. John knocks Nic off of Chris, and gives him a hand, to pull him to his feet. However, before John can get Chris off the ground, Nic is back on him, he has John on his knees head jerked back, looking up, throat exposed. Nic goes in for the kill! The minute his teeth go into John’s neck, I see the blood, and something happens. I don’t even know what it is myself. All of a sudden, my hands go up as if to defend John, and there is a huge explosion. Nic is flying backwards. He hits the wall of the building so hard, he is completely stunned for a few minutes.

Alaster’s truck is on us, and he has jumped out, and immediately gotten Chris up and into the truck. Tammy is at John’s side, holding his head in her lap. He is making jokes, as blood pours from the wound in his neck. Alaster tells her, here hold this on it, giving her his shirt. Alaster, then walks over, and scoops me up, and carries me to where John is. Alaster tells Tammy to keep an eye on Nic, and let him know if he comes to. Partly to keep her from being around my blood. Alaster, then takes the knife from his belt, holds my hand over John’s mouth, tells him to open and lie still. He slices open my hand, then takes my hand in his and squeezes. He has to repeat the cut every few seconds, because it heals. I am totally unconscious, and oblivious to what is occurring. Finally, he pulls away the shirt, and the wound has stopped bleeding. He then, tells Tammy to get John to the truck, and he scoops me back up and quickly places me in the truck with Chris. As he turns to help Tammy with John, he sees Nic is on her, pulling John from her arms. Alaster is quick. He transforms, and tells Tammy to get John and get to the truck. Alaster’s sword is up and flying. Nic, then decides to retreat. He takes off on foot, leaving the dead vampires for us to contend with.

Tammy gets John into the truck, however she has to restrain him. He smells the blood on me, and is thirsting for more. Tammy has the strength one could never imagine. She manages to keep John from me, and to ignore my blood, all over John’s face. Alaster opens the cab door still in hunter form, and sees as Tammy restrains him. He reaches over, and snaps John’s neck. He tells Tammy not to worry, he will be fine in a few hours. He then tells Tammy, to keep us safe while he collects the bodies, and the bikes.

Alaster is behind the wheel, and driving faster than one could have thought possible. He asks Tammy to call ahead, and have Neil or Aedam meet us at the gate. As we pull into the drive, the truck barely stops, before Alaster is out of the truck. He grabs me, and motions for Neil to grab Chris. Tammy picks up John herself, as if he is a mere ragdoll. They take Chris and I into our room, and Alaster, begins the tedious task of removing the shrapnel from Chris’s back. Neil checks on me, and ensures my vitals are good. Alaster, then tells him, she will be out awhile. He adds, “as I neared them, I felt, an explosion, and I seen a large glowing area, near where I found them”. He says to Neil, I think she has discovered her magic. He also says to him, this was very traumatic for her, and I had to drain her of at least a pint of blood, for John’s neck. Neil then goes in the bathroom, and retrieves, a basin of warm water, mixed with lavender, and a washcloth, he then carefully removes the blood, from my face, and hand. He tells Alaster, her clothes, they have blood everywhere. I don’t know if it is hers, John’s, or Chris’s. Neil asks, what should I do? Alaster says, you must change them. Neil rises, and goes and empties the basin. He then goes to Chris’s chest of drawers, and finds a large t-shirt for me to wear. He returns to the bed, and quickly and efficiently undresses me from all of my clothes except my boy shorts. Then he quickly pulls the t-shirt over my head. As he pulls the covers up over my body, he comments to Alaster, she looks like a living doll. She is very beautiful. Alaster agrees. He then takes my clothing into the bathroom and puts them to soak in the bath in a mixture of lavender, and peroxide. He brings a comb and brush as he returns. He takes the time, to take my hair down, and carefully comb it out. He then, asks Alaster what to do next.

Alaster tells Neil, go and check on Tammy and John, and please bring blood bags for both of the injured men. He says, be certain the bags are marked as Leigh’s. Alaster, then says, make haste. Neil sets off at a speed, not humanly possible, he is back in a mere minute, with the blood, for Chris. He leaves two bags, with Alaster, and carries a third, to give to John. He tells Alaster, “I decided to stop here in case I am gone helping Tammy for a bit. Alaster, says, good thinking. Then Neil is gone again.

Neil reaches Tammy, and John. Neil asks how John is getting on. John says, I have seen better days, with a slight bit of laughter in his voice. Neil says, I come bearing gifts. He holds up the bag of blood, when he does, John lunges for it. Neil holds him back, and tells Tammy, there seems to be a difference, in him. Neil says to Tammy, he is in a rabid state, it seems. It occurs, when a vampire, receives a bite from another vampire. Tammy looks at Neil franticly. Sensing her thoughts, Neil says, “Not all vampire bites will make a vampire rabid. It’s the bite of a vampire who is trying to claim you for their clan. Vampires’ are born into clans. That is how Chris refers to his family. They stay in their clan, always, unless, another vampire, stronger, more dominate comes along and chooses they want you. Then, they bite, but in their bite, they inject a venom. They must continue doing this, until your eyes, change to your new clans color. Then they know, you are no longer loyal to your original clan, and will obey your new Patriarch or Matriarch, (clan leader) Chris’s eye color is brown. Nic’s eye color is blue. There is a green eyed clan as well. That is how Chris could tell from the beginning, the vampires in Leigh’s house, were from Nic’s clan. It is a trait that comes with age. Very few are able to do it. Nic and Chris in fact are the only two I have ever known to have the ability, but there are others. It will take a few days, for John to get back to normal, all of the venom must leave his body. John adds, I am hungry and injured as well, not a good combination. Then John says, that’s Leigh’s blood, isn’t it? Neil says, yes, I’m sorry, I forget what it does to most vampires, especially those who have tasted it. He then tosses the bag to John, and John punctures it with his fangs and drains it. After John finishes, Neil asks how he is. I feel much better, John says. Tammy says, let me have a look at your neck. He allows her a quick peek. She says, looks much better. Not completely healed, but getting there. Neil says, I suggest a shower, and then Tammy, you will need to dress the bite mark, until it heals completely, we don’t want anyone seeing it. Tammy says, will do, then rises, and begins preparing to help John in the shower.

Alaster pulls the last piece of iron, from Chris’s back, then rolls him over onto his back. He, pulls him up to a semi sitting position. Neil then walks in and jovially says, need some help. Alaster says, yes please get a bag of blood opened, so I can feed it to him. Neil does as he is told. He hands a bag, with a small puncture, in the top, to Alaster. Alaster, begins slowly squeezing the bag into Chris’s mouth. Then, Neil walks over, and checks on me. He says, vitals are still good, she still sleeps, though. Alaster says, Chris is coming to. Neil then thinks to himself, she is not wearing her necklace with the An Cloc Cosanta on it. He asks Alaster, if he has seen it. Chris is then alert enough, he says, check the bathroom, so Neil does. Neil returns several minutes later, with the good luck charm necklace in hand. Chris is still weak, however, he looks over in the bed beside him, and sees me, fast asleep. He goes to ask, about me, but before he can, Alaster says she is fine. Neil has been playing nurse maid to her since your return.

Once Chris, is fully awake, he asks Alaster to message Domminik, and apprize him of the goings on this afternoon, and to please tell him to come and see him. Alaster tells Chris, he will, then asks how he is feeling. Chris says, still very week. Alaster asks Chris, what he remembers, of this afternoons events. Chris says, well, last thing I remember, is John coming to my aide, then I blacked out. Alaster tells him, “John was about to have his throat ripped from his body, but something stopped it from occurring.” He said “some sort of explosion. I seen a great golden glow, as I arrived. I also felt the shaking of the ground under my feet.” Chris asks, “what caused it?” Neil says, one word. “Leigh.”

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