Part 2 of the Vampire story (2)

I decide, I will venture, out of Chris’s room, and down stairs, in search of food. I open the door, and as I do, there is a tremendous noise. Chris is in my mind, are you okay? I say yes. Then he sees I am in search of food. I pull the door closed, and the sound stops. Then as I round the corner, to go down the staircase, I run into Chris’s chest. His arms, go around me, and he lifts me up. I am face to face with him, and his lips are on mine. Then, my stomach interrupts. It growls. Chris’s lips leave mine, he sets me back down, and takes my hand, and says follow me. As he leads me to the kitchen, in my mind, he says, you are starving my love. Then he looks down at me, saying you are very adorable in my giant clothes. I smile back up at him. As we walk, he informs me, “My bedroom door, has an alarm. I had it added, so if anyone entered the room while you slept, I would be alerted. The passcode is your birthday, the keypad is on the right side of the door. Coming and going.”

As we enter the downstairs, I see out into the yard. I see two very large guard dogs, making rounds, in the yard. I also see a very high strong fence. I really take the time, to notice the scenery, and realize, I know this place. Chris sees in my mind, and says, you recognize the estate at the end of your street? I say yes, in my mind. He then feels my confusion. He says, out loud, it was so I could be as close as possible to you. I had to keep you safe, my love. Had I needed to, I would have revealed myself, to keep you safe. I was trying to wait for the right time, to tell you. I suppose, the right time never actually came in my eyes. It got to the point I had to tell you, to keep you safe. Chris then adds, I never wanted to lie. I was scared. If you found out what I truly was, this monster, you would no longer love or want me. I tug on his hand until he stops, he looks at me. I tell him, “Chris, you are no monster. You care about people, you always try to be a good man. I would have loved you regardless.” Chris then smirks, and says, “That is easy to say now”. I cut him off.” Chris, I was scared you would find out what I was. That you would leave me. My husband, before I divorced, he called me a witch. I thought it was true. I was just as scared as you.” Chris then hugs me, and says I am so sorry my love. He then begins walking, and says, “Let’s get you fed.”

We walk into the kitchen, and Chris leads me to one of the bar stools, sitting at the island. The kitchen is very large, and modern. Chris says, “I had the entire house remodeled, and brought up to date. I added security cameras, an intercom system, the fencing, a detached garage, and I converted the storm cellar. He then asks, what I would like for breakfast.

Chris states, “Wait, I know, French toast. I smile at him, and he begins, getting everything ready to make it. While he is busy, I ask, where the plates, and things are, so I can set everything up for us to eat. He says, go peek around the wall. I follow his instructions, and find a very beautiful table set for two. I return to my seat, and Chris resumes talking. Chris says, “After, you got up, I dressed, and headed down here, I set it up.” I smile at him, and he smiles at me in return.

As he beats the eggs, he begins telling me more about the estate. Chris says, you can go anywhere you choose on the estate, except the cellar. That is where Deirdre is, she is but merely bones, but she could still harm you. I then inform Chris, “I will not venture out of the house on my own, the dogs.” Chris walks to the wall where the intercom is, and presses a button marked yard. He asks, Neil and Alaster, to please come to the kitchen, but please do not change before you do. He then sets the egg mixture he was beating, down, and walks over and removes the pan he had been heating, and shuts off the burner. He then comes, sits by me, and takes my hand. Suddenly, the two large dogs appear in the kitchen with us. Chris can feel me tense. He feels my fear, and says, okay guys, change please. And just like that, Alaster and Neil are standing beside me. Chris tells me, it is sort of a cloak, for humans. A hunter can make you see, only what they want you to. Alaster adds, unless we are in our hunter form. Then you will see that no matter what. Suddenly, Neil transforms into a rabbit, and is hopping around the kitchen. Alaster, changes to a cat, then just as quick, Alaster resume, his human form. Alaster adds, we actually shape shift into the animals that humans see us as at times. That way, we can fly above, or fit into small spaces. Neil then squeezes between my chair legs. To demonstrate, he then rubs against my foot. Alaster adds, it can also be merely a veil, like when I sat on your front porch Leigh, keeping guard. Human’s seen me as a mouse, however, I was still a man sitting there.

Chris asks Alaster, and Neil to join us, as Chris resumes cooking. He pulls a tray of bacon from the oven and begins frying the French toast. I go and retrieve our coffee mugs, and plates from the other room, and ask Chris where I can find more. Alaster says please, let us, you need rest. I tell him, and everyone, I am fine. I promise. Chris then tells me where to look, and I set up four place settings. Neil grabs the half and half, from the fridge, and the sugar bowl from the counter, and places them on the island. Alaster, then walks around, and retrieves the coffee carafe. He fills all of our cups, and returns it to its home. I take Chris his cup of coffee, and he takes a big drink. I then go back and make mine, and start drinking on it.

After breakfast, I tell Chris, I need to make a trip to my house. I really needed to collect a few thing, like my boots, good luck charm, and some more clothes. Chris asks me if he may escort me. I tell him, if you think I need an escort, then yes you may, giggling. His arms go around me, he leans down, and kisses me. He looks me in my eyes, and says yes, I think you need an escort, if it is me, wherever you go.

We are in route to my house, Chris has given me my suit of clothes from the night I arrived, freshly laundered, to wear home. We are joking and playing. He tells me, as we arrive, Leigh, you will have to invite me in. I tease saying, what if I don’t want to, as I open the door. Suddenly, someone reaches out, puts a hand over my mouth and pulls me into my house. Chris is frantic, as am I. I feel his emotions. He wants to rip this man’s head from his body. The man’s face then transforms, his fangs are out. He is getting ready to sink them into my neck. Without thinking, and moving faster than lightning, Chris is across the threshold. He immediately pulls me from the man’s grasp, and sets me in my chair. Then he picks the man up, and throws him outside. He tells me to please stay put. I try to listen, however, that is not a strong suit of mine. I peek out the window. John is out there, holding the man. Chris walks up and does what was in his thoughts. He literally rips the vampire’s head from his body. Then he plunges his hand into the man’s chest and rips out his heart.


Alaster arrives, a few minutes later. I am still upset, and confused. Leigh is sitting beside me, comforting me. I ask, how, could I enter Leigh’s house without an invite. And come to think of it, how did Nic? Or the one who was awaiting our return just now? John sits racking his brain. Then says, I checked every name on that list, I matched face to name. I say, maybe Nic, compelled Leigh, I then turn, facing Leigh, I look deep in her eyes, and say, you will now kiss me. Leigh kisses me. Then she says, you didn’t have to say that out loud. I try again, I say, Leigh, you will go to the kitchen and get me a glass of water. Leigh, then replies, not without you asking me, I am not a servant. Alaster, then moves closer and looks in Leigh’s eyes, he says, Leigh, you will go to the kitchen and get Chris a glass of water. She gets up as if she is in a trance, and makes me a glass of water and brings it to me. She then sits, and resumes speaking. As if she never moved an inch. Chris, why would you speak to me in such a manner? She never realized she had been compelled by Alaster. I then explain to Leigh, what has occurred. I tell her, vampires cannot compel you, but a hunter can. Alaster states it is because she is the Essence.

Suddenly I feel as if there is so much that the hunters have chosen not to share with me. Alaster says, he had known since Deirdre’s time that the Essence cannot be compelled by a vampire. Nic had tried to compel Deirdre, and she would not do as he said. That was when he became angry, and turned her. Right then and there, dressed for your wedding. She never wore anything but wedding dresses from that point forward. Alaster adds, we cannot share all of our vast knowledge with you Chris. There is just too much, I apologize though, I should have told you of this. I suppose I didn’t, because in my mind, the fewer who knew the safer Leigh was.


I scurry around, bag in hand, collecting everything, I need for at least a week, at Chris’s. He has informed me, until they figure this mystery out, how vampires can come and go in my home, with no invite, I will be required to stay with him. I grab my bag of jewelry, my good luck charm, hanging from the nail in the bathroom, my cosmetic bag, and a few more odds and ends. I then pull out another duffle bag, and stuff in several pairs of jeans, two non-sports bras, and a few t-shirts. I decide, I can wear Chris’s t-shirts to bed. I zip up the bag, and walk over and place it beside the other one, on the bed. I then pick up my throw, from the foot of my bed and fold it, and place it on top of my bags. Chris appears at the bedroom door. He sort of states, I have blankets Leigh, if you were cold, you could have told me. I tell him, it’s not that, this has special meaning to me. It’s my security blanket, so to say. He smiles at me and walks over and picks it up. Chris then kisses my nose. Reaching back down for my bags he asks, “Are you ready my love?” I nod, then we head back towards the front door. As we walk out of the house, Chris asks, me, would you, like to just pack up here and move in with me? I honestly don’t know what to say at this point, and he feels my inner turmoil. He says, you don’t have to decide today. I thank him, and promise to think on it. He grabs up my hand, with his free one, and we head down the road to his home.

We arrive back, at Chris’s estate, and head straight in the house. I walk up the stairs, and head to Chris’s room, he is following very close behind. He sets my bags on one of the club chairs, and tosses my blanket on the bed. I walk over, and stretch it out, he then is in my mind. What is so special, about this blanket? I tell him, it was a gift from my grandmother, when I married. It was made from my baby blanket, and other keepsakes from my mom. He smiles at me, and says, I like that Leigh. I add, it is about all I have to remember her by. He says, I am very sorry Leigh. I say, it is okay. It has been many years. He walks over and puts his arms around me, and kisses me on top of my head. I look up into his eyes, he bends down to kiss me. His hands, move into my hair, I back slowly up to the bed, and sit, as we continue kissing. I lay back, and Chris has no choice but to follow, to keep his lips on mine. He is on top of my body, he then uses one of his hands, to pull both of my hands above my head. He holds them there, I see in his mind, why. Last time, my nails, they caused the animal in him to surface, even though he was only in shadow form. He leans up on his other arm, and looks at me pinned there, by his body, totally defenseless. He then resumes kissing my mouth, moving down my neck, when he reaches my throat, I hear him let out a low growl. He then rolls over off of me. I immediately, crawl on top of him, straddling his waist, his face has started to transform. He tries to hide from me, but I won’t let him. My finger, goes up to his lips, tracing around them. His mouth slightly opens, I touch the tip of his fang. My mouth then goes to his lips, and I kiss him. I then bite his bottom lip hard. Hard enough to draw blood. I lick the blood from his lip, then I kiss him. He rolls back, face still transformed, fangs out. I place both of my hands on his face, and pull him towards me. I then ask him, “do you want to drink from me?” He freaks, and rolls off of me. His face resumes his human shape. He is upset, and says “why would you ask me that?” I say, “why not?” He says, I almost killed you last time. I said, no you didn’t. You drained most of my blood, but I was okay, I heal remember. Besides, John drinks from Tammy. He says, yes, but her blood is not yours. Yours calls to vampires. John was extraordinary on more than one occasion around you. You know as a new born, he fought the urge to hurt you and won. I say, I know. You will as well. I tell him, I know what to expect this time. I will be in your head, before you begin, and I will stay there. I say, please, and he looks into my eyes. He says, I can never tell you no. Even if what you ask is not good for you. I smile and say, good. I then pull off my t-shirt, and lay back on the bed. Chris pulls his off as well, and returns to me.


Leigh fell asleep in my arms. Her mind is still with me, so I know she did not pass out. I was able to control myself, with her help this time. As I drank, from her chest, I felt her energy building in my body. I felt her blood healing me, making me feel knew again. I felt as if I could be human again, if I chose. Then it became too much for her, and I stopped. Leigh said to me, Chris, I am beginning to feel weak. I reluctantly pulled myself away. Then I made myself realize, if I hadn’t stopped, I might have killed my beautiful Leigh.

She smiled up at me. My face, resumed its human form, as she kissed my lips. I lean back, and look where I had fed, all that remained on her beautiful upper chest was two tiny scars. I said, honestly, Leigh, hiding my marks is easy on you, with a hint of laughter in my voice. Leigh smiled at me, and pulled me back to her. She playfully wrapped her legs around my body, and asked, if I had anything else on my mind. I then see what she is hinting at. I smile down at her, and say, not yet my love. I am fully satisfied at this moment. I ask her, what about you? She says, you know I want you Chris, in every way possible, but I don’t want to rush. I know you are old fashioned, in a sense. I have seen, you have had very few women in that sense, even though you are a thousand years old. She smiles, and says, we can wait. Then she pulls my lips back to hers. I roll over, and pull her on top of me. Her head goes to my chest, my arms hold her very tight, and then she is out.


As I wake, from my peaceful slumber, I see, I now have on a t-shirt, and am covered up. Chris is curled up around me, keeping me safe. I ask, you awake? He replies yes. I tell him, human needs are calling, I will be right back, so don’t move. He says yes ma’am, teasingly. First thing I do is wash my face, and brush my teeth. I add more deodorant, then, quickly go pee, I wash up, and add a bit of my chapstick. Then I head back to bed.

I crawl in the bed, on top of Chris, I am in a good mood. I ask what time it is. He says, you mean what day? He tells me, you were out for nearly twelve hours. He then informs me he and Alaster, have determined, anytime, my body or mind deals with trauma, I sleep. I sleep for very long periods of time. I begin kissing Chris’s chest. In-between kisses, I ask him quite curiously, what do you do while I sleep? He says, mostly I lay here and watch you, as he tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. At times, I have to get up drink, take my meds, and deal with business matters. I think Oh My Gosh, Chris, my job. He smiles, and says, you don’t have to worry about it. Your job is there if you decide to go back to it, but for now, you are mine. He then rolls over, placing me under him. He kisses my nose, and tells me, we must feed you. I protest, saying I am not really very hungry, even though it is a lie. He smiles at me and says, as much as I would love to, we can’t spend the day in bed. I poke my bottom lip out a bit, and look up into his eyes. He quickly turns his head playfully, and says, Ms. Kearney, your tactics are ruthless! I giggle at that. He rolls off of me, and is on his feet, before I can try anything else.

I crawl from the bed, and start towards the chair which contained my bags. To my surprise, they had disappeared. Chris sees in my mind, my query. He says, go look in my closet. I open the door, to his closet, and find, not only my clothes, but new ones as well. He says, Tammy and my assistant, Amy, have been shopping, while you slept. Amy, had already bought things at my request for you, your sports bras and boy shorts. However, your uh.. Chris was embarrassed, your normal bras. She said they take sizing or something. I giggle. I then walk over and place my arms around him, and squeeze very tight. He smiles down at me. He says, when you are ready, you and Amy, or Tammy or all three of you can do that shopping. I laugh, and say, or you can take me. He smiles and sort of stumbles on his words, whatever you choose my love, as his lips go to my forehead. He then added, “Now get a move on, you have visitors downstairs.”

I go into the closet, and choose, a pair of my jeans, and a new top, it was a button up, and sort of tailored, I thought, it may actually be flattering on me. I grab a light jacket, and one of my two normal bras, I had brought. Chris had hung them in the closet as well. I then go and look in my drawer, and find new socks added to my bras and boy shorts. I lay out my clothes on the bed, then begin stripping. Chris, is in the bathroom, brushing, combing his hair, doing whatever it is a vampire does in the morning. I pull my t- shirt off over my head, then, I remove the sports bra, I had fallen asleep in. I am standing in nothing, but my boy shorts, when Chris emerges from the bathroom. He stands, sort of frozen in space. Staring. My hands go immediately to my chest, to cover, and then he snaps out of it and turns his back. He apologizes, I do as well. I tell him, I’m sorry Chris. I thought you would be longer. He says, I am sorry for staring. Then he says, no, I’m not. He says, Leigh, you are beautiful. Your long hair draped over one shoulder, standing there almost nude in front of me. He says you look how I would picture an angel. I ask, with surprise in my voice, you picture angels topless? He says, no. I can’t explain it. You look so heavenly to me. Your beautiful flawless skin, your glistening lips, your soft Auburn curls, framing your face. You are so much more than the word beautiful can describe. I tell him, you can turn, I am descent. He walks over and goes to his knees at my feet, as I am putting on my socks. He takes the socks from my hands, and sets them on the bed. His body slides between my knees. His lips are on mine, his hands, go to my face, then in my hair. I feel what he is feeling, and there is no human word, to describe it.

We head down stairs, and into the kitchen. No one is there, and I hear nothing. However, Chris does. He says, everyone is outside, at the back of the house, near the garage. He hears my stomach growl, and tells me sit. He then walks to the stove, and picks up a plate, sitting on a warming eye, and brings it and sets it in front of me. He says now, be a good girl and eat. I ask, are you not joining me? He says, I will sit with you, but I don’t really need to eat. He sees I am disappointed. He makes me a cup of coffee, and grabs a glass of juice for me as well. He then makes himself a cup of black coffee and sits by me. He reaches over, and steals a piece of bacon from my plate. I smile at him, and say in my mind, thank you. He leans over and kisses my nose.

After I eat, we head outside. As we round the corner, to the garage, I see John’s jeep. I can hear talking now too. I hear Tammy and John, as well as Alaster, Neil, and someone else, a female. As we near them, Chris, introduces me to his assistant Amy, the female I heard. Then Tammy tells me of her news. She says, the night of my birthday, after you left, I got my present from John, thanks to the generous gift you and Chris gave me. She tells me, John turned me! Tammy then engulfs me in a hug. Chris, reminds her, be gentle, you are still a newborn, and can harm Leigh easily, without meaning to. She then loosens her grip on me and whispers, is that too tight? I whisper back, no, I am okay. She then releases me, and Chris pulls me towards himself, in a very defensive manner. I notice, Tammy looks different. The same, and yet different. Looking at John, I see now, what I did not notice months ago, when he first turned. They both now looked like they belonged on a movie set. The porcelain white smooth skin, the eye color change to a beautiful brown, the ruby red lips. They were utterly beautiful, just like my Chris. Chris sees in my mind, all I am taking in. He sees, as I try to think back and remember the change in John. For the life of me, I can’t though, it feels like I have gaps in my memory. Chris then says to me, those are from the Hunters compelling you to forget something’s that were rather traumatic, involving vampires. I look up at Chris and smile.

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