Part 2 of the Vampire story (1)

Book 2


The last words, he said to me, were “Leigh, I am a Vampire.” I am still sitting here in shock. He can’t be serious, I mean, vampires don’t really exist, except in the movies. Chris resumes sending messages, explaining things to me. The game, we are in, it was created by vampires, a way to meet people. The chat app, another place, for meeting people. The charm on your necklace, is actually something, with my scent, imbedded in it, to mark you as mine, so no other vampires would bother you .It also protects you from evil. It prevents evil from reaching you. Think back to the day at the beach, when you got home. You were in the mudroom. Those men who could not enter, it was because of the charm. They were in fact vampires. At this Chris says, dammit, Aedam compelled you to forget that. The incident, at John’s last night, those were vampires as well, they were after you .Please Leigh, talk to me, yell at me, something.

I couldn’t speak, I texted, “I am here.” Chris then asks, “Do you hate me, do you want me to go and leave you alone?” I quickly reply “NO!” I am just in shock, this can’t be real. He types, Leigh, it is real. I am a Vampire.” He then types, “Can I come to your house? There is so much more, I need to tell you, and in person, I think is best.” I sit there a moment, trying to comprehend it all. As so many realizations occur to me. I then state, “You are in Canada, how, when?” He says, “I am closer than you know.” I think about things Chris has said to me, even tonight, when I asked about him getting sweet tea in Canada, he never said yes, he danced around the subject. I type, “bring John with you, please, I don’t want to be here alone with you”. Chris says, “We will be here in five minutes.”

John arrives at my house and knocks. I open the door. John immediately says, if you do not want us to come in, we won’t, however if you do, you will have to invite Chris in. Chris comes walking up behind John, as our eyes meet, my knees buckle, and I feel dizzy. John is quick, and catches me before I hit the floor. He picks me up in his arms, as if I am a feather, and places me on the couch. He gives me a couple of minutes, and then asks, where I want to talk. I say, I think, maybe a drive. John says, that will be just fine. I will ride in the back of your truck, so you and Chris can have privacy, but if you feel you need me, just holler. I say ok, to John, and grab my keys.

I hit the alarm button, unlocking my truck and shutting off the alarm. In my mind, I think Chris loves me, why else would he give me things to keep me safe? John, hops up over the side of the truck and sits up against the cab. Chris, opens my door, and I sit. He asks me to scoot to the passenger side, I agree, knowing John is close, and in my heart, I know he doesn’t want to hurt me. Chris, then slides behind the wheel, and closes the door to the truck. He puts the key in the ignition and cranks it. He reaches over and switches on my radio. He is very familiar with my truck. I then ask, how long have you been here? He said, from now on, I will be one hundred percent honest, about everything, but I have had to bend the truth a bit up until now, to keep you safe Leigh. I swallow, hard, and again ask more forcefully. “How long have you been here?” Chris says, I have been here, since our first date. I then say, you and John both put the alarm on my truck. He says yes. I said you were the reason the dog was upset, the first night? It was you I kept feeling watching me. He said yes, again. He then asks, what do you want me to do, to prove, what I say is true? I sit there quite for a few moments, then I ask, how do you, you know? Do you kill? Is that what I was suppose to be? Your meal? He sort of laughs a bit, a rather strange laugh, and says “No Leigh, you were never, going to be my next meal. First off, I try never to kill. The guilt from doing so, is more painful to me, than you can imagine. Second if I do kill, it is never for me to drink, it is out of the need to protect someone. I always try to drink blood from a blood bank. I purchase it for a very large sum of money. If I have to drink from a human, I am gentle. I hide the bite mark, I make them forget. He then says, there is so much more, I need to tell you. I ask, can it wait until tomorrow? He says, yes, it can. I say I have a way for you to prove what you are to me. I tell him pull over. He does, not realizing, my plan.

As my truck comes to a stop, I open the door, and hop out. Chris, is by my side of the truck, before I can even close my door. I holler back to John, you can stay put if you like. He holds a thumb up over the cab of the truck. I then move into the headlights, and tell Chris, holding my arm out, if you are a vampire, drink. He has a look of sheer terror on his face. He says, what if I can’t stop Leigh? You and I have a special connection. Part of what I need to tell you tomorrow. I say, John will be here, he won’t let you harm me. He pleads, can I not do something else? I say no, you want to prove to me what you are and this will allow me to trust you again, after all the truth bending over these last few months. I say this is required. He looks towards the truck, and says in a whisper “John, please come here.” John hops from the truck, to us. I am shocked, but I keep a straight face. I question John, you heard us? He says awesome, ain’t it? I blush, at the thought, of all John has heard in the last few months.

Chris then says, to John break my neck if I do not stop. John smiles his crooked grin at Chris and says, will do. They both then pull out their pill bottles and pop one, to try and ensure they are in control, of what is about to happen. I look at Chris, unable this time, to hide my surprise. I ask, breaking your neck, won’t that kill you? Chris smiles his mischievous smile, at me and says, not a vampire. It will only incapacitate one of us for an hour or two.

I stand there nervous, not sure what to expect, with my arm outstretched to Chris. I tell him, I’m ready in his mind. He walks towards me. His hand touches my skin. It feels like an electrical current, flowing between us. My skin feels so alive. His body closes in on me. He takes my arm to his mouth, I feel his lips, kiss my arm. The feeling, is indescribable. Suddenly, I feel small needle pricks, in my skin. With a sensation similar, to when I gave blood. I feel almost high, as he siphons the blood from my arm. He has taken too much, suddenly, I start to feel faint. I go to Chris in his mind, please stop, I am … I pass out.

I come to in a bed, somewhere, I am not familiar with. A man, I don’t know, talking to John and Chris. They are talking about me. I lay there and pretend I am still out, to try and listen to them. Chris walks over to me, sits on the bed by me, and says, I know you are awake. I open my eyes, and look up at him. I ask, where am I? Chris says, you are in my home. He adds, Leigh, I am really sorry, I drank so much from you. I look down, two tiny pinhole scars are all that remains of where he fed. I say, it is okay, I insisted you do it. He says, you don’t understand, you and I, we share a special connection. You are the Essence, the Healer. You and I have connected because we truly love one another. In the beginning, I thought it was something I was doing, to allow me to be with you in shadow form, us being able to touch, feel each other, be in each other’s minds. I thought it was a side effect of my meds I take, my ADHD meds I told you of, however, Alaster informed me, it is you. It is all you.

I try to hide. I turn my back to Chris and the others. He is in my mind, immediately, asking what is wrong. I tell him, I am a freak, I am sorry. I understand if you don’t want me here. I try to pull myself up from the bed. Using his hands, and as little force as possible, Chris sort of pushes me back down. He is in my mind. I love you Leigh, I always will, no matter what. He reaches over, and pulls me up into his arms, and hugs me. He begins to snicker, and says in my mind, I am a vampire, and you are worried I wouldn’t want you, because of your unique gift, which has allowed us to be together the last few months, something that allows us to be more intimate than anyone else in the world, has ever been. He hugs me tight, and kisses my head. He then smiles down at me and asks out loud, if I need or want anything. I look up at him sheepishly, and ask, “Is there any human food around here?”

At Chris’s request, John heads out of the room, to make me something to eat. Chris then places some pillows, behind my back, and leans me up against them, asking if I am comfortable. As he stands, I say yes, thank you. He then motions for the other man, to come over and meet me. He says, Leigh, this is my personal physician, Dr. Domminik Eisenhauer. The man says, please call me Domminik. I hold my hand up to shake his, and say pleased to meet you. He says, you as well, Ms. Kearney. I say, Leigh, just Leigh. He says, alright, Leigh, nice meeting you as well. He says you were out for quite a while. I smile up at Chris. He looks so beside himself. Domminik, then says, Chris, she will be good as new, by tomorrow. Then speaking to me I don’t suggest moving much from that bed today. I blurt out, what time is it? Chris says, its noon, Tuesday. I freak, I say oh no, I missed work, and I didn’t call. Chris says calm down. He then texts a message to someone, and suddenly, Alaster is in my room. I am confused. Chris says, I bought your bank, and put it in Alaster’s name. Neil, is, one of Alaster’s men. I told you, I have a lot to tell you. I pinch my arm, to see if it hurts, it does, I can’t be dreaming. I lean back on my pillow, and close my eyes. Chris asks, are you okay Leigh? I say yes, just absorbing. He says, before I tell you more, you should eat. I open my eyes, and John has returned to my room. With a large tray of food. Chris takes the tray, and places it on the bed between us. He says eat, I will as well. I look at Chris, rather astonished, I never have actually seen him eat, or drink, for that matter. I ask, are you able to eat human food? He laughs, and says yes. He tells me what his ADHD meds, really do. I then agree, to share breakfast, with him.

Chris makes me a cup of coffee, and hands it to me. I take a sip, it feels really good on my throat. I say thank you, it’s perfect. He smiles at me. He pours himself a cup, and as he does, John ushers everyone else from the room, closing the door behind them. Chris, then asks, what do you feel like eating? I say, maybe some toast. He butters a slice, and says, grape jam? I say please. He hands me a small plate, with two slices of toast. He says, how about a slice of bacon? I agree to that as well. I start to nibble on my toast, and Chris starts talking. Leigh, I never wanted to lie. It hurt me every time I had to. I hope you know now, you can trust, I will always be honest. I reach over, and grab his hand, his eyes meet mine. I say, Chris, I know. I feel our connection, I know in my heart, you have only wanted to protect me from day one. He smiles at me. I set my plate on the tray, my hand goes to his head, and I gently pull his face towards mine. I whisper, Chris, I know you love me. I love you too. He slowly closes the gap between us, we are so close to one another, I feel his breath. I look up into his beautiful eyes, and then I move forward. My lips, softly touching his for the first time. The current flowing between us, I feel like my whole body is on fire. I feel what he is feeling too. I feel as his need to feed grows. I pull back. He smiles at me. I smile back, he then, sets our coffee on the tray, and moves the tray to the floor. He slides into bed beside me, and says I have been dying to have your head on my chest, my fingers running thru your hair. I turn facing him, and kiss his nose. Then I scootch down in the bed, so my head will be on his chest, right at his shoulder. He rolls towards me, and puts his arm around me. He playfully says, you could be in trouble. While he plays with a strand of my hair. I smile and say, how much trouble could I be in? He laughs. He then pulls me on top of him, my legs on either side of his body, my hair, cascading over one shoulder. He says, I could sit and stare at you forever. You know that. I bend down, and kiss him again. This time, as his urge to feed grows, I do not back off. I feel what he feels, until it is unbearable for him. He rolls over back on top of me, and pulls away. I look closely at him, I see how his face has started to transform. His fangs, now showing. He starts apologizing. I tell him, don’t worry about it. You are okay. I am okay. He closes his eyes, and concentrates for a minute or two, and his face resumes, its natural human look. He kisses my forehead, and says, I think we should feed you more. I agree, to appease him.

He reaches down, and picks the tray up with one hand, placing it back on the bed. He hands me my coffee and my plate back. I resume my nibbling, and sipping on my coffee. I start to ask questions. Chris, if my charm protected me, and they were unable to see me, why did you have me hide when we were at John’s that night? Chris replies, because my love, I wanted you as close to me as possible. I wanted to feel as though I were protecting you. Chris then says, let me just start, from day one.

We spent the next few hours, him telling me everything that has happened, since that first night of our meeting on the game. Every now and then, I interrupt, asking a question, or declaring a realization, before he could tell me. When he was done, I was nibbling on some grapes, and had moved on to drinking glasses of ice water. He said, does everything make more sense now? I say yes. It does. I then, embarrassedly ask, Chris, do you, have, a uh bathroom, I could use, I think it embarrassed him as well. He then says, Leigh, I am so sorry, I don’t, think about humans needing to use a bathroom. Please forgive me. I smile up at him. He says, it is this way. I scoot to the side of the bed, and carefully stand, I start to fall back, onto the bed. He is there, holding me up, before, my body moves an inch. He says, I will help you to the bathroom, then you can just call if you need me, okay. I agree. I lean on him, and we walk. His arm, carefully around my waist, helping hold me up. He takes me in the bathroom. And tells me to grab ahold of the vanity, for support. He then walks out, turning the light on, and closing the door behind himself. He hollers in, there are toothbrushes, towels, anything you may need, in there. I yell back, thank you. First things first, I was dying to pee. After, that, I washed my hands, and was going to wash my face, as well. I grabbed one of the new toothbrushes and tooth paste, and brushed instead. I finished brushing and added my toothbrush to the cup on the sink. I then, decided, a shower, was what I wanted. However, a bath, would be much more feasible in my current state. There was a stack of towels, by the large bath tub, a tray, with shampoo, soap, bath salts, etc., a very large fluffy robe. I had everything, I needed, well except for one thing. I closed my eyes, and pictured a bath, myself, in it. A knock came at the door. I said, come in. He smiled at me. I said, would you mind, helping me? He says, not at all. He helps me to the side of the bath. He hands me a towel to cover myself. I place it in my lap. I reach down, and pull the sides of my shirt up, trying hard to look graceful as I do. However, graceful isn’t one of my qualities, and my hair gets caught up in my shirt, and I sort of am all tangled up. I have to sit there, and let him get me loose. He smiles down at me, and kisses my nose when he is finished. I then stand, with Chris’s assistance, and unbutton my shorts. His hands come up, around my waist, he pulls me towards him, his mouth kissing my stomach. He then proceeds, to slide my shorts down over my ample butt and hips. He then opens my towel, which I had layed down when I stood, and wraps it around me. While his hands are at my back, he reaches back and unhooks my sports bra. He then helps me get my arms out of it. He places all of my clothes in a pile on the floor. He reaches over and starts the tub to filling, adding bubbles to it. He then takes my hair, and pins it up for me. When my bath is finished filling, he shuts off the water, and asks, if I am able, to do the rest, of my undressing. I smile at him and say yes. He then starts to leave, saying if you, but I interrupt saying aren’t you going to stay with me? He smiles and says, yes. He keeps his back to me, and says, tell me when you are in. I hold the towel up, with one hand, and slide my boy shorts down with the other. I step out, and using my foot kick my boy shorts to my pile of clothes. I then tell Chris, you can actually come and hold my hand, as I get in. He turns, and walks over. He holds a hand out, and mine goes to his, the electricity still present. He puts the other hand, on the small of my back, to steady me. I step up onto the first step, very carefully. Chris moves in close behind me. I step up on the second step. He says, wait one second. Reaching down, he pulls off one of his socks, while steadying me with one hand, then, he pulls off the other. With his long legs, he steps over the side into the tub, fully dressed, and tells me, put your weight on me as you come down into the tub. I sort of slip and fall into his arms, water, splashing everywhere. I look up at him, he is smiling. He helps me to get my feet steady, then, he lets go of me with one hand. He pulls up on his t-shirt, with one hand, pulling it gracefully over his head, where it is hanging on one arm. He grabs me with his free hand, and proceeds to pull the shirt the rest of the way off. He flings it, and it lands in my pile of clothes. He tells me, to turn, and face away, from him. I follow his instructions, his hand on me, steading me the whole time. He slowly eases his way down into the tub. Holding me around the waist, lowering me with him. He is seated, snuggled in behind me. I feel his body pressed against mine.

I will close my eyes, so you can remove your towel, Leigh, Chris says. I laugh a bit, and say, I kind of think you have seen me in the shower, before. He says, I know, but this is different. I say, I suppose, and add thank you. With much difficulty, I get the towel off, but I can’t bring it up out of the tub with it being wet, and I am weak. I let it slide to the bottom of the tub. Chris, feels it with his feet, and says, “leave it, I will clean up in here later. Now, lay back on me and just relax.” I do as he says. He reaches up, and carefully pulls the pins from my hair, and places them on the tray by the tub. He takes a deep breath of my hair. Ummm coconut. The scent is still strong. We start to talk again. He asks, what I think of everything. I tell him, I am still in a bit of shock, but I know you love me. Chris says, yes I do, all the way up to the moon, and back down again.

After my bath Chris helps me dress, in a pair of his shorts and one of his t-shirts, and return to bed. I am completely wore out. He crawls in beside me, and wraps himself around me. I lay safely in his arms, as he begins to sing to me. I am asleep in no time. I wake Sunday morning, starving, but feeling fully recovered. Chris, is in bed beside me, however, I know he has not been there the whole time, I slept. I hop up out of bed, without disturbing him, and head straight to the bathroom. I take care of everything I need to including showering and shaving my legs. I walk into Chris’s room, towel around me, to see he is no longer in bed. He is not even in the room anymore.

I haven’t any clothes here, so I go to his chest of drawers. I see taped to the front of the top drawer, a note, saying Leigh’s. I open it and find, sports bras, and boy shorts. No clothing, however. I grab a bra, and a pair of pink boy shorts, and close the drawer. I then, decide to search thru Chris’s remaining drawers. Next one down, has, Chris’s boxers, and socks. I grab a pair of his socks, and close that drawer. I open another, it has pajama pants. I search thru, and find a warm pair of flannel ones with a drawstring. Last drawer, I find t-shirts. I commandeer, a light blue one. I walk to the bed, and throw, everything onto it. I drop my towel, and pull on my bra and boy shorts. I then dash back in the bathroom, and find one of the new deodorants. I quickly swipe it under each arm, and leave it sitting on the counter, then I head back to resume dressing. I pull on the t-shirt, it almost goes to my knees. Then I hold his pants up, they are at least a half foot too long. I sit on the bed, and pull them over my feet. I stand, and pull them up over my butt and hips. I tighten the drawstring until I am sure, they will not fall down. Then I sit again. One leg at a time, I roll them, until they reach my ankle. Then I add Chris’s socks to my feet.

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