Before Hidden Secrets was revised… The very first draft (8)


I cannot even begin to describe the feeling I got, when I heard Leigh screaming on my message. Utter terror, in her voice. I closed my eyes, and went to her using my mind, whispering, hoping she would hear me. I had John wait nearby, when she informed me she was going for a walk today. I felt her fear, before ever hearing her message. I texted John, “get to her, now!” I then played the last message she sent. Which covered me in chills, as I heard her scream. John got to her in seconds. He scanned the area, no one was around. However, someone had just been there. John picked up their scent in the wind, as he went to get the whiskey from his jeep. And for those of you who have not already realized, yes, John is a vampire. When Leigh and I met, she told me about her good friend, John, and after his help, with our first date, I went and seen him, and talked to him. That night, he became a vampire. He wanted to protect her. He volunteered. Tammy, his girlfriend, knows. She understands. She helps. She actually is who John used to transition, her blood. That is her one rule for him. If he drinks from a human, it has to be her. He was thrilled, to meet this demand. He finds vampire life agrees with him. Especially since he has his “high blood pressure meds” to help him curb his cravings for blood, and his Alexandrite necklace, which allows him to daylight walk.


I woke up very early today. I know yesterday was a bit upsetting, but I am determined, to get it out of my head. I text Chris, “good morning Sunshine, what are you doing?” He replies back immediately, “lying in bed. Thinking about you.” I say “really? What were you thinking?” He says, “About those adorable freckles on your chest, and nose. How I would love to play connect the dots, using my lips to connect them.” I blush, then text, “someone is in a very good mood today.” He says,” yes, I am. Come to think of it, why are you texting, Leigh, instead of using voice message?” I text because, “I tend to blurt things out when I talk and I don’t want to tell you what my surprise is.” He asks, “Does it involve us leaving the house?” I say “yes, and about a forty five minute drive.” He says, “is it really necessary?” I say “yes, it is.” He asks “will you at least tell John where you are going? That way if you need help, he will know where to find you.” I reply, “Why would I need help?” Chris, teases, saying, “Well there could be wild dogs.” I quickly text, “don’t kid about that! It isn’t funny.” He apologizes, then changing subjects, I think, to hide his embarrassment over his bad joke. Chris tells me, “He received his letter from me yesterday.” I say, “Wow, that was quick”. Chris says, “Yes, it was. And really cute, the money order, you put in it.” I say, “well, Friday was my first payday, and I got a significant raise, when the new owner took over, so I figured, I could pay you back for the mirror and my truck.” Chris, then sort of growls at me, playfully, and says, “I had hoped you would forget to pay me back.” I said, “sorry, but not a chance in hell.” He laughs into the phone, and I say, “Yes, I will tell John where I am going.” He says, “Thank you Leigh.”

I arrive at the beach and first thing I do is voice message Chris, “We have arrived!” He says “I thought I was going to go insane, forty five minutes of silence.” I say I know what you mean. He snickers and says at least we survived. I laugh too. I ask, “You want to know where I brought you?” As I pull the picnic basket and blanket from the truck, setting them on the ground. Then, I pull off my shoes and socks. I stick them in the floor of the truck, and shut the door. Then I lock it up. I stuff the keys in my shorts pocket, pick up my basket and blanket, and start walking. I voice message, “we are on our way on foot.” It’s still fairly warm out, so I wore shorts and t-shirt, today. I however, added a thin wind breaker, because the wind here can get very cold, coming off the water, at times. I head up the stairs, to the boardwalk. Chris messages, “I think, I will explode, if you don’t tell me soon.” I say “we can’t have you exploding, here.” I send the message, then snap a beautiful picture, of the Gulf of Mexico, and hit send again. His response, is immediate, “Leigh, that is very pretty.” I say “pretty, that is absolutely breathtaking!” He then says, “Do me a favor, snap one of you.” My hair is blowing everywhere, what isn’t contained by my small sun hat, and I am wearing sunglasses, so I look like a giant bug, but I snap one and send it for Chris. I hit the send button, and he replies back, almost immediately. “Now, that is breathtaking. The beach, he say merely pretty.” I blush like normal, and tell him thank you. I then ask, “You ready to go for a walk?” He says “sure.” I snap a photo of my feet and legs, as I step from the wooden boardwalk, onto the beautiful white sand. He replies back, “those are such adorable feet you have.” I giggle and tell him, “I am very glad, you think so.”

I record the sound, of the waves, washing against the shore. I take photos, of my footprints, as the water washes them away. I take photos, of the crabs, birds, sand dunes, and seashells. I then get an idea, and tell Chris, “Give me a few, to get the blanket set up.” He says “ok, but hurry. I get impatient, and worry when I don’t hear from you.” I say “I will be as quick as I can.” Then I stuff my phone in my pocket, and begin. I quickly lay out the blanket, and set the basket on it, then, I start to make a video of the beach, and myself, talking, and drawing in the sand. I write out the words, I LOVE YOU in the sand, I also write out, Leigh Loves Chris Forever. I close up the video, with a face shot of me, telling him how much I wish he were here with me, to enjoy the beautiful warm sun I say, “I love you Chris,” then, email it to him. I then message Chris, “check your email, please.” He messages back, “okay, give me a couple.” While he is doing that, I use the time, to set up our picnic. I set out two plates, on small wooden trays, I had in my basket. Then I add wine glasses. I set a bunch of grapes, some crackers, and string cheese on each plate. Then I take out a small bottle of chilled ginger ale, and pour it into the wine glasses to make them look pretty. I snap a picture, and send it to Chris. It has been several minutes, and I still have not heard back. I message again, “Chris, are you there?” I then enter his mind. He feels me and says, “I am sorry Leigh, I just kept playing it over and over. I love that, it is the best gift in the world.”


As soon as Leigh told John where she was headed, we set out to follow her, both John and I, on our motorcycles. With our helmets on, we can even ride up near or pass Leigh on the road, and she never even realizes it is us. I let John go on ahead of us, so he could scout out the beach, before Leigh arrived, and alert me to anything he found. John said all was clear, there was absolutely no one else on the beach at that time. I told him to walk up the beach and wait a little ways, out of sight. I told him I would stay behind her a bit, hopefully all would go well. John said, will do, and was gone.

I watched as Leigh pulled her truck in, I parked at the opposite end of the parking lot, and she never even noticed me. As she and I messaged, I watched her take her shoes and socks off. I seen her beautiful Auburn hair, shinning in the sun, from under her cute sun hat. I wanted so bad, to run up and take her in my arms, and kiss her beautiful lips. I stayed close enough, had she needed me I would have been there in a flash, and yet far enough, that we could use voice message.


Our morning, together, progressed into afternoon. I see a storm, moving in from the ocean, and message Chris, letting him know. I say, “I am getting packed up and heading home, a storm, is moving in.” He says, “is there time for you to make me another video, before you leave?” I say, “Anything in particular, you want, recorded?” He says “yes, you.”

I head home, forty five minute drive ahead of me, Chris, is in and out. I am hoping I get home before, it starts to pour. I decide to turn on the radio, and listen to a bit of music, while I drive. Time goes by pretty fast. I am ten minutes, from home, when the thunder and lightning begins. I pull up to my mail box, as it starts to sprinkle.

I open my mailbox up, and inside, I find two letters from Chris, and a small box. I am so excited, I message Chris, “what did you send me, as I rip into the box?” He says, “it’s nothing big, just an Irish good luck charm, I have been carrying it in my pocket, for a while, I picked it up in a street market. It made me think of you. You can throw it in your bag, or carry it in your pocket, for good luck.” I tell him, “I love it!” It is my favorite gift, he has given me this far. I tell him, “thank you Chris”. I can hear him smiling, as he says, “your welcome Leigh.”

After tucking my letters into my bag, I pull up into my driveway, rain now pouring down. I am still holding onto the beautiful little charm, when I put my truck in park. I message Chris, “heading in, give me ten minutes.” He replies, “okay.” I then decide, I will send another, voice message of the storm, while I sit waiting on the rain to slack off a bit in my truck. I hold down the record button, and first say, “I wish you were here beside me in my truck, I would be kissing your lips.” I then giggle and tell him. “Storms are so romantic!” I am quite, then. I record the rain, pounding on the roof of my pickup truck. The thunder, rumbling like a drum, the only thing I could not share are the flashes of lightning. That are lighting up the storm blackened sky. I finished my recording, and hit send. Then I message, “heading in now, it has let off a bit. I will be back soon. I love you.”

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