Before Hidden Secrets was revised… The very first draft (7)


“Once we acquire the land and home, which should be tomorrow, we will need to build an iron room, for containing Deirdre’s body, until the ritual,” Dr. Alaster says. “I will contact my coven back home, have a few, more men, come and visit the compound, increase security. We will need guards, on her coffin room, constantly. We will also, have you Dr. Alaster, Aedam, and Neil when he is not with Leigh at work, who can actually enter the chamber. No other humans can be allowed. No one is invited in, except for those I say,” Chris reiterates. “Agreed,” says Dr. Alaster. “One more thing, everyone needs to take the pills, you and Amy take, the anti-compulsion ones,” Chris adds, speaking to Domminik. Dr. Alaster, says, “thank you for the kind offer, but myself, Neil and Aedam, cannot be compelled, due to our bloodline.” “Good,” I reply, “no other humans can be allowed, even in the fenced in yard, of the Estate. We need enough day walkers, to keep guard of the whole area.” Dr. Alaster, asks, “How can we make more day walkers if we need them?” Domminik reaches over and holds up my hand, saying “we will need more of this, the stone is Alexandrite. It is rare. A group of vampires, back in the spring of 1834, were working in mines in Russia, Chris being one of them. When the stone was discovered, by the human laborers.” Chris takes over the telling of the story. “Needless to say, I found one of the stones as well, without anyone’s knowledge, I slipped it into my pocket. Then the work crew leaders, blew the whistle, signaling the work day’s end. Everyone assumed it was dark out, our shifts usual time for leaving. However, it was a trap. Someone had discovered there were several vampires on the work crew. As we neared the mouth of the mine, we saw the intense sunlight. Those who left the mine, burned. Those who refused, were met with an iron pick ax thru the heart. Right as they were ready to swing on me, I decided, I would take my chances in the sun. For some reason, unknown to me, I reached my hand in my pocket, and grasped the stone as I stepped from the darkness into the first sunlight my skin had seen in almost a thousand years. Nothing happened. The guards assumed, I was a human, and left me alone. I went home, and began making myself a charm for my neck. A ring would have been noticed, and removed. I fastened it to a piece of leather, long enough to keep it hidden in my shirt. And from that day on, I day walked.” “Very interesting, it contains Iron”, Dr.Alaster says, “and yet it does not burn your skin. I assume the gem in your ring, touches your skin.” “That it does,” Chris admits, “on the inside of the band, is an opening.” “I do not understand it,” Dr. Alaster admits. “Nor do we,” adds Domminik, “We only know, it works.”

I walk over to the hook on the back of the door, and pick up the coat, I had worn in Ireland. I reach inside the outer pocket, and pullout, the trinket, still wrapped in my handkerchief, and hand it to Domminik. As he opens the cloth, Domminik asks, “what is this, and what would you like me to do with it Chris.” I tell him, “It is a trinket, for protecting Leigh.” Dr. Alaster, cuts in, exclaiming, “It is no mere trinket, walking over, and picking it up from Domminik’s hand, it is An Cloc Cosanta, a luck stone, it protects the owner, from evil! We Hunters’ dipped in iron, and adorned with the shamrock as the book of Healing stated to do. The stone alone, will protect her if it is gifted to Leigh by its current owner. Dr. Alaster then states, “I currently am the owner.” Chris asks, how can I become the Luck Stone’s true owner, so I am able to gift it to Leigh? Dr. Alaster says, it will require a ritual from the book. You will be require you to touch and hold the stone again, burn you, as it may, for it to truly work. Once you have received it from me, then you may gift it to Leigh.” Domminik says, I can make something to lessen the pain, Chris says “No! I will take the pain as is to ensure, it will work for Leigh.” Dr. Alaster, adds, “Doing so, burning your flesh with it, it will take on your scent, and hide hers from those who try to track her.” Domminik says, “at least let me have a bag of blood ready to heal you once you are done.” Chris says, “in my weakened state, I think that is a good idea.” Domminik returns, and has the bag of blood, next to a hot water bottle, bringing its temperature up for Chris. Dr. Alaster, asks, “Are you ready?” Chris says “as ready as I will ever be.” Dr. Alaster says, “You must hold it until I finish the prayer, I must bless it with my lips, a kiss, and then you must do the same. Then you will be able to give it as your own to Leigh, and it will protect her.” I say “I hope you are right.” Dr. Alaster, says, “I am Chris,” with a strange look on his face, “I am.”

I stand, bracing for the pain, I know what is to come. Last time, it barely touched my skin, and it was like a piece of metal, that had been sitting in a blacksmiths fire, for days, melting my skin. Dr. Alaster, starts the prayer, he places the iron stone in my hand. The pain, is almost unbearable, my mind escapes the present pain my body must endure, and retreats to thoughts of Leigh. Her beautiful face, her adorable birthmark, us in bed, I am listening. I repeat what he tells me to. Then he kisses it, he motions for me to kiss it, then it is done. Domminik hands me a new cloth to store it in. I wrap it up, and Alaster, brings my hand holding the stone to his nose. He says, “you can smell your scent very strong, I am positive, it will work.” I feel weak, and almost fall. Domminik, pulls the bag out, and pokes a straw in it. I empty the bag of blood in mere seconds. I am feeling better, better than I have felt in so long. I ask Domminik, for another bag, he quickly goes and retrieves it from the fridge, I tell him no need to warm it. I then freeze. I ask, where did you get this blood? Domminik asks, what do you mean, as he texts for Amy to come and join us. Amy is walking thru the door, when I ask, where is this blood from, as in what city? Amy replies, from the local blood bank here, why? Chris says, “Because the way I feel after drinking it, I think it may be Leigh’s.” Amy then says “I will talk to the director of the hospital and see if he can find out.” I tell Domminik, “Please, go mark the rest of the bags that have this code.” Holding up the bag. He immediately heads back to the fridge. I then, devour the second bag. I feel almost human again.

Amy returns, a short while later, she confirms, the blood is Leigh’s. She said the director, informed her, Leigh gives blood, more frequently than she should, but her counts are always high enough, her body, seems to repair itself. She gives two bags of blood, a month, and would give more, if the hospital would allow her to. Everyone, but Alaster, is astonished. Dr. Alaster, then asks, “How long do we have until Leigh enters her thirtieth year, of life.” Chris says, “She is twenty eight now. So, two years? Right.” Dr. Alaster says “no, not age thirty, her thirtieth year of living. Once leaving the womb, she was in her first year of life, the day she was born. She is currently in her twenty ninth year of life”. Chris says, “So we have a matter of a few months.” “You must tell her soon,” Dr. Alaster tells Chris. “I know. I will.” Chris replies.


The next few work weeks go well. I have been moved into a large comfortable private office on the third floor. I set my own schedule, and take breaks as I need. I don’t think I could have imagined a better job, if I had tried. Neil, has added a security team as well to our bank. John, received one of the positions, since his other job is nights, over the weekends, and fall is creeping up very close, so his main business, diving, will close until next spring. There are two guards, armed, on each floor, two at the main entrance, and two at the elevator. John oversees them all, however he, does not carry a weapon. I feel as if I am now employed at Ft. Knox.

Chris and I, have spent every free moment we can together. Even while I am at work. I am allowed to use my phone, any time. We chat when we can, thru our app. I receive emails from him on my work computer, and my phone as well. It is as if he is just sitting there with me, every moment of the day.

I am thinking, this Saturday, I will take Chris to the beach, using our chat app. It has been so long, since I have been, and the temperatures have dropped, so it will be beautiful to walk on the beach. I can take pictures, and voice message sounds of the beach, to him. I am very excited, it will be our first date, I get to plan.

Friday, is on us. I message Chris, “good morning handsome.” He replies back, immediately “good morning beautiful. How did you sleep?” I tell him “better, than you can imagine.” I then tell him, “I sent out a letter to you Wednesday. Having received your beautiful love letter earlier this week. You write as if you are from another century. However, don’t expect mine, to be as beautiful, as yours, please. I am not that eloquent with written words. It will pretty much be like you sitting here talking to me.” “Then I will love it Leigh, I promise,” Chris says. “I love who you are, and if I were able, I would be right there in bed with you, at this very moment.” I blush, thinking of what we would actually be doing were he lying in bed with me. I then say, “I am ten to seven shift today.” Trying to take my mind off of the thoughts of his body. He says “that sounds a bit late, to get off on a Friday night.” I tell him, “It’s not like I have anywhere I need to be. You and I can chat, and I have security to walk me to my truck.” He replies “very true. And this way, you can take your time and lay around a bit.” I say, “I could, or I could actually get up, and have my coffee, and a bit of breakfast, then go for a little walk, and enjoy the beautiful weather, we are having. It is the first day of September, fall will be here in a couple of weeks, and the temps have already started dropping.” I hear fear in his voice, as Chris asks, “Where will you walk?” I reply, “Don’t worry, I doubt I meet anyone. There are only three houses on my dirt road, the one right beside me, with that dog, and then an old couple, who live at the very end.” He says “okay,” but I can still hear the fear in his voice. I hop out of bed, and head to the bathroom, to brush, wash my face, and pull my hair back. I have been sleeping with it down most nights, lately. I pull it back into a loose bun first, then I wash my face quickly. Finally, I brush my teeth. I turn off the bathroom light and head to the kitchen. I set the coffee pot to brewing, then I run dishwater. I put my coffee mug, and the dishes from the counter in to soak, while I go and dress. I head back to my room, and grab a pair of yoga pants, t-shirt, and socks. I throw them on the bed, and pick up my phone, where I had left it, when rising. I had a few messages from Chris. I play them all. By the time I get to the last one, he is sounding a bit distressed. I message, quickly, telling him, “I set my phone down, while I was washing up and making coffee.” His reply came immediately. “It’s okay, I just tend to have things run thru my head. And they always tend to be the worst. Like did you slip and fall and hit your head, should I message John and have him check…. I do apologize.” “It’s okay Chris. I understand, I tend to do the same.” I then message him, “I have to dress, and drink my coffee. Then, you could join me for my walk, if you want to?” Chris, replies, “I would love to, however, I have a meeting in ten minutes. I would like to see pictures, and maybe some voice messages from your walk, when my meeting ends.” I tell him, “I would love to, then, you can still walk with me that way.” He laughs, and says “yes, I can, in a way.” He then messages, “I really have to go, now. I love you and I’ll see you soon Leigh.” I reply, “I love you too, and I’ll see you soon Chris.” Then Chris types, “Be safe my love!” And he is gone.

I wash all the dishes, while I drink my coffee. I then wash my mug as well, once I finish drinking. I wipe everything down, pull the plug of my dish pan, and rinse the sink. I throw the dishrag, and towels from the kitchen in the laundry hamper, as I head to the back door. I grab my phone, and house keys, and then step out the back door, taking the garbage from the kitchen as I go. I set the bag of garbage down on the step, while I lock the deadbolt, then I pick it up and head for the driveway. I stop off at the trashcan, near the curb, throwing the bag in. I tuck my keys in my inside pocket. I head out, walking at a slow pace, just enjoying the scenery, the fresh air, and the lovely change in temperature. This seemed to be one of our hottest summers in a long while, and the cool breeze, and drop in temperature, was welcomed by most. I start off by snapping a photo of me in daylight, for Chris. I send it, immediately. I then decide I will snap a few photos of the scenery. Lovely trees, a small creek, the sunshine, and sky. I send all of them as well. Then, I start talking, sending him voice messages. Just mindless chatter. Talking about the weather, the beautiful day, that I have a surprise in store for him tomorrow. I receive a text. “Beautiful pics, my love. I will listen as soon as I am able.” I text back, “nothing to important, just my mindless chatter.” He replies, “OOOH!! I can’t wait. XO” I type “XO” and resume talking.

I walk to the end of the road, by where the old couple use to live. It was a beautiful estate. Around, fifty acres, a very large old plantation house. Now there was a heavy fence, around the place, large what appeared to be guard dogs, came running up to the fence. I screamed into my phone, not realizing it was still recording. I then turned, and ran, as fast as I could. I felt someone following me, but I was to scared, to turn around. Just then, Chris appeared in my head, “make it to your truck, just make it back to your truck.” I ran harder and faster. I searched my pocket, finally finding my keys. I hit the buttons, first the panic then, the unlock. I opened the door, and jump into the passenger’s side, hitting the lock button, as I close the door, behind me. I look up and see a man, run into the woods, across the street. Chris messaged, “what is wrong, why did you hit the panic button?” I couldn’t talk or type. I tried to say I was okay, but the words froze in my throat. My hands, shaking so bad, I could not type. Suddenly, John’s jeep, came speeding down the road, towards my house. He barely got it into park, when he flew out of the jeep, faster than anyone, I have ever seen. He opened my truck door, and pulled me from the passenger’s side. He then called Chris, she is okay. Terrified, but okay. Chris then tells John to put the phone to my ear.

Chris’s voice, then comes across the line. “Leigh, are you okay?” I shake my head, yes. John hollers out, loud enough for Chris to hear, “she is shaking her head yes.” Next Chris asks, “Can you speak?” I try to talk, but nothing comes out. I shake my head no, John relays to Chris once again. I nod my head towards John, as Chris says to give the phone back to John. John understands my motion and puts the phone back to his ear, as he puts a small amount of distance, between himself and me. Then he and Chris talk for a few minutes, out of my ear shot. John walks back in my direction, as he puts his phone on speaker, I hear Chris tell him, to take me inside, and get me a drink of something. He says, “stronger than sweet tea.”

John, takes me by the hand, and leads me to his jeep, he leans over and shuts it off. He reaches in under his seat and pulls out a bottle of whiskey, saying for emergencies. I am without emotion. I feel frozen, he slowly leads me to the door of the house. I hand him the keys, in my shaking hand. He hits the alarm button on my truck, locking it up, before unlocking the front door of the house. I walk inside. He tells me to sit, he goes to the cabinet and takes out two juice glasses. He opens the bottle of whiskey, and pours us each a shot. He then walks back to me, and hands me one. He says, “Drink it down fast. Don’t stop till it is empty.” I nod. I take the glass and drink quickly, it takes my breath, and burns as it goes down my throat. He walks to the kitchen, and makes us each one more. Then he returns and says repeat. Down it goes. He then tells me, go wash your face, and then come back. I follow his orders. When I return, I am doing better. He then, takes out his phone, and dials Chris. He hands it to me. “Leigh,” Chris says. “Are you okay?” I stammer out the word “yes.” He then asks if I am able to talk. I say, “I think,” with much effort. He asks, “Can you tell me what happened? I received your message, your scream.” Chris is frantic. I slowly speak, I tell him, “it was dogs. The old couple who use to live at the end of the road, they are gone, I suppose. The place looks like a fortress now, with big guard dogs out in the fenced in yard. They scared me, and I took off running. I am sorry I screamed. I didn’t realize I was still recording.” He tells me with much love in his voice, “Leigh, don’t be sorry. Please, continue.” I told him, “I felt someone or something was after me, I just knew one of the dogs had gotten out. Then you were in my head, telling me, to get in my truck. I made it, hit the panic button, and got in. Then I looked. I seen a man, running into the woods across the street. Then John arrived.” Chris, told me he felt, relieved, I was okay. He told me he loved me, then asked me to give the phone to John.

I thought of work, I told John, “I have to call work”. He said, “I will, I need to let them know I will be late as well.” John then told me, “go take your shower, I will wait here until you are out.” I tell him “okay, and thank you.” I walk thru the kitchen, heading towards my bedroom. I push the door closed, and sit on the foot of my bed. I begin to cry. I text Chris, “I am sorry I scared you. I wish you were here with me at this very moment”. He replied back, “relax, and imagine me in your shower, I will be there with you.” I say “okay.” I turn my music on, grab my towels, and head into the shower. The water is warm, when I enter, and I duck my head under immediately. My eyes close, and when I open them, Chris is here with me. He is wearing dress pants, dress shirt, and a tie, his feet however, are bare. I smile at him. He walks towards me, and I feel his arms go around me. I am startled, by the feel of his arms, and I move away. Chris disappears. I blink several times, thinking the whiskey is making me feel what is not really here. I open my eyes once again, he has returned. Smiling, he steps to the back of the shower, and just is with me. Making me feel safe.

I step from the shower, feeling much better. Chris’s presence has calmed me, well, that and the whiskey. I dress quickly in a dress for work. I pull my hair up, even though it is still soaking wet, then, I head back to the living room, phone in hand. John tells me, “you can go change, Neil said take the day off, he will have another accountant cover your shift today, you can use a personal day.” I thank him, and tell him to please tell Neil thank you when you see him today. He said “will do.” To lighten the mood, and make me feel better, John tells me, “I am planning Tammy’s big 40th birthday, we have some major planning to do!” I tell him, “count me in, I will help you anyway possible.” He asks, “You will be there, won’t you.” I tell him, wild horses couldn’t keep me away. He tells me, she will love you being with us. I smile. He then asked if there is anything else I need? I say, “thank you John, but I think I am good, now.” He heads towards the door, and I follow. I give him a hug and tell him thank you again, then he heads out. As he walks away, he takes his phone out, and starts to text. I close the door and lock it. I then head back to my room, to change.

I am feeling rather cold, and decide, to hunt out a pair of my winter pajama pants. I find my favorite pair, flannel, with tiny snowmen on them. I put them and a t-shirt on. I then, hang my dress back up. I take my hair down, it is still quite wet. I decide, to snap a pic and send it to Chris. I say now “I get to spend the day, relaxing.” He messages back, “you look very cuddly.” I say, “thank you.” He asks, “You get the day off?” I say “yes, Neil said after what happened, to take the day off.” Chris says, “that was very kind of him. I reply, “Yes it was.” I then decide, to ask Chris, a question. “Chris, I have a question, but I don’t want you to think I am a freak, okay.” He says “okay.” I say, “When, I was upset, you told me to go take a shower, and imagine you with me, and you would be there?” He says “yes.” I said, “Well, how do you do that? I felt you touch me. How? And when I was running, you were in my head, whispering to me to get to my truck. How?” Chris replies back, “I don’t know. I feel you with me at times too. Like, when I was really ill. I felt you lay with me, I could feel the warmth of your body healing me. I could feel your lips kiss me, I could hear your heart beat. I don’t understand it either.” I say, “You think it is because, we truly love each other, with all of our hearts?” He says, “Maybe. I can honestly say, I have never felt what I feel for you before. And this has never happened before.” I say, “me too, but I really love it.” Chris says, “I do as well.”

We are both aware of our unique connection we have. It I am sure, is because we love each other. That, and the fact, I have always, sort of had a sixth sense about things. I mean when my girlfriend from high schools mother passed away, I knew, it was coming. I didn’t understand it at the time, only that I knew she would die. Occurrences, like that, had been happening since I was a teen. I chalked up part of what was going on to that. The rest, had to be because of our love, I had no other explanation.

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