Before Hidden Secrets was revised… The very first draft (5)

We hear the chime of the front door, then two men, enter the room we are in below the bar. They are introduced, as Aedam and Neil. I note in my mind, they too are in remarkably good shape. We all shake hands, then Neil, moves behind the table, and takes a painting from the wall. He proceeds to open the hidden wall safe. He pulls out an unusual trinket, and an iron dagger, adorned with a wooden handle. Neil hands me the trinket, as I take it in my hand, I drop it. It has burned me. I then pull out my handkerchief, and wrap it up placing it in my outer coat pocket. The two men look at me in terror, then at Dr. Alaster. He tells them “it is okay, I will explain everything to you soon.” Neil takes the knife, it is carefully wrapped and placed in a box. The box is locked and I am about to be given the box and key, when Dr. Alaster, yells “no, It is Iron as well. Place it in one of the potato sacks from behind the bar.” Aedam responds, “Yes sir, Dr. Alaster.” “Wrap the key in this,” Dr. Alaster requests, handing him a clean bar towel.

Dr. Alaster, then asks me, “is there room, on your aircraft, for the three of us, and….. Deirdre’s coffin?” I reply “yes, plenty, but why?” He says, “Because we must protect, both Leigh and the remains of Deirdre until the ritual is complete, Deirdre’s body is in fact part of the ritual. And we are bound by the curse.” Neil asks to see the Book of Healing, I hand it to him quickly. He opens it to the ritual, showing me what must be done. Neil says, “no one knows, what will happen once the ritual is complete.” I then say, “I agree, it must be done. I will bring you back with me. Once we enter America, we will have to figure out where to keep everything, I am currently staying in a hotel. We cannot hide a coffin, and all of us in a hotel, in her small town, besides, we need a proper estate, to appear as very wealthy business men. I will be in contact, once we board the airplane, with the bank there. I am planning on buying it. Also, I need to find a suitable residence, without anyone having knowledge.” I think to myself, Dr. Alaster, you may, be very useful.

Everyone boards the plane, and we get the coffin, safely aboard, and anchored. Then we all go, and sit in the lounge part of the plane. I use the intercom to call my assistant, Amy. She arrives, with drinks for everyone. Mine, however, is different, than everyone else’s. It is in a travel cup, so the content of it cannot be seen. I had texted Amy, to have it ready and waiting, when I boarded the plane. Today had been a long day, and my meds seem to be wearing off, sooner than what they usually do. I tell the other men, “please don’t be offended, I do not hunt, for the blood I drink, unless I am truly desperate. I continue explaining, I do not kill humans, if I must drink from one, I take only enough, to curb the thirst, then I compel them to forget what I have done. I leave a couple hundred dollars bills in a pocket, as well, you could say to appease the guilt I feel for having to take without asking. I use a location, that is easily hidden, and I try to make it as painless as I can. This, holding up the glass, is from a local blood bank. Amy pays a very large sum, to get it for me. I do not ever relish taking what isn’t mine.”

Dr. Alaster and the other men quietly begin speaking, amongst themselves, as I begin drinking. I ask them, to please excuse Amy and myself for a moment or two. There are a few things, I need to talk with Amy about. They all nod, acceptingly, and resume their conversations, lowering their voices even more, as to not disturb us. I ask Amy, “if there were any messages, due to my phone not working, since leaving the plane.” She said, “I did get Leigh’s number taken care of, I texted it to John as you asked. Then a little while later, John texted me, when he couldn’t reach you. He said Leigh arrived at the bank safely, and had not left as of then.” I sigh with relief. Dr. Alaster, sees the concern in my face. He says, “You truly do love her.” I say “yes, and we have never even met in real life.” He smiles at me, a very genuine smile.

Addressing Dr. Alaster, “I say, I need something from you. I want you to pose, in a way as me. You will use your name, because I do not want mine, known. Leigh, the “Essence” is not aware, I am as close to her as I am. She believes, I still reside, in Canada, however, since our second day meeting, I have been a few minutes away, so I could protect her. I am about to contact, the local bank, that is where Leigh works, and purchase it, for Leigh’s protection. I will put it in your name, with Neil as the new manager. That way, we have someone with Leigh, when she is at work. And I can make a new position in the bank, so Leigh is not dealing with as many people. Because, currently any vampire, who can day walk, could walk in and take her.” Dr. Alaster, says, “you are not going to tell her, then?” I tell him, “not just yet. I think the longer she is kept in the dark so to say, the better.” He says, “then we shall do what you ask.” I thank them all. I ask Amy, “to start searching Leigh’s town, for suitable estates. It needs to be very large, one where we can keep Deirdre away from anyone who visits, and for all of us to reside, together.” I begin speaking to the men again, “currently I have several vampires, watching Leigh, to and from work, and at her home, etc. Now that it is confirmed, she is the “Essence”, I need to step up her security. Dr. Alaster, you will have to invite, me into our new home, and any other vampires, I ask you to, no questions asked.” Dr.Alaster then replies, “I understand.” I assure him, “I will not allow anyone, to harm you or your men.” Dr. Alaster, then replies, “we have had to handle the vampire, in the past, in our lifetime, we can take care of ourselves, but I appreciate the sentiment, none the less.” I tell them, “anything they need, all they need do is ask, myself, or Amy. Money is no object.” I inform them, “We will stop off in New York, as soon as we hit the states. Amy will take you three shopping, you need to fit the part of a multibillionaire, Dr. Alaster. I will stay with the plane, and Deirdre.” They agree to go. I then ask Amy, to bring in dinner, for the men, and I excuse myself, so I can message Leigh, alone.

I go into my sleeping quarters on the airplane, and sit in one of the chairs. I text Leigh, “how is your first day going beautiful? My business meeting is over, and I am on my way back to Canada. I will have a short layover in New York, for refueling before heading into Canada. Leigh, I miss you more than you can imagine. I love you. XO see you soon.” I wait a few minutes, to see if she replies. No response. I then message, one of my men, he says, she is still at work. I say okay, and tell him, don’t let her out of your sight. He says, will do.

I return to the lounge, the men, are eating, I pull out my pills, and take another. I do not understand, why I still am feeling the burning thirst. I then ask Amy, to bring me another glass of human blood. She asks am I feeling okay, I tell her, what is wrong, she says, I will message Domminik, and alert him, to meet us at the airport. Just in case. I thank her, and hope the feeling will calm, with the extra meds.

Neil and Aedam, leave Dr. Alaster, and me alone, Neil went to check on Deidre, Aedam helped Amy, in the kitchen. I think Aedam, likes Amy, a bit. While they are out, I decide to tell Dr. Alaster of my “meds” I take. I tell him, “I have only been taking them for a few decades.” Dr. Alaster is astonished. He says to me, “I was wondering how you were able to walk amongst humans, and consume our drink with such ease”. I say, “They have a side effect. I am able to connect with Leigh. I can actually feel the warmth of her body, next to mine, I can hold her. I think she feels it too. I think if she tried, she could see me too. I believe last night, she heard me speak, with many miles between us. I was in bed on my plane, flying here, she was at home, in her bed. I whispered to the darkness, I love you Leigh, goodnight. She was laying with me, in my mind. Then, she whispered me back. I love you Chris.” Dr. Alaster states, “I think it is because she is the Essence, and your connection to each other. I don’t believe, your meds have anything to do with it, honestly.”

We arrive in New York, it is evening. Amy grabs her purse, and heads off the plane with the three men. She tells me before leaving, Chris, try to rest some while we are gone, please. I tell her I will, I need to try messaging Leigh, again as well. She tells me if I need her, to just text or call. I ask how much blood is left on the plane, she says 4 bags. I say that should be enough. She looks very concerned.

I head back to my sleeping quarters, again, once they have left the plane, and I have it secured, for Deirdre’s protection. I open my phone, and there are message from Leigh. My phone, did not send a message alert, and I cannot get in the app. I decide to go to email, so I can send Leigh another message thru it instead, however when I open my email I find a beautiful message, waiting from my Leigh.

Dear Chris,

I wanted to say good morning to you. My app has been down since I awoke for work today. I am missing you already, I hope your business trip is good, and we are able to talk to each other really soon. I love you, more than you know. Wish me luck, I am grabbing my coffee, and heading out the door to my first day of work at my new job. See you soon Chris, XOXO

Love, Your Leigh

My heart melts. I feel better already, she stabilizes me for the moment. I decide, I will type her a message too.

My Dearest Leigh,

I love you too, more than life itself, and I have missed you more than you will ever know. You have been constantly in my thoughts today. I miss your adorable nose, your beautiful freckles, your lovely smile, and every other beautiful part of your body. I hope your first day, was great, I hate that I was not able to talk with you this morning, or much at all today. It makes my heart hurt. I Love you Leigh, and I will forever. See you soon, XOXO                      Love, Your Chris

I pushed send, and then, I think to myself, I should go and check on Deirdre. I walk back, to the cargo hold, where her coffin, is being stored. I lean over, and pull up on the straps that are holding it in place, tightening it back up before takeoff. When I do, the top of the coffin opens, revealing her head. She has not decomposed. She appears to be in a peaceful slumber. She is in fact, my Leigh’s twin. She is dressed in what appears to be a white wedding gown, a dagger, resembling the one in the box, sticking out of her chest. A blood stain around it. I feel the need for human blood again, stronger, than ever before. I head back towards the kitchen area, I go to the fridge and pull out a blood bag. I stick a straw straight in the bag, as if it were a child’s juice box. I begin drinking, slowly, I head back to the cargo area, it feels as if I am being drawn there. I do not hear the others, as they board the jet. There is a noise behind me, as I stand in the cargo hold, I am heading towards Deirdre’s coffin, I turn suddenly. It is Dr. Alaster. He is standing, defensively. He asks what I am doing. I am in a trance it feels, I look down, and see, the pilot, is in my hand, I am dragging him. A straw stuck in his neck. I fall to the floor. The next thing, I remember, is waking in my bed, back in my hotel room. Domminik, standing over me.

First thing I am alert enough, I ask for my phone. Domminik, asks me first, “Chris, can you tell me what happened?” I say, “the last thing I remember, is craving the blood, and going to the fridge in the kitchen, and getting a blood bag because I was alone on the plane.” He asks, “you do not remember, the pilot?” I say, “no, what about the pilot?” He tells me, “Chris, you attacked him.” I turn paler, than the white I already am. I lean forward, and throw up. I then say, “I what?” He says, “Chris, you heard me correct, he will recover, thanks to Aedam and Amy’s quick thinking.” I feel great relief. I cannot handle the guilt of taking a human life. Domminik, then asks if I knew how the coffin had been opened, and why. Dr. Alaster, had entered my room at this point. I tell them, “I was tightening the straps, on the coffin, because I knew we would be leaving soon. When it popped open. I then elaborated, she is my Leigh’s twin, I seen her, lying there, perfectly preserved. In her wedding gown.” The doctors look at one another. Then Dr. Alaster speaks. “Chris, I think she is interfering with your mind. She is nothing, almost, but bones. She is still alive so to speak, I was not able to kill her, only put her in a sort of deep sleep, her body without blood, the last five hundred years has in a way evaporated, mostly.” I state, “you Dr. Alaster, you are the blessed hunter.” “Yes, Chris, I am. Neil and Aedam, as well. There were three Hunters originally created,” Dr. Alaster states. I am still a bit dazed, and do not say anything, however, the others continue talking.

Domminik, hands me my phone, it is already night, I open my app, many messages, from Leigh, are awaiting. Before, I can read or listen to any, I text her, “I am so sorry, I got sick, and passed out. I have a rare blood disorder, and I must have needed a transfusion. I am so sorry. I am ok, my doctor, is here, with me now, I am in bed. I can’t say I am sorry enough. Please forgive me.” Leigh’s reply comes immediately, “Chris, oh my goodness, are you okay? Why did you not tell me before? There is no forgiveness necessary. I love you. Will you be ok? Honestly?” I reply “honestly, I do not know. I hope I am, I think I will be, but, I don’t know.” Leigh, then sends a message. “I think it is time I give you this.” Her next message is a text. It is her address. I tell Leigh I love her, she cuddles me in close, holding me tonight, keeping me warm. I tell her “Domminik is going to give me something to help me sleep.” Then, I hear her whisper she loves me, as I am given, the injection, and am out for the night. I wake in the morning, next to Leigh, feeling much better, but I am very weak. She has healed me, and with a bit of blood, I should be go

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