Before Hidden Secrets was revised… The very first draft (4)


I have already started getting use to having Leigh to myself at night, she calms the animal in me, helps me to relax. Laying here, in my bed, you will think I am crazy, but I can go to Leigh, in a way. I am nothing more than a ghost, so to speak. It really is hard to describe it, to you, without you having experienced it. I think it’s a side effect, of my “ADHD” meds. I can really feel her. I think, if she tried, she could feel and see me as well. The connection between us is so strong. I feel the warmth of her body next to mine, I can feel the softness of her skin, the taste of her lips, I can snuggle her in and make her feel secure. I am able to enter her dreams, and insure, she is safe there as well.

My meds were created by my personal physician Dr. Domminik Eisenhauer. Truthfully, what they are, is a pill, to help curb my lust for human blood. They allow me to be in contact with humans, consume their food, and drinks, and feel sated, until the pill wears off. Then I must feed. I have my assistant with me, Amy Donaldson she knows what I am, and helps me. During my travels, she goes to the local hospitals, and presents them with documentation, of my rare disorder, which requires home blood transfusions. Between the documentation, and a large cash donation to the hospital, she gets what I need, no questions asked. When you have lived as long as I, money becomes no object, I have more than any human could use in a thousand lifetimes. So, for the right price, many humans will do just about anything for a vampire. No compelling required. And for those of you who are new to the vampire world, compelling is sort of persuading a human to do what you want thru mind control. I try never to use it.

I have discovered why the other vampires, are so interested in Leigh, She is suspected to be the “Essence.” The one being, who can shift, the life of every vampire in the world? The private chat rooms are buzzing. The places vampires go to lure in their victims. The digital age, has made hunting, on foot, for those who still drink from humans, obsolete. Why hunt, when you can meet someone in a chat room, gain their trust, meet for drinks, Then if all goes well have her back to your place, and she is your nightcap.

I have not verified the information that Leigh is, the Essence or seen the special, heart shaped birthmark, which is only revealed to a vampire, but the way I am drawn to her, I can think of no other reason. What I feel with Leigh, is indescribable. It’s as if we were created for one another.

Monday, when she starts work, I will to, in a way, a quick day trip to Ireland, poking my nose in the right places. Talking to the right people, and hopefully I will confirm one way or other, if Leigh is in fact the “Essence. “If she is, I will have to arrange more protection for her, to ensure her safety.


I wake up, roll over, and look at the clock. Seven in the morning, the time I will have to wake for my job. I turn the alarm off instead of hitting snooze. I grab my phone, from its cradle. Chris has left me a message. I try to open the app, but it is having connection problems. I am so worried and upset. I think, I’ll try our game. I sign in, and he is online. I whisper to see if he is actually there. He doesn’t reply immediately, so I figure, I will game a bit, see if he messages me back. I start to hunt, when I get a whisper. “You are up early,” from Nic. I reply, “Yes, work, just popping in for a few.” He says, “okay, I have missed seeing you on.” I reply, “I’m sorry, I have sort of just started a new relationship, and don’t have as much time as I did before.” He says “that is to bad. LOL” I think to myself, is he trying to flirt? I type “LOL” back, then tell him, “I have to head out, or I will be late.” He says “okay, talk to you later.” I say “Bye.” I then send Chris, a whisper, “I can think of no option, but to give you my email address.” I then type it in, and tell him “send me an email, ASAP, our chat app is down. XO.” I hit send, then I sign out. Ten minutes later, I get an email. It is from Chris.

Dear Leigh,

I am very glad, you allowed me to have your email. I too have been trying to get back into our chat app, but it is having server problems .By the way, save the email address this came from, because it is mine. Also, I will give you my cell number, you don’t ever have to use it, but I want you to have it just in case. 1-123-234-3456.We can correspond this way, with just messages, quickly back and forth, like in our app, or long letters. I have been really wanting to write to you long letters. I wanted snail mail, but this is better than nothing. Here you can decide, if you want to keep messages, or delete, unlike our app, which only keeps our history for thirty days’

I wanted to tell you good morning first, today. That is what the message in our chat app, was. I said good morning, beautiful. I hope you have a great day, today, and go look on your front porch when you are dressed.

With much Love, Chris

I crawl out of bed, very curious, now. I dress quickly, and then, I run in the bathroom, wash my face, and brush my teeth. I head towards the front door, excited a bit! I peek out thru the curtained window, and see, my beautiful, antique free standing mirror. The one I planned on buying next time I was in town. I open the door, and struggle to bring it into the living room. I set it down. There is an envelope taped to the mirror. I pull it off, and inside, are a set of keyless entry keys, and a note. I open it, and in John’s handwriting, “Surprise!!” I hope you don’t mind the gifts. Your truck, is now set up with keyless entry, and an alarm. It also has a panic button. The big red one in the center. Don’t be afraid to use it. If you don’t like them, let me know, and I will have John take the mirror back, and have him return your truck to its previous state. See you soon, Xo Love Chris

I run out to my truck, barefoot, and try the buttons. Beep, beep. The alarm is set. Then I try to open the door, and the most awful noise starts going off. I get a ding from my phone. It is Chris. I push the button, to turn off the siren, then I try to open the app. This time it opens. He has left a text, after the good morning one. “Leigh, are you ok? When your alarm goes off it sends a message to my phone.” I reply, “yes, I was trying it out…LOL!” I then type, “I will pay you back for both. I will keep them, but I will figure a way to pay you back!” He then typed, “You could just say thank you Chris?” I voice message, “thank you Chris,” and add, “It was a very generous loan!!” A tiny bit of laughter in my voice. He replies, “We could exchange addresses. Then you could mail me a check?” I say, “Nice try, but not just yet.” I then say, “Seriously, thank you Chris, it means a lot you care about me so much.” He then says, “I love you Leigh.” Without thinking, I say, “I love you too Chris.”

I head back in the house, and lock up, once in. I message Chris, and tell him, “in and locked.” He says “good girl.” I tell him, “I am going to take my mirror to my room.” He replies back, “should I have John come and help you?” I say “its ok, I think I can manage.” He then messages, “too late. He will be there in ten. Wait for him to arrive”. I reply back, “Yes Sir.” I am in a very playful mood today. While I wait on John to arrive, I decide to make coffee. I get it started, then I run my dish water. Just then, a knock at the door. “Hey, it’s John.” I shut the water off, and dry my hands on my kitchen towel. As I do, I holler “just a minute.” I open the door, and John is standing there, grinning from ear to ear. I tell him, “Come on in John,” and he steps across the threshold. I ask “can you get the door, I was just fixing to have coffee, would you like a cup?” He replies, “sure, just black,” as his phone dings alerting him to a message. I say “sure thing.” I make our coffee and set it on the table, but before either of us can take a drink, John asks for a glass of water. He says, “I have to take my meds, first, Tammy forgot to remind me this am.” “She just text?” I inquire. He says, “Yes.” I say, “You should set an alarm, on your phone, I have asked Chris to, for his meds,” as I get up and make him a glass of ice water. I hand it to him. He says, “high blood pressure.” I respond saying, “ahhhh.” He says, “that is actually a good idea.” He tosses the pill in his mouth, and says bottoms up! Once, he gets his meds down, he says let’s get the mirror in place, then we can drink our coffee, and chat for a little while. I say ok, and get up and tell him, this way. I have him place it close to my window, so it sort of reflects the light and makes my room, that much brighter. I tell him thank you, as he heads back to the kitchen, I say “I’ll be in there in a second”. I then snap a picture of myself, and send it to Chris. Then I head to the kitchen.

Chris’s reply was immediate. “I really like that mirror,” he says. “I have finally gotten to see all of you.” Today, I was dressed in cut off jean shorts, and a tank top. My usual around the house attire, for summer. He asked, “What is that peeking from your shorts on your thigh?” I blush and tell him, “it is my tattoo.” He then asks if he may see it. I tell him John is still here, and we are in the kitchen, and I am being rude. He says ok, I will let you and John catch up, but I expect a picture later. Chris then types, “Xo see you soon Leigh.” I type “Xo see you soon Chris.”

I apologize to John, for being so absorbed in my phone. He tells me don’t worry about it. You deserve a bit of happiness. I tell him thank you. He says anytime, and smiles. I ask John, if he would like any breakfast, he says no thanks, Tammy fed me before I left the house. I say okay, and we drink our coffee, while catching up.

I see John to the door, give him a hug and tell him thank you for the help, and for visiting. He says, glad to help, anytime. I laugh, then I say I miss you and Tammy. He says, I know, us too. I lean up and give him another hug, and he heads out. He says, come see us soon. I tell him, I promise. He winks, and continues walking, while he puts his sunglasses on. I stand at the door, and wave until he has left my yard, then I close and lock the door.

I pull out my phone, from my pocket, to find a message, from Chris. “I miss you, more than you can imagine. Xo see you soon. I love you.” I reply back, “I miss you too, and I think I miss you more, more than you can ever imagine.” I am still in a very playful, teasing mood. “Xo see you soon, I love you too!”

I reach up and open the curtains, in the living room, before I sit down in my chair. I then roll the leg of my jean shorts up to reveal my whole tattoo. I snap a picture, and hit send. His reply comes very quick, a voice message. “I think I miss you more, and that is final.” He says with a hint of laughter in his voice. I reply back to this, “Yes Sir!!” He receives my picture, and immediately says, “That is a very beautiful thigh, Leigh. And I love the tattoo!” I blush. He asks, “Is there any special meaning behind your tattoo?” I say, “Actually, me and my best girlfriend, got matching ones, on my eighteenth birthday.” Chris replies, “Really? Very interesting. That poses another question Leigh, when is your birthday?” I respond immediately, “when is yours?” He says, “Ok. I will go first. Mine is June 18.” I sit there a moment, and then I text, “mine is June 21. And before you ask, I will be twenty eight years old, on my next.” He laughs, and says, “A spring chicken!” I say “ha-ha.” He then asks about my birthmark, below the tattoo. I am so embarrassed, I continue texting. “Yes, it is a birthmark, I will take a clearer picture, for you.” He says, “It looks like it’s heart shaped.” As I focus, on taking the picture, I see, it does. I voice message, “yes, it does. You are the first person to ever notice that.” I hit send, and await his reply. He says, “That is very adorable. And maybe the reason, you have never noticed it, is because it is upside down to you.” I laugh, to myself, and voice message, you can hear the laughter still in my voice, “maybe!!”

Chris, then voice messages, “I have an idea. Since, I missed your birthday this year, you could say the gifts I gave you this morning, were belated birthday gifts.” I say, “nice try, not both, they were to expensive, I say, maybe the mirror, no, maybe half of the mirror.” Laughter in my voice. Chris then concedes.


If I still had a heartbeat, that photo of Leigh, would have stopped it. She is the most beautiful creature, I have ever seen. No makeup, her hair, a mess from where she had slept, jean shorts, gorgeous milky white skin, and barefoot. She was absolutely breathtaking.

I am very happy to hear, she too can see the heart. That is a good sign, that she is not the “Essence”. Monday, I will have more answers, I hope. If she is, however … the vampires will not stop, until she is turned, or ended.


I ask Chris, how we should spend our day together. How about we cook together, he replies, “Are you any good at French toast?” I ask him, “can you cook?” He replies, “I have not killed anyone with my cooking”. Then he laughs, I do as well. I then say “yes, I love French toast, as a matter of fact. Do you want bacon with it?” He says, “you read my mind.” I take out my cast iron frying pan, I take a picture, of myself, holding it, and send it to him. He sends one of himself, as well, he is using a stainless steel pan, with a ceramic finish. He tells me, “I sort of have an iron allergy.” He laughs while he says this to me. He asks, “Before, you start, will you set your table? I will set mine at the same time.” I tell Chris, which end, of my farmhouse table I will sit at. I set a wine glass, filled with water, a coffee mug, filled with my coffee, a plate, silverware, and a napkin. I also have placed candles on the table and lit them, before snapping a photo. I hit send, and his photo, comes thru at the same time almost. He is sitting opposite me, at a farmhouse table as well, also he has placed and lit candles on his. Our tables are almost identical mirror images. Only our coffee’s show whose is whose. I say “great minds, huh?” He snaps a photo of himself, he is smiling at me and texts “yes.” He then types, “I really do love you Leigh.” I type, “I know, I love you too Chris.”

We proceed to make our French toast, bacon, and coffee. Then, we sit and eat together. We are talking the whole time, mainly voice messages, and photos. I tell him “open up,” and snap a photo of a bite of French toast, as if I were feeding him. He replies, “You are a good cook Leigh.” I grin, and tell him “thank you.” He says, “I think today we should just spend the day here, at home, maybe game a little, definitely snuggle, watch TV, or read? What do you think?” I reply, “Sounds perfect, to me Chris.” “Good,” he replies.

We finish eating, and do the dishes, “together”, then we decide, to head into our game, for a bit. We both have been neglecting our game, since we have spent every moment possible with each other. I am first to sign into our game. Then, across the top of my screen, I get a message, saying I have a new message in my chat app. It is Chris, he says, he has a few business calls to make before signing in. I tell him, “I will see you soon Chris xo.” He types, “See you soon Leigh, Xo.”

I head back into the game, and decide, I really should work on healing players, or Chris will never catch up with me. I pop in GC and say a few quick hellos, to fellow players, Nic, being one. I start healing players, when I receive, a whisper. “Hi Elecktra77, how are you?” I say, “I am good, how are you Nic.” He says, “a lot better, now that you are on.” I reply “really?” I’m kind of nervous, and don’t know exactly what to say. He tells me, go look in your safe house chat. I go in, and he is now a member of my safe house. I was a bit dumbfounded. “I think you are the most beautiful girl who ever walked this earth, Elecktra77,” Nic had left that message, in safe house chat. He then whispers me, “I am going to give you my cell number, if you want, text me. Or you could, download the “Chat” app, and we could talk there, I have a private room.” I am a bit irritated, now. I tell him, “I am flattered, but, as I told you before, I am not interested.” He says, “No pressure,” and then signs out. A few minutes later, Chris signs in, and whispers, “how are you doing? Get much done? Level on me again?” I tell him of the things Nic has done. Chris, asks me a favor, “Leigh, please, invite me to your safe house.” I say “okay, but please do not get jealous, we all joke, and flirt mildly with each other. Okay.” He says okay, and I send him an invite. He accepts, and joins. Suddenly, Nic is kicked from our safe house, and Chris, has been made an officer. He whispers saying, “That should fix the problem.” Chris, then adds, “will you heal me awhile, I feel like I really need to hunt.” I tell him “I would love to.” He says, “wait, first, let’s spam safe house chat to remove Nic’s messages from the newsfeed, it is true, what he wrote, but I do not want any part of him here with us.” He then feels, how he has made me feel.

We gamed, for about two hours, Chris gained five player levels. He is creeping up on my player level slowly. No more whispers came from Nic. I thought, maybe that would fix his new “thing” he had for me.

“I am thinking, an early dinner, and maybe a hot bath tonight,” I text to Chris. He texts back,” sounds good to me too. I will be flying out tonight, though. I think around eight. Don’t worry, I have a bed on the plane, I can lay in so we can sleep, together. I don’t want to miss even one night with you, if I can help it. J” I reply back, with a “:-P” He laughs and voice messages, “you sticking your tongue out at me? I say “maybe!” I then voice message him a raspberry sound. I said, “Now that was me sticking my tongue out at you!” He tries to do it back, unfortunately, his raspberry sounds like a flat tire. I say “you better stick to texting me one,” he can hear me giggling. He tells me, “I think instead, I will practice!”

Dinner time, is on us, when I get a knock at the door. I ask who it is, then I message Chris, telling him, “Pizza delivery guy is here, I didn’t order a pizza.” He laughs, and says “I did. Just go to the door, and pick it up, don’t invite him in.” I laugh, and tease, saying, “You think, I want the pizza guy to come in so I can have my way with him.” He says, “Well…” I laugh at his reply. I head to the door, stopping first and taking a five dollar bill from my purse. I open the door, and he hands me the pizza. I try to give him the five, but he refuses. He says, tip was included by the man who ordered it. I smile and thank him. He turns and heads back to his car. I watch as he pulls out of my driveway. I toss the five back in my purse, and head into the kitchen. I set the pizza box on the stove, and wash my hands. I then message Chris, “so, do you have pizza too?” He says “yes, I do. Matching! Have you looked yet?” I tell him “no.” He then says, “Go and open the box.” I look inside, and find, a ham, bacon, and pineapple pizza with extra cheese. I message, “you talked to John didn’t you?” He said,” John took care of ordering it, but it is my favorite pizza. I thought you should at least give it a try, I can have him order something else, if you prefer.” I tell him, “no, this is perfect, it’s my favorite too.” He sends me a “;-)”. I laugh, and say, “You did a typo. It is supposed to be, :-).” He said, “No, it is correct, I was winking at you.” I smile to myself, and type “;-) back at you.”

Chris tells me, turn all the lights off, and close the curtains. I follow his instructions. He then tells me, to turn on the TV. I am, wondering what we will be watching. I tell him “so much, for my hot bath and early night, with a bit of teasing in my voice.” Chris quickly says, “You can, do that if you would rather.” I text him, “I would much rather spend my evening eating pizza and watching a movie with you, than alone in my bath! LOL” Chris then voice messages, “I could join you in the bath as well.” I blush out of embarrassment, and text, “the movie and pizza are just fine.” He then messages, a hint of laughter in his voice “That sounds good to me, too. Next time you take a hot bath, though I will be with you, just so you know. Now, go make your plate of pizza, and grab a drink.” He sends me a picture, of his massive plate of food, and a wine glass, with what I am sure is wine. I take a picture of my plate, two slices, and a wine glass of ginger ale. I send it. His reply comes, “what are you drinking? That doesn’t appear to be sweet tea.” I say, “yes, you are right, definitely not sweet tea. Pizza and tacos require soda. My favorite, ginger ale.” You can hear me giggling. He has a touch of laughter in his voice, “I see.” I ask “what we will be watching,” he tells me, “I thought, you could choose, just tell me, what show you want to see.” I ask him, “even a chick flick,” he says “yes, even a chick flick,” still laughing a bit. I finally decide on Sense and Sensibility. I am in the mood, for a love story. I comment to Chris, how I love Colonel Brandon in the movie He, Is such a good man. “That he is,” Chris replies “that he is.”

The movie ends, I tell Chris, “time to get showered and into bed.” He says, “Yes, I have to get a quick shower, and head to the airport. Once I am there, I will message you.” I say, “Okay.” Chris asks, “Will you listen to our music, while you shower, and think about me?” I tell him, “I always do.” I send him a ;-). He replies, “I do as well. ;-). See you soon Leigh, I love you XO.” I type, “See you soon Chris, I love you too XO.”

I grab my towels, and head to the shower. I slip off my shorts, tank top, bra and boy shorts. I pull the curtain closed, and start the shower to warming. I turn my music on. I reach my hand in the temperature is perfect. I step into the shower, submerging my head into the stream. It feels so good. My mind drifts to Chris, I start to wash my hair, and I close my eyes. My imagination is really good, I think to myself. Because when I opened my eyes, Chris appears in my shower with me. He stands there, just watching, listening to the music as I wash, and rinse. My eyes keep going to Chris’s. I hate to, but I know I must leave my shower. The time is getting late, and I must wake so early in the morning. I shut off the water, and step out. My phone rings. It is that number, from Salem again, only this time, I recognize it. It is Nic’s. I quickly dress, and message Chris.

I text, “hey, Chris, can you message me as soon as possible, please?” I hit send. I didn’t trust my voice, to say the words. For fear I may cry. His response comes immediately, “what is wrong Leigh.” I say, “I just got a call from that Salem number again, only I now realize who it is. I don’t think I told you, but Nic he gave me his cell number. That is who is calling. I recognize the number. Not that I saved it, but I sort of have this thing with numbers.” I was scared, and I was rambling. Chris says, “it’s okay, my love, please calm down. You know I will not let anything happen to you. I will protect you with my last breath. Please do not worry, okay.” I tell him, “I will try,” but he hears the fear in my voice. He then asks, “are you ready for bed yet?” Trying to change the subject and get me to relax a bit. I say, crawling in now. He said, “Good. I just arrived at the plane.” Chris then says, “We will talk, while I board, and get into bed.” I say “okay.” He says, “Can you believe, I actually drove to meet the plane, in my pjs?” I laugh a tiny strange laugh. He is trying so hard to make me feel better. He tells me, “Lay facing me tonight, your beautiful head, on my chest, my arm around you, keeping you safe. Now lay one of your legs, over mine, and really cuddle in tight, close your eyes, and imagine my fingers, playing in your hair.” I interrupt him saying, “My hair is braided.” Chris says, “Then, please sit up and unbraid it.” I say “okay.” He then says, “thank you.” He says “you smell amazing, the coconut!” I tell him “thank you, and I’m all done unbraiding it.” He laughs, and says “it is still quite wet.” “I know,” I reply. He says, “Okay, back how we were, I want to hold you as long as I can tonight.” I say “yes sir, teasingly.” He tells me, “I really do love you Leigh, and I will protect you, I promise.” I tell him, “I know you will try Chris.” I then say, “me too. I love you all the way up to the moon Chris, and back down again.” He says, “Close your eyes, and snuggle in closer to me.” I can actually feel him holding me, our connection is so strong. I feel his lips press into the top of my hair, and I hear a whisper, “I love you Leigh, goodnight.” He then messages, “Good night beautiful.” I whisper, back to the dark, “I love you Chris, goodnight.” Then I drift off to sleep, in Chris’s arms.


I think I heard Leigh, whisper to me tonight. My eyes were closed as we lay there in our own beds, “together.” I could hear her heart beating. I could smell her shampoo, I could feel the wetness of her hair against my skin. I longed to protect her, to hold her, to keep her safe. I know her past it doesn’t allow her to feel as if she can trust a man’s promise, but I will fulfill mine, or die trying.

I immediately texted four of my men and put them on Leigh’s house. They are to stay with her, constantly. She can’t know yet, she has to be kept in the dark, until the time is right. I am convinced in my head, Leigh is in fact the “Essence” already. I am sure that is why we are drawn to her the way we are. I hope I am wrong, that it is in fact some other, harmless reason. Why we all seem obsessed with her. I would never harm Leigh, I want to have her in my life, forever. I honestly plan on telling her what I am…One day, and maybe, she will consent to being my mate. I know, that sounds, so odd, but in my eyes, a mate is for life. A mate, goes beyond what anyone could ever imagine. Yes, I want her as my wife, but what marriage has become, in modern day, a marriage can end, as quickly as it begins. I want her for all eternity, for better or worse, as long as we both live.

I am not sure of, Nic’s intentions, however. He could want her to be his next meal, he could want her as a human blood slave to toy with in any way he chooses, at his discretion. He could even want to turn her, to be his partner. I think the latter is less likely, but, I do not know him that well. All I know, is he scares Leigh, which leads me to think his intentions are less than honorable.

Early morning, and I am preparing to leave for my meeting. We arrived in Ireland, only a few hours ago. As I head out the door, I leave instructions, for Amy “I would like to have Leigh’s number changed, and please, have it unlisted, and unpublished. Also, place it in my name, then text John the new number, to give to Leigh, so she will feel comfortable, and safe. I don’t think she is ready, yet to give me such personal information as her phone number. Hopefully, doing this, Nic will realize, she is mine, and leave her alone. I don’t want to kill him, but if there is no other choice, I will do what is needed to protect Leigh.” Amy replies, “yes sir.” I say, “Thank you Amy. I truly do not know what I would do without you.” She smiles, as I get into the car that is waiting for me at the airport. As I am driven towards my meeting, by the chauffer, I try to use my phone, to message Leigh. No Service. I am very upset. I have no way of knowing, what is going on in the States, until I return to the plane.

I am greeted, by a local, doctor. Not a medical doctor, mind you, a philosophical doctor. Someone who is knowledgeable on local folklore, and can help me find answers I hope. His name, Is Dr. Alastar Óhír. He is a man in his late forties, and in remarkable shape, for a scholar. He introduces himself, and I myself, tells me, “call me Dr. Alaster, or just Alaster, everyone does.” I say to him, “please call me Chris.”

We head to a local pub, to talk, Dr. Alaster, unlocks the door, and we walk in. He makes us coffee, and I ask for a glass of water, as my alarm on my phone goes off. Leigh has asked me to set an alarm on my phone, to help remind me to take my pills. I say “meds”, and hold up the bottle. He then, hands me the glass of water. He asks, why I am interested in such things, as Irish folklore, and the “Essence,” I tell him, all in good time. With a smile touching my lips. He smiles, a strange smile back, and hands me my coffee, and a spoon. I tell him, I don’t need a spoon, I take mine black, he withdraws the offer of the spoon, and I take the ceramic mug from his hand. As it goes to my lips I smell a strong familiar scent, iron. I set the mug back on the table, and search his mind. “I apologize, I never like entering a humans mind, uninvited, but I did not fly all this way for trouble,” I state. I see, his intentions are to see, if I am in fact a dearg-due , (the Irish word for vampire), he means me no harm, I look through, more thoroughly, it is safe to tell him, my suspicions. I leave his mind, and he apologizes. He said,” you are the first to sense the iron, in many years.” I said “yes, it repels vampires. Had I not smelled it, before I drank, it would have burned me, everywhere it touched.” I add very clever, “using an iron lined cup, for the coffee.” He asked, “would you like a normal cup now?” I say “yes.” Then I add, “I mean you no harm, or anyone in your town, for that matter, unless they try to harm me.” Dr. Alaster says, “I just want to know.” I smile, and say, “Then I will tell you. I think I have found the “Essence”, well maybe. She has the heart shaped birthmark, but she could see it, so that means it isn’t her, right?” He replies, “I wouldn’t dismiss anything when it comes to the “Essence”.” Dr.Alaster asks, “May I ask her name?” I reply “only her first that is all I know.” “Okay,” is his response. “Leigh,” I say, he drops my cup, and it shatters. He demands “you know what Leigh means in Celtic, don’t you?” I say “no, what?” He says ““Healer” the “Essence” is the one who is able to heal those who are “red blood sucker” what you Americans call a vampire.”

Dr. Alaster asks, “do you have a photo of the birthmark?” I nod, “yes.” He says, “May I see it?” I pull out my phone, and thumb thru my photos of Leigh… I come to the one of her thigh, I zoom in a bit, so he can’t tell what part of Leigh’s body it is on, out of modesty for Leigh. He says “I see, a circle, no heart.” He then asks sort of states, “it is located on her leg?” I say “yes, and you can’t see the heart?” My question goes unanswered. He says “I think you are right. I think you have indeed found the “Essence.” I exit my photos, and return to my home screen Leigh’s face picture is my wall paper. He sees it, and says “it is her.” He hands another mug of black coffee to me. I smell it, just to be sure before I take a drink. He says “come with me.” I follow him into the backroom, leaving my coffee on the bar. He pulls out his cell phone, and makes a call. “It is time,” is all he says. He hangs up. Then he speaks to me, “we have been protecting the items needed for the ritual for centuries. We have recorded everything that has happened since the first hunter was created, in journals passed from grandfather, to father to son.” He then pulls out a large old book saying, (The Book of Healing), “We have kept it safe and pure.” He turns to the center. It is a picture of Leigh, only it isn’t Leigh. She is someone else. He then proceeds to tell the story, of a young woman named Deirdre Ógallchobhair. Deirdre was seduced by darkness, she was transformed into a vampire She would come and lure young men away, and feed on them so to say, drink their blood. It took a hunter, who was blessed to come and end her. As the hunter incapacitated her, she put a curse on him and all of his children, his children’s’ children, and so on. They would carry the secret, and protect her remains for all eternity, until the “Essence” arrived, releasing her from her place in hell. We are the descendants of the hunter. I sigh. He then says, “Deirdre, turned into pure evil. The twin, one could say, will be pure good. Her birthday, is she born under the Gemini sign?” I reply “yes, she is. June 21 to be exact.” He lets out a gasp. “That is the summer solstice, she was born on a very powerful day.” He says “I am positive, the girl, is the “Essence.”

Dr. Alaster, then asks, sort of nonchalant, “what do you intend on doing with her, is she aware?” I tell him, “I don’t intend on killing her if that is what you mean. I love her. And no, she isn’t aware.” He asks, “You love her, how?” I tell him, “not all vampires kill. Not all are evil. I am drawn to her, it is as if we were made for each other. I cannot explain, the feeling, only that I am pretty sure, it is love.” He then asks how old I am. I tell him, “I am, as near I can tell, five hundred years old.” He then looks thru a large stack of books, until he finds the one he searches for. He says, “What is your full given name?” I tell him, “Ethan Christopher Sebastiano Malatesta. Why?” Thumbing thru the book, he says, “You are much older, than you know. Ah, here is the entry.” Dr. Alaster begins to read. “There were two half brothers, one with your given name, the other, Nic Dracul Dimir. They were born to the same mother, different fathers. You, Chris, are the younger. Nadia, your mother, lost her first husband during a plague outbreak. She then wed your father, an Italian noble. He tried his best, to treat both you and her eldest son the same, but Nic was a teen, he was rebellious, he left home, cursing your mother, you and your father. He soon disappeared, no one knew where he was, or what had become of him, until your twenty fifth birthday. Your family, was traveling from Italy to Spain, by horse and carriage. As night fell upon the carriage, evil did as well. The driver was first. His throat ripped from his body, blood pouring everywhere. Then your father, realizing something was wrong, crawled out the carriage window, up into the driver’s seat. He got hold of the reigns, and as he got the horses stopped, it attacked him, ripping his throat from his body. It then ripped the door from the carriage. You went at it, sword in hand, however, not iron. It grabbed the sword, and broke it in two. Then it picked you up, that is when you realized, it was Nic. He held you in one hand, and grabbed your mother up with the other. He made you watch as he drained your mother’s body of blood, drinking every drop. Your streaks of grey, they occurred that night, the shock of what had occurred. Then, he turned to you, for your turn. He bit into you, and began, sucking your blood. However, something stopped him, no one knows what. He didn’t drain you. Instead, he turned you. He fled, leaving you on that deserted stretch of dirt road. Somehow, you found someone to drink from, and you turned.” Alaster closes the book, and sets it back on the table.

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