Before Hidden Secrets was revised… The very first draft (3)

While Leigh slept, I was busy, not sleeping. That was me and another vampire, fighting tonight. He was stalking her, watching waiting, he did not merely want to feed. If he had, there were people walking along the main road, a mere ten minutes away, for us maybe a minutes run. I don’t know why he was there. I can only speculate. I do know, however, I’m not really sure why yet, but I am drawn to her, I can’t explain it. Maybe all vampires are, maybe that is why he was here.
After Leigh and I talked, at noon, I contacted, my pilot, and told him to ready the jet, we were heading to the states. I was pretty sure. By the way she texts, phrases she used she was an American. Then, after she and I chatted, she confirmed, the United States. I figured Leigh is in the south, by the temperatures she gave me, and, anywhere between Florida, to Texas, by her time zone. We set our course, then when the restaurant called to confirm my credit card information, I had given John, I knew exactly where she was. I had John take pictures of where Leigh would be sitting that evening, and send them to me. Then I spoke to the owner of the restaurant, and had him ensure everything would be absolutely perfect for our date tonight. Once I was off the phone, I had my assistant use the photos and set my dining area, to match Leigh’s as best as she could. John and I messaged, back and forth, all evening, so I could have Leigh’s dinner, delivered to her table, shortly after she arrived. I also needed her drink confirmed, for my pic, I wanted to send immediately, to surprise her.
After our last picture, I headed her way on foot. I arrived at the restaurant, as she was leaving the parking lot. She made it pretty easy, to keep up with her, she had the window, down, driving fairly slow. I can tell you she smells lovely, her lovely coconut scent. I’m pretty sure, it was coming from her beautiful hair blowing in the wind.
When we were within a block or so, of where she turned in, her home, I smelled another vampire, I went into protection mode. I was looking to kill whoever it was. They were there for one reason, and one reason, alone. Leigh. I knew they could never enter her home, unless she had already invited them in, but vampires are crafty. They will pose as pizza delivery guys, air conditioner repair men, TV service providers, gain access to a victim’s home. Never, invite anyone in! Simply give instructions, set the pizza on the table, the TV is this way. Then, if they do not enter, you know you are dealing with a vampire. However, I’m getting off subject. She had just moved in, I didn’t know, who all had come and gone. I couldn’t take the chance of him entering her home. I had to keep her safe. So, I went after him. I found him in the neighbor’s yard. I was faster than he, and when he started towards Leigh, as she stood looking up at the sky, I killed him. A wood handled shovel, was leaning against the shed. I made quick work of him. Then, I stood there gazing at Leigh, until the dog started making noise, and I had to move. I picked the body up, and took it down the road, I called one of my men, and had him come and dispose of the body, while I returned the shovel, after quickly hosing the blood off the handle.
I looked at my message, Leigh was in and locked, so I headed to my hotel I would be staying in that night. It was maybe twenty minutes’ drive time, I was there in less than two. I picked up my room key, and headed up stairs. My assistant, had dropped off my bags, earlier after our arrival in town. When I read Leigh was getting a shower, I decided to as well.
When I was out and dressed, Leigh was already in the game. She had been chatting, with Nic. Known, in the vampire world as Nic Dracul Dimir. Sometimes he goes by Nic, sometimes Drake, but we all know his sign, and that is what he used as his avi. I think he is much older, even than I. His clan, resides in the northwestern states. He himself, last I heard, is in Salem, Oregon. My clan, on the other hand, we are mostly in Canada, however, I do have some “family” in the states.
I messaged Leigh, immediately when I had seen she and Nic were talking in GC. She confirmed my suspicion, when she said, that she needed to tell her new friend goodnight. While she said goodnight to him, I headed back out. To her place, on foot, I had more work to ensure she was safe. We finished chatting, and she had fallen asleep. Yes, I could hear Leigh’s heart beat slow, and her breathing deepen, so I knew she was out. I knew it was time to mark her home, yard, and truck with my scent. If another coven of vampires were around, and caught my scent, it worked sort of like a repellant. They know, she is human, but they wouldn’t touch her, because my scent marks her as my property. Most vampires abide by this, however, some feel all game is fair when they are thirsting for human blood. When I finished, I contacted several of my relatives here, to help keep a watch on and protect Leigh. All of this being done, with her having no knowledge.
Eight am the next morning, I finally woke, having slept like the dead, I felt refreshed and ready to get some work done, before heading out to the grocery store. I crawled from bed and dressed quickly, in a pair of cut off jean shorts, and tank top. Then I headed straight to the kitchen, to start a pot of coffee. Once my coffee was brewing, I made a pan of dishwater, and washed the few dishes that were dirty, my coffee mug being among them. I grabbed a plate, from the cabinet, set it on the counter, and retrieved the pasta from the fridge. I heaped a small mountain on my plate, and filled my mug with coffee. I put the container back in the fridge, and grabbed the half and half. I took a teaspoon from the drawer and grabbed the sugar bowl. Then I sat at the kitchen table, and added two teaspoons of sugar, and enough, half and half to turn it a lovely shade of caramel. As I stirred, I thought of how all of my friends teased me my whole adult life, “a little coffee to go with you half and half, Leigh?”
I pulled my phone, from my jeans pocket, where I had placed it after dressing. To my surprise, no message. I immediately typed, “good morning, Chris, how did you sleep?” I wrote, “I slept like the dead and am currently eating left over cold pasta!! LOL” I then text that I would be making a shopping list and heading to town. Within two seconds, his good morning Leigh, appeared. He asked if he could “accompany” me while I shopped. I said sure, I could use the company.
I finished my pasta, but was still working on my coffee, when I asked Chris if he would give me a minute or two, so I could find a pen and paper to make a list. He replied, “Sure, just don’t take to long, LOL I didn’t sleep a wink I think. And I might doze off.” I said, “Again?” He said, “Go find your pen and paper, and then we will talk.” I jumped up and ran to my room, where I was storing the last four boxes. The boxes were marked with labels, desk stuff, photos, and two were clothes. I grabbed the desk stuff one, and ripped into it, digging thru, I found an envelope, and at the very bottom, a pencil. It would have to do. I returned, to the kitchen, sat down, and text “back”. He said “switch to voice message please.” I typed “okay, LOL!” I stated, “no sleep hardly again?” I actually felt more relaxed talking today, I wasn’t getting all flustered. The words seem to flow quite smooth for me He said “unfortunately no. I have ADHD, and the medicine, I take , sometimes interferes with my sleep, because I forget to take them until midday, and the medicine bottle says, they stay in your system, for about eight to twelve hours and then that puts it wearing off around midnight. I am just getting to sleep good, when I have to wake again. So, I drink coffee in the am, to wake up. However, until my secretary asks me, Chris, have you taken your meds, I don’t remember to. The cycle goes on and on…” I say, “I’m sorry, maybe one day, you will adjust, it won’t last forever, I’m sure.” He snickers at my remark.
Chris asks, “So… What sort of foods, do you eat?” I laugh, and say, “mainly southern, Italian, some Mexican, and Chinese takeout. How about you, Chris? What foods do you love?” He replies, immediately, “Italian, of course, seeing as I am half Italian.” I interrupt saying,“oooh, really?” Then immediately, blurted out, “well I’m half Irish…”and then thought, Oh My Gosh, we are not in kindergarten. His reply came fast, I could hear him smiling as he said it. “I kind of had a clue, the reddish brown hair, the dusting of freckles across your nose, your beautiful green eyes, all screams Irish!” Truth was, yes, you can see the Irish in me, but Chris, had used his resources, and found out everything about me, since my birth. As a matter of fact, he had traced my family all the way back to Ireland, on my mother’s side.
“Since we are on the subject, of you, in your photos, I can’t see anything, but your face, and a bit of upper body. Will you tell me more about how you look?” Chris asks. At this, I blushed, and get tongue tied. I ask, “Can I please text?” Due to my embarrassment, I think he agreed. I text telling him, “I am about 5’9, a curvy girl.” “Really?” he replies. Then Chris asks, “curvy like which star?” “The singer Adele,” I text “she has curves, in all the right places, and I have been told, I do as well.” He voice messaged me back, “UMMMMM!! I like a woman with curves.” I laughed at this, and replied, “I’m very glad you do.” I then relaxed, and returned to voice message.
Finally, I tell Chris, “back to foods.” He says “okay,” grudgingly. Then he adds, “I enjoy pretty much the same as you, however, I’m not to sure, about the southern foods.” I laugh, and say “when you are down my way, on business sometime, I will cook for you. In the future! Much later, because I have to get to know you, get comfortable with you.” Chris says “that would be nice, then he quickly adds, you can cook can’t you?” I say, “Well, I haven’t killed anyone yet,” and laughed. He makes a rather odd noise, and says “that is a good thing.”
Heading to town, I stuff my list in my bag, and my phone in my pocket. Before I leave my driveway, my phone, dings, letting me know, I have a message. I pull my phone from my pocket, and see it is a voice message, I push play, and Chris is singing to me again. I listen to his beautiful voice, it feels, as if he is sitting right beside me in my truck. I have such a good imagination, I can even picture his outline, sitting in the other seat, singing while he stares at me. When Chris finishes singing, he asks me to pick a song on the radio, and sing for him. I am so embarrassed, I can’t carry a tune, to save my life. I tell him that, but he says he does not care. I say okay, grudgingly, and turn on the radio, I switch through the stations until I find the perfect song, then I give it a go. To me, playing it back, it sounds as if someone is killing a cat, very slowly. Chris on the other hand, loved it. He tells me, you are no professional, but you sang to me. Just for me. That makes it beautiful in my eyes. I blush at his remark, and thank him.
I arrive at the store, hop out of my truck, and lock it up tight. I have that feeling again, someone is watching me. I walk quickly into the store, and as I grab a buggy, I see John, and his girlfriend Tammy, across the way. I wave, and head straight for them, I need to thank John for setting last night up. I give them each a quick hug and then tell Tammy about my lovely evening, John helped to create. We chat a few minutes more. I say to them, we need to get together soon. Turning to John, I tell him, once again, thank you. I give them each another hug and kiss on the cheek, then they head out. I start to shop, when John comes running back in, he appears behind me, and says, “Is something wrong with your phone?” As I turn facing him, I say “no, why?” He says,” Chris has been messaging you and you aren’t answering.” He asked if I could check on you, because of what happened last night, when you got home. Chris said y’all were talking just now, then poof, you were gone. I pull my phone out, twenty messages, in less than fifteen minutes. I tell John, “thank you, the ringer is off, I guess I did it accidently.” He hugs me again, and says, “Be safe Leigh.” I say, “I will.” John then heads back out the way he came. I quickly open the app, and listen to my messages. Chris sounds terrified. Over and over, he is asking where I am, did I need help, what was wrong? I type quickly, “I am so sorry, I accidentally turned my phone off, as I slid it back into my pocket, when I arrived here.” He apologizes for freaking out, but I can still hear a note of fear in his voice.
I shop quickly, uninterrupted. When I finish, and am checked out, groceries bagged, I text Chris, “I am leaving the store.” He replies, “Okay, talk when you are back in your truck, and locked.” I say “okay,” then I text, “How do you know, I drive a truck?” He quickly replies, “You told me last night when you told me of the scary dog incident.” I shrug it off, and say “okay, heading out.” He says, “See you soon Leigh.”
It was around two in the afternoon, when I arrive back home. I voice message a quick note, “home, unloading my massive amount of bags, for one girl, living alone,” with a hint of laughter in my voice. Chris replies back, with a laugh, “saying okay, come and talk when you are done.” I say “okay.” I had bought enough food, it felt like to last me three months, making all the trips, to my truck and back. I set everything on the kitchen table, until I had carried all the bags in from the truck. As I went back to grab the jug of laundry soap. I locked and closed up my truck door, then headed to the house. Stepping through the door, I pushed it closed with my foot, not bothering to stop and lock it. I took the laundry soap, and set it on the shelf above my washer in the mudroom. I pulled my phone from my pocket, and messaged Chris, “I’m in, but I have to get everything unpacked, and put away.” He texts back immediately, “in and locked?” I say “no, let me go lock.” He voice messages “always lock, as soon as you come in the house to stay…” I replied, “Yes Sir! LOL” He states, “I’m not joking Leigh.” I reply, feeling a bit tense, “Okay, I usually do, I just forgot”. I walk over and lock the door, then text “all locked. I tell him, “Let me get everything put away, because my ice cream is melting.” He says, “Yes ma’am! LOL” I responded with a sarcastic, “HAHA.”
We spent the rest of the afternoon, chatting, I cooked, while we talked, I did laundry, while we talked, I even took a long bath, while we talked. We were becoming inseparable, so it seemed. He kept asking me, “how is it possible, I already love you, and the more I learn about you the deeper in love I fall.” I say, “I don’t know I feel it too.” I had been married before, but I had never been truly in love. That was the chapter of my life that had closed, my divorce, when I moved in here. I was on my own again. Falling in love, with a man I knew for two days. More in love, than I had ever been in my whole life, I honestly couldn’t believe it.
I got dressed for bed, after my hot bath. I was brushing my teeth, when Chris messaged, “take a picture of yourself, atm.” I wrote back, “atm?” He says, “At the moment. LOL” I say, “oh, but I’m brushing and ready for bed…” he says “I don’t care, I want to see you!” Then a photo of him brushing popped up on my screen. He was adorable. His hair was all wet, and messy, like he had just showered, and towel dried it. He was wearing, a t-shirt with flannel pj bottoms. I asked “did you just get out of a shower?” He says, “I was taking a bath with you.” I blush at the thought of him in the bath with me. I wait a minute or two for my cheeks to resume their normal color, then I snap a quick picture of myself. I use the mirror, as he had, so he could see more of me. I was in a tank top, sports bra, and pj shorts. My hair, was tame at the moment. Pulled back in a braid for sleeping. I comment on the fact, too. I say, “something else about me, my hair sort of has a mind all its own. It has a bit of natural curl, and if I don’t take the time to tame it for the day, I leave it in a ponytail.” He laughs, then he says, “Even brushing your teeth, you are beautiful.” I blushed, then I said “thank you.” I snap another quick photo of myself, blushing. I hit send. Thinking about Chris receiving it makes me blush even more. After he does, his response is immediate, “Leigh, I think you just made me love you more.”
We crawl into bed together, with like a million miles between us, but it feels as if he is right beside me. We talk a bit more, before I drift off to sleep. The last thing, I remember, was a voice message, playing of Chris singing me to sleep, and I could have sworn the words, I love you, Leigh, entered into my head as I lay there, me in his arms, as sleep over took me.
I was awakened, by a loud clap of thunder. My phone was still lying in my hand, where it was, when I had fallen asleep. Fifty percent charge, I would need to put it in its charging cradle, before I went back to sleep. The flashes of lightning, were lighting up my room. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep yet, so I decided to log into the game. As soon as I log in, I see Chris, is online, chatting, flirting you could say with some girl. She had a picture of herself, posted in a string bikini. She was the type girl who looked as if she belonged with him. I was upset, so I decided to go and hunt. I was kicking myself mentally. How could I think I was special? We only met two days ago, it’s not as if I owned him….
I needed healing but did not want to post my friend code in GC for a medic to heal me, because Chris would see it and want to chat with me. However, before I able to use a medic pack, Chris had started healing me. Then he whispered, “Why are you awake? Is something wrong?” I said “yes, something is wrong, I thought you were different, I thought I was special. I suppose, I was wrong.” Then, I signed out. Immediately my phone dinged with a message. I opened it, he was frantic, “what is wrong? What have I done?” I replied, “Really? I saw you talking to the girl in the bikini. You were very friendly.” I could hear him smirking in his next message, “really? Is that what this is about?” He said, “remember, when I asked, if your picture was really you?” I said “yes, why?” He said, “Because he is one whose isn’t. If you had been in GC earlier, you would have seen that she was in fact, a guy. We were merely joking around.” I asked, “You expect me to believe you?” Chris replies “yes, but if you don’t, ask John, he was there, when she came out. He had actually been flirting with “her”, before she informed us she was a guy. He is an old acquaintance of mine. He lives in Canada, as do I.” I felt a bit embarrassed. Chris added, “You honestly never know who or what you are dealing with when you enter cyberspace.” I laugh and say “yes, I could be some one hundred and fifty year old woman, who gets her jolly’s tricking young men, like yourself!” He says, “Ok Granny what woke you?” He was being quite playful. I tell him, “There is a storm here right now, a huge clap of thunder. He asked, “Do you want me to lay with you awhile? Or did you want to go back and play?” I text, “Really you think you even need to ask that question? Game totally!! LOL!” I then voice message, telling him, “I am laying on my left side, you can scoot in behind me.” Chris tells me, “close your eyes, and imagine my breath on your neck, my arm around your waist, my toes, drawing circles on the bottom of your foot.” And truth be told, I could actually feel him with me, his lips pressing into my hair, as he kisses me. I was back asleep in no time. All that night, as I slept, he was there with me. I dreamed of us spooning, of him holding me, his lips kissing mine.
I awoke, the next morning, at ten. I was smiling and felt closer to Chris than ever before. I picked my phone up, it was dead… I quickly put it in the cradle, and got up and brushed, washed my face, and dressed. I went and started my pot of coffee, and returned to find my phone charged to five percent. I lifted it from its cradle, and brought it to the kitchen and plugged it into the wall using my cord. I had two messages from Chris, waiting, I stood at the counter and read them. “Thank you Leigh, for allowing me to hold you. It has been an eternity it feels, since, I have been that close to anyone. I felt as if I were right there with you. I could smell your beautiful coconut scented hair.” I was truly shocked, until I thought, John… I replied back, “Chris, I know how you feel. You are closer to me than anyone in my life, has ever been. You laying there, even though it was only in my mind, you made me feel safe.” His reply was a simple “”.
I fix my coffee and make myself a piece of toast. Not feeling very hungry this morning. I take my toast, coffee, and phone, and sit at the table to eat. The rain is still pouring down. I decide I will tackle the last four boxes when I finish eating, then maybe game for a little while. I message Chris of my plans, he tells me he needs to take care of a few business matters but he will talk to me soon. I tell him, “See you soon Chris.” He then types, “see you soon Leigh XO.” I type “XO,” and hit send. I plug my phone back up, to charge while I clean up after breakfast, and get my kitchen organized. I then head into the mud room, and get my small table I will use as a desk. I move my desk top computer on to it and then go and collect the box labeled desk stuff. I set it on the kitchen table, and open its flaps up. I decide before I start unpacking, I should put my music on to play, so I walk to my room, and retrieve my charging cradle. I plug it up, and slide my phone into it, then push the play button, this will allow my work to go by faster. I have downloaded my songs Chris sang for me, and the one I sang for him, I put them on a loop, to play while I work.
I finish working in the kitchen, and decide to unpack the rest of my clothes. The two boxes left, contain my business attire. I would be working, at the local bank, as a teller, and therefore, my jeans and boots, would not be appropriate. I pull out my skirts, and dress blouses, my dresses, and my stockings. I throw them all in the washer, on delicate, and proceed to wash them. I text Chris, telling him, Monday, you will get to see a different side of me .LOL” I say, “I will be wearing, either a skirt, or a dress…. ” No reply came, I figure, work had him still busy. I decide, to take a break, from cleaning, and game for a bit. I lay across my bed, as I sign into the game, and look to see if Chris is online. His light is off, showing he isn’t here. I look in GC, no questions, so I start hunting. I hunt, for about thirty minutes, and then, I decide to heal awhile. I was trying hard, not to level, so Chris could maybe catch me. I lurk in GC while healing. I see the girl in the bikini photo, and decide, I will talk to her thru whisper, I hope. She was many levels above me, and had apparently been in the game since the beginning a “Master”, as we call them in the game. Many of the Masters, would only chat with other “Masters”. I send a message, “I commend you on putting yourself out there in your avi. I would never be brave enough to wear that, even if I had your body.” I got an immediate reply, “it’s not really me. I am a guy. I put it there, to sort of draw people in, so please don’t tell anyone.” I reply, “Okay, but draw them in for what?” He then messaged back, “unsuspecting victims. LOL” I assumed he was joking, and just didn’t want to elaborate, or maybe he really was a she, just trying to hide the fact, whatever the reason, I wouldn’t be finding out today. I told him, thank you, for the information, and the laugh, then he replies, “anytime!!:-P” I don’t know what that means. So I message back, “what does:-P mean?” He replies, “I was sticking my tongue out at you. LOL” I say, “oh…ok 😛 LOL!” I decide then, this guy is definitely joking about the victim thing, and I bet his pic, is simply for the joking around and playing. I think, I will, try sticking my tongue out at Chris later, and see his response. I sign out of my game, and decide to make me something to eat, for lunch. Looking in the fridge, I make the decision, to finish off the rest of my pasta. As I sit eating, I think back to our date. I think of last night, and how I feel when I am with Chris. I think, am I really this lucky?
I finally heard from Chris at four thirty, that afternoon. His response, was I definitely want a pic of you in your dresses, and skirts. He then asked, “Do you have a full length mirror?” I said, “No, the only mirror in my house, is the one in my bathroom.” I added, “Next time I am in town, I will pop in the thrift shop, and get one. There is one of those beautiful antique ones, free standing. I would really love to get it. I said I kind of have a thing for old stuff.” He snickered. I then said, “My truck, is old too.” He replied quickly, “so you don’t have an alarm, on it, and a metal coat hanger could unlock the door, with you never knowing?” I said, “well, yes, I have never thought of that.” He then apologized, “I am very sorry, to draw attention to that fact.” He asked me, “Would you consider getting an alarm on your truck?” I tell him “yes, but it will have to wait, until after a few paychecks. I have almost used up all of my savings, between renovating this place, and getting my utilities turned on.” I add, “And no income. But, yes, I will get one.” I had honestly never thought about that. Chris replies, “Good!”
Chris then asked me, “What would you like to do tonight? Tonight is the last night I can keep you up late, because you start work the day after tomorrow.” I sighed, He asked, “Did I say something wrong?” I said, “I just don’t want to think of not being with you constantly.” He said, “I feel the same, I’m trying to absorb as much as I can of you now, to hold me over.”
We decided to play checkers together, tonight. He took a picture of his checker board, and we used the draw on feature in our app to move our checkers. We play for hours, chatting the whole time even, eating dinner. Finally, I tell him, “I need to shower, and get ready for bed. I will return, when I am finished.” He replied, he would do the same, so we could crawl in bed together. I smile to myself, and tell him, “I like the sound of that.”
I took longer in the shower, tonight. I played “our” music, as I showered. I imagined him there with me, standing behind me, washing my hair, my back. Then my phone rings. I jump, and reach a soapy hand out to grab it. I pick it up in my towel, to keep it as dry as possible, I don’t know the number, it is showing. In the place of a name, it only shows, Salem, Oregon. I decide to let voicemail pick it up, it is probably a wrong number anyway. I return, to my shower, but decide to hurry, and finish. I had spent a good amount of time daydreaming, and Chris may message soon. I finish up, and step out, onto the soft cotton rug. I reach for my hair towel, first, and dry my face, then twist my hair up into it, I grab up my other towel, and wrap it around my body. I pick up my phone, and text “all clean”. I say, “I need to brush and dress.” His reply comes, “in that order?” I text back, “yes, why?” He said “no reason, I am just imagining you standing there, naked, brushing your teeth.” I blush, and then, proceed to brush.
I was dressed, my hair braided, and crawling into bed, when I voice messaged, “Crawling into bed now, you going to join me?” He said, “me too, I’ll scoot in close. I asked, if I could lay with my head on his chest tonight, his arm around me. He said yes, I like that. As we lay there, imagining, being in each other’s arms, we talked. I told him about the phone call, I had received, while showering, and that it was from Salem. He asked, “Massachusetts?” I replied, “No Oregon.” He got quiet then. I ask him, “is everything okay? Or did I bore you to sleep?” He responds, “No, I was just thinking.” I tease him, and say, “were you now?” He said, “Yes. I was laying here, enjoying the smell of your hair, the feel of your skin, and thinking, how I could lay here forever with you. Not even having to talk, just being.” I asked, “Is that your way of telling me to shut up?” He quickly responded, “NO!!!! I love to hear you talk.” I said “even my mindless chattering?” He said, “especially your mindless chattering!!” I drifted off to sleep, once again, in Chris’s arms.

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