Before Hidden Secrets was revised… The very first draft (2)

Dinner was really good, I hadn’t eaten today, being so busy so I was kind of starving. We talked thru out dinner, using text. He commented, on what I had on, even though, it was nothing special. I had told him earlier today, I’m a jeans, t-shirts, and boots kind of girl. His comment, was you look very lovely this evening, Leigh. I laughed, and typed back, “I think you may need glasses, I didn’t even fix my hair tonight. I merely pulled it back in a ponytail, LOL!” Chris then replies back, “You are even more than lovey, and I assure you, I have perfect vision.”

We finished dinner, and my waitress, came to pack up the leftovers, for me to take home. I texted, “UMMMMM! Leftover pasta that makes a wonderful breakfast! LOL” Chris agreed, adding, “Even a midnight snack, eaten cold from the fridge. LOL” I smiled to myself, thinking, I do that at times too. My waitress then appeared, bringing coffees, creamers, and a large slice of chocolate cheese cake, with two forks. Obviously a romantic dessert to be shared! Chris asked me how I took my coffee, I told him, and he made the cup across from him for me. He said, “I take mine black, by the way.” Once coffees were made and set in place, we took pictures and sent them to each other. We continue chatting thru our dessert.

I could only eat, a small portion of my dessert, so my waitress returned, once again, to package it up. When she returned for the final time, with my bag of leftovers in her hand, she had a bouquet of flowers in the other. She set the bag, on the table, and handed me the flowers. She then pulled my check, from her apron pocket. At least, I thought it was my check. Actually, what it was, is a receipt, and a note in John’s handwriting.

I hope you enjoyed our first virtual date, I hope to share many more, Yours Truly, Chris

I was very flattered but also a bit irritated. I grew up, always paying my own way, even on dates. I was a bit pigheaded, about it, I have been told, I texted him, thank you for dinner, but next time, you are going to have to let me pay. He laughed at that and said, “what kind of gentleman would I be, if I allowed you to pay? I was raised a man pays for all courting activities.” That made me giggle. I text, “what century did you grow up in? LOL” He replied, simply by sending “:-)”. I was worried, I might have offended him, so I quickly wrote, “I was only kidding. Again, thank you for dinner. I will try to let you pay, on any outings, we go on.” He said, “Thank you” he then messaged, he would not be able to accompany me on the drive back home. He apologized, and said he would make it up to me, but something, important pertaining to his business, had come up. He requested, that I message as soon as I was home, inside my house, and locked. I laughed to myself, but told him I would. Then he typed, “Goodbye”. I quickly typed, “I can’t say goodbye to you…. How about we say something else?” He said, “how about see you soon?” I said “that is perfect!” So he then typed, “See you soon, Leigh.” I typed back, “See you soon Chris.”

The drive home was even quicker, than the drive to the restaurant. I turned on the radio, and my song was on, the song he had sang to me, on the way to dinner. I released my hair from its ponytail as I rolled my window down. I started the engine, and headed out, driving slower than normal, letting the wind blow on my face and in my hair. My mind drifted, a tiny bit, as I drove down the dirt road, heading to my yard. I pulled into the driveway, and stepped out of my truck. I looked up at the clear night sky. Millions of stars, shining, and a huge full moon, was slowly climbing its way into the sky. I grabbed the bag of food, off the passenger’s seat, scooped up the flowers and headed to the house, key in hand. I got a very uneasy feeling as I was trying to unlock the door, like someone was watching me. I quickly, pushed the key in the lock, and twisted it unlocking the door knob, then moving the key to the top lock. Suddenly, I could hear a dog, barking, growling. Even howling in the near distance. I quickened my movements, and got the deadbolt unlocked even quicker. I have been petrified, of dogs my whole life. Hearing one so close, upset, as it was, scared me!

As soon as I stepped thru the door, I slammed it shut, behind me, and locked both locks. I set the bag of food, and flowers on the counter, my hands were shaking! I took a deep breath, and tried to relax. I went into the mudroom, and grabbed a glass pitcher, for the flowers. I filled it while I was out there, in the large stainless steel sink. I returned, to the kitchen, and placed the flowers in it. Then, I took the food containers, from the bag, and placed them in the fridge. I noticed, while in there, I still hadn’t bought much food, so I definitely was going to have pasta for breakfast, then I would need to make a list and go shopping. Maybe tomorrow. My hands had calmed, and I thought, I should be able to text by now. As I tried, the words, sort of ran together and made a mess. I sent it but then, I sent a voice message, too. “Hi, Chris, I’m in and locked. I’m voice messaging you too, because, my hands are shaking so bad, I doubt you can read what I wrote. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what scared me, when I crawl into bed. I’m fixing to go take a shower, and get ready for bed.”

I took a quick shower. I always like to before bed, it helps me relax, and sleep soundly. I brushed my teeth, dressed in pjs, and braided my hair. I turned off the bathroom light, and turned on the TV, muting the sound. I crawled into bed, and picked my phone up, from the charging cradle/music speaker. No messages…. I left Chris, another message, then decided, I would go on my game and play awhile, before I would tell him the story of my evening, after we were separated.

His green light, was on showing him as online. He wasn’t active at the moment, so I figured he had forgot to sign out of the game, before dinner, as I have on occasion. I started out, by reading the newsfeed in GC. A few questions, not answered yet. I decided, I would be helpful, and answer them. One player in particular, Nic, had a few, he was a newbie, and needed a great deal of help. I posted the answers, in the GC chat feed, in case, there were any more newbies, lurking, to scared, as I was in the beginning, to talk in GC.

After about a minute, a whisper, came, “Is that really you in your avi?” Asked Nic, I answered “yes, why?” He replied, “Because you are breathtaking.” I said “thank you.” Then he continued, with small talk, a bit of flirting. That was the usual here. Everyone, flirted, joked, and talked, it was just a place to relax a bit and let loose.

Nic asked me, “Have you traveled any? I said “in real life? Or the game?” He said, “Either, both? LOL” I told him, “I have traveled, in the past, quite a few years ago, in real life. However, in the game, no never. Why do you ask?” He replied, “I was going to suggest you come visit.” “YOU?”I exclaimed!! “NO! LOL” he replied, “my safe house, I’m in.” I respond to him, saying “oh, I was thinking you were nuts there for a minute. I will think about it, okay.” Just then I got a whisper from Chris, “ready to chat? Tell me of your scary night?” I said “sure, let me tell my new friend goodnight. Then, I’ll sign out and come chat.” “Okay” he messaged back. I told Nic, “I will talk to you some other time, I am going to chat with my really good friend, and then head to sleep.” He said “okay, we would chat again, soon. Thank you, for the help and goodnight.” I logged out of the game, and closed that app.

I opened our chat app. There was a voice message, from Chris. “I’m very glad you made it home safely tonight, thank you for a wonderful evening. I want to hear all about what happened that scared you so much.” I text him “ok, give me two seconds and I’ll tell you.” He messaged back, “are you alone?” I said, “Why?” He said, “Because I would like to use voice message, but if you have someone there, I understand.” I was a bit snippy with him.” So you honestly think, I would have had a date with you this evening, if I had someone, sleeping over here tonight?” He apologized, he didn’t mean to imply anything. He said he didn’t know if I lived alone, maybe a roommate. Then, I apologized. For jumping to conclusions. I said, “No I am alone, not even a goldfish or cat.” He asked, “Dog?” I said, “Funny you mentioned a dog….That is what scared me so bad tonight. I had the feeling, someone was watching me. Then there was a dog not far away from me, very upset. I have been petrified of dogs since I was a child. It just sort of brought that fear out tonight.” His reply, came. His voice smooth, and calming. “May I please, have your address? I will give you mine.” I replied, “Chris, we have only know each other, a couple of days. Maybe in a few weeks’ time.” He said, “Please, I just want to send you letters, maybe cards too.” There was such smoothness, in his voice, as well, as a sense of fear. I said, “Chris, I need time.” He pushed the issue, no further, and changed subjects.

“What are your plans tomorrow?” Chris asked. I told him, “finish unpacking, I was almost done, and then, I really need to go grocery shopping. I have yet, to buy more, than coffee, half&half, sugar and peanut butter.” He laughed, then said, “I sort of don’t like peanut butter very much.” I told him,” I’ll be sure not to eat it around you. I can be nice at times.” I said jokingly. He found that very funny. I actually heard a small throaty laugh. He then said, “I should let you get some sleep, you have had a busy and eventful day, and I kept you up late last night.” I didn’t argue with him, I was sort of exhausted. He told me, he would miss me, and to have sweet dreams. I told him, “I will miss you, as well. I hope you have pleasant dreams too, whenever you sleep.” He then text “XO” I blushed, and typed “XO” in return.

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