Before Hidden Secrets was revised… The very first draft (1)

Yes , this is awful in grammar, tenses and all. I know this. But this is the story. The full story I wrote in only 3 months. The story played out in my head, and I worked at all times of day and night on it. Any moment I could steal, was spent with computer or notepad in hand. You can read it if you choose, if not, I am trying to decide if I should revise it or not. I am sorta indecisive on this story, because it is close to my heart, having been my first story I ever put to paper outside of school. Enjoy reading 🙂 MLSteele

P.S. anytime you see a J where it doesn’t fit, it should be 🙂 I think I got them all, but just incase.





Sitting with friends, in the bar, talking. Just general conversation. One of my good friends, John asks, “So, who has an IPhone?” I say me, “I just got mine. Why?” He tells me, “I have a game I want you to play.” I say “Okay.” He helps me find the app and download it. I’m not very up to date about electronics. As a matter of fact, I only upgraded to an IPhone because, everyone kept telling me to come out of the Stone Age. That was the moment that changed my life forever.

I started out just playing the game, joining John’s safe house, but not making any new friends. John said to me “Leigh, you have to put yourself out there, in Global Chat (GC).” I was extremely nervous, the first time I spoke in GC. However, I had the gift of chat. I spent the next couple of months chatting, joking, and helping others out as my knowledge of the game grew. That is until the day I met him. He was a newbie, asking a question, I responded, in GC, and then he sent a whisper to me. He introduced himself as Chris, and we became fast friends. There was a connection there, as if we had known each other our whole lives. We chatted daily, and spent every moment that we could together. We exchanged addresses, then letters and cards. Then one day, it arrived, in a small box, what Chris called, my good luck charm. Soon after receiving it, we were sitting chatting, when Chris said to me, “Leigh, I am a vampire.”



Looking back, I now realize how things he said, comments he made, reactions all pointed to what he truly was. As of today we have not met in person only seen photos and shared descriptions of ourselves. In fact, it was my picture that drew him in. He noticed me in GC having a heated discussion with another player, when he decided to post his newbie question. “How does one post a picture of a personal avatar?” I was the quickest to respond to him. Giving him step by step instructions. Then his whisper came “Thank you” . I replied back “glad to help.” I thought that was it, then another whisper came. “Is that really you in your avi?” I replied once again, “yes. Why would I post someone else’s picture?” He replied, “I haven’t a clue.” We talked until four am. The last thing he said, before wishing me pleasant dreams, was “I think I’m in love.” I laughed it off, he did as well.

The next morning, I finally woke around ten. He had already left me countless messages. It was as if he never went to sleep. I made me a big mug of coffee, settled into my big comfy armchair, and messaged back. “I am finally awake! LOL” Chris replied back, “I have been up for hours, honestly it’s as if I never slept. LOL” I thought nothing of it, I knew, many of my friends would go more than twenty four hours without sleep. I unfortunately, was never able. Come four am my eyes would start to close, no matter what I was doing. So, we talked. Chris described himself, in detail. Then he asked if I wanted to see a picture of him. I said “sure, especially since you have seen mine!” I was shocked at how handsome he was. I never expected him to be so good looking. Honestly I don’t really know what I was expecting, but he looked like he just stepped out of a movie. He had medium brown hair, with the slightest streaks of silver starting to show. He had a baby face, but his scruffy appearance, allowed me to see he was no longer a kid. He had the most beautiful, mesmerizing brown eyes. And his grin, it was as if he were up to something mischievous. He was quite tall, compared to the doorway, he stood by in his picture. He appeared to have strength, but was not muscle bound. He had strong, beautiful hands and I found myself imagining mine in his.

We spent most of that day together, communicating thru the phone, as if we were sitting in the same room. To me, it was better than any date I had been on .I was steadily growing fonder of him. Chris told me he lived in Canada, he was very forthcoming with the details of his life. I on the other hand, kept everything, I could a secret. I mean, after all, I just met this man, and I may be fond of him, but for all I know, he could be a serial killer.

He was from a very prominent, and old family in Canada. He gave me his full name, and even though, Chris, wasn’t his first name, he asked if I would call him by it. I told him I would. I said, “That is how you first introduced yourself and I’m sort of a creature of habit.” While we chatted, I decided to get on my desktop and Google him. I know what you’re thinking, but I was curious, if what he said was actually true. To my surprise, everything he said was true. There were articles about him. Chris Malatesta was an extremely wealthy Entrepreneur, who resided in Canada, one article said. Others, praised his generosity to the less fortunate. I even found countless photos of him. I kept thinking, am I really this lucky?

We decided we would actually play our game for a while, instead of simply using it as a chat app. I was many levels above him in the game, but he could still heal me while I hunted. We could continue chatting, too. A bonus, in my eyes.

Chris talked while I was hunting, in between hunts, I would catch up, and he would heal me. He mostly asked me questions, things that pertained to the game, sort of. He wanted to know who all I was friends with, and did I ever travel from my safe house? I told him, I have a few friends, I chat with, but wouldn’t tell him their names. I also, told him no, “I do not travel. Creature of habit thing again.” Besides that, the whole thing, was sort of scary to me. I told Chris “I actually know the people in my safe house, we get together we are all friends in real life.” He tells me, “If you ever decide, to travel, let me know. I will be your escort.” I thanked him and told him I would. Honestly, it would be great having a familiar face, during travels. He then asked me how long, I’d been playing. At the time, I was one hundred days in. After I told him, he got quiet. I asked, “Is everything okay?” He replied, “Yes, I was just thinking I could have met you one hundred days sooner.”

We played and chatted, for about another hour, then, I told him, “I really should go shower, dress, and start unpacking.” I have just moved into a new house.” It is kind of tiny. It has a descent kitchen, with a mudroom off the back, a small cozy living room, one bedroom, and an old fashion bathroom. It is perfect, for me though. I would start my new job, on Monday. “One chapter of my life closed, a new one opened, LOL” I typed. He didn’t pry, only replied with a “:-)” I said, “we have the next four days, to spend together,” and I sent a “:-)”back to him. He replied, “Good :-)”then he said “before you go, would you download an app, where we can chat outside our game.” He said, “Don’t worry, it doesn’t require any personal information. You can use a fake name, to put it under.” I said “okay.” He talked me thru finding it, and getting it installed, and setting up my account. I used my screen name, from the game. Elektra77. He laughed, and asked, “Are you going to tell me your real name?” I sat there a moment or two, and then typed “okay…. It’s Leigh.” Then I typed, “I will be back soon, I really have to get some work done.”

When I returned, a few hours later, I found, I had many messages. He talked about himself, his life in Canada, his family. He had asked me questions too, questions about me, and where I lived. General questions, what the weather was like, what continent I lived on, what time zone, I lived in. All very innocent questions in my eyes. I told him, “I am in North America, same as you, and I actually live in the United States. My weather, really hot summers, reaching temperatures near, one hundred degrees. My winters are cold, usually in the thirties.” At that, he posted, “cold in the thirties that is a spring day here in Canada.” I responded, “Oh My Gosh, I would be a Popsicle constantly. LOL” he replied “LOL” I then told him, “I live in the central time zone.” He asked “how long I lived in the town I was in?” I told him, “all my life.” I then elaborated, telling him, “You know how most peoples’ safe houses are just fictitious places made up in the map room, not the one I’m in.” I said “It’s real property. It’s sort of John’s man cave. LOL” Chris quickly responded, “more are real, than you know.” I shrugged off his response, saying, “Really?” He quickly changed subjects, and asked what I was going to have for dinner. I told him, “I thought I might go out for dinner.” He said, “That sounds perfect. I will too. What time will you be leaving?” I say, “well its four o’clock now, I need to do a bit more work, and then change, and get ready. How about six o’clock?” He says “that sounds good. What kind of restaurant?” I say “hum…. what am I in the mood for? Maybe Italian?” “That sounds delicious,” Chris replies. I say “Italian it is! LOL” “Okay, go and get everything done, then get ready, and message me when you are about to leave,” Chris requested. “Okay,” was my reply, and then I was gone.

Six o’clock, and I was picking up my bag, keys, and phone, heading out the door, texting as I walked. “I’m heading out the door.” Chris responded back, but this time his message wasn’t in the form of text. The banner across my phone screen, said voice message. I opened the app, and pushed play, as I sat in my truck, nervously listening to his beautiful voice for the first time. He said “while we drive, please use the voice feature. I want to keep you safe.” I was so scared, what if he found my voice obnoxious, or my southern drawl to be ignorant… I texted back, “please, can’t I just text when I get there?” He said “no, would you not talk to someone sitting beside you in your vehicle? That is where I am. I am your passenger.” I replied, “You are right. I will voice message.” He responded “good.” I could hear a touch of laughter and satisfaction in his voice.

As we drove he asked more questions. I knew I had to talk in order to answer him. Finally it could wait no longer. I tried very carefully to think of what I would say before speaking. Hoping it would come out right, and I wouldn’t get tongue tied, as I often do, especially around men. I responded quickly, to the point, and I didn’t screw it up. Then, his next messaged arrived, I pushed play, and to my surprise, he was singing, along with the music in his car. He was singing to me! I won’t tell you which song, but it was beautiful, his voice was completely amazing.

I arrive at the restaurant, pretty quick, traffic wasn’t very bad, and it is still daylight out. I have another voice message waiting. Chris tells me, “your voice is so beautiful, just as you are Leigh.” I can hear him smiling as he talks to me. He continues, “I have traveled a lot for business, even into the states, but I have never heard an accent as yours. It is very unique.” I thank him and tell him he made me blush. I say, “I blush very easily, I have been teased for it all of my life.” He says “I bet it makes you even more beautiful.” I giggle as I try to talk to him, and my tongue gets tied. I am so embarrassed, I return to texting. “He says your laughter brings joy to me, I haven’t felt that in a very long time.” I text, “your welcome.”

Walking in, I am seated immediately, even, though there is a line of people, waiting. It was as if I had a reservation. I was alone, though and a table for one or two was easier to come by than seating for three or more. When they seat me, it is in what I consider to be the most romantic part of the restaurant. There is soft music playing, candle light, and the curtains are drawn. The tables here are mostly set up for couples, and they have high partitions, for privacy.

My waitress arrived, filled my water glass, and took my drink order. A sweet tea. I know, not very Italian, but I rarely drink alcohol, and I am southern, sweet tea, goes with practically everything. I picked up my phone, to send a message, to Chris, letting him know of my good fortune, having been seated immediately, however, when I opened the app, it said I had a picture message. I clicked on it, and it was him seated at a table, set up just like mine. Both place settings, were still set intact, on our tables, I thought it was an oversight, on my waitress’s part. As I examined the picture, closer, the seat opposite of him, had what appeared to be a water and tea, exactly how mine would look, once my waitress returned. I was curious, now, I asked him, “is someone joining you?” He said, “Actually, she is already with me. You. I hope you don’t mind, I ordered for you.” Just then my waitress, reappeared with my tea. She set it on the table, then placed a plate of Fettuccini Alfredo with garlic roasted chicken in front of me, and a basket of breadsticks, in the center of the table. She moved, to the empty side of the table, I thought, to remove the silverware, and water glass, instead, she filled the water glass, and placed a glass of wine beside it. Then turning to another waitress, who appeared, she took a plate, filled with food, matching mine, and set it on the table. As if someone was joining me. I was dumbfounded, a bit upset, and worried all in one. In other words, I was freaking out! Chris left a voice message, this time, “Relax. I talked to your friend, John, from the game. And he set it all up for me. He said he was pretty sure, he knew where you would go for an Italian dinner.” I relaxed a bit and let my guard down, just a little. He then asked if I would have the waitress take a picture of me and the table. I asked her, and she was more than willing to. I sent the photo to him, and then his arrived. I clicked on it immediately, he was sitting opposite, me, everything matching, just mirrored images. Then, he texted a message. “Our First Date”

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