One week to the big day!!

Hello all, it’s been a bit hectic, probably the same for most of you as we stumble closer & closer to Thanksgiving!! My mood has been surprisingly good for this time of year. May have a bit to do with the fact that I’m taking time for me, in the way of exercise. I’m not trying to lose weight or anything, just using the exercise as a way to lift my spirit, tire me out so I can sleep well, and to help aleviate some of the pain from my chronic health issues:-)

For those of you who can relate to SAD, hang in there, get plenty of light, and shoot for some exercise if you can!!

i can tell you, there have been times I didn’t want to go on, times I knew no one would ever miss me if I did go, but you know what, I would. It has taken me so long to realize stop living for others and begin your life as who you want to be. Be free, be happy!! For me, this means not caring what others think of me physically… I cut all of my hair off even though others protested. If I choose to wear plaid and print,so be it ! Who cares what anyone else says!! I am trying to teach those who look up to me the same thing. Do what makes you happy, the rest is merely approval. And you are the only person who needs to approve!!

So everyone enjoy your reading, have a lovely week of cooking& baking and celebrating & I will try and have something good to read for you soon 🙂 <3 MLSteele

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