Two weeks to Thanksgiving

Hello everyone:-) The countdown is on for the Thanksgiving celebration!! I have made my list & have started buying things hear and there so hopefully I won’t have to do a mammoth shopping trip the day before, which is my usual… Lol

I’ve been working on my story, the Ebony Jackson one, trying to get it long enough. To start with it was 6,800 words. But I have increased it over 8,000 already , as time allows me to work.

It looks as though I will miss this first quarter for the writing contest, because that story is still sitting idle… But it’s there, over 2,000 words written on it so far, so I will finish it , just maybe not until the Christmas Holiday:-) school is hectic , along with me trying my best to stay healthy!!

I hope to hear from some of you . If you have any requests or things you want to ask, feel free 🙂 Thank you all, and Happy Reading 🙂 MLSteele

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