The Birth of Ebony Jackson

Part 1- Eula’s arrival
Eula Mae Jackson was a very beautiful young girl. Eyes as dark as coffee, long black curly hair, and lips the color of a ruby. Unfortunately, she was born in a time when color mattered, and Eula had been born the wrong color.
Eula arrived on the McCafferty plantation shortly before her sixteenth birthday. Her new home, situated in the Mississippi Delta brought forth more than she could have ever dreamed. Me, for instance. She would come to know me as a second mother. I would take her under my wing and teach her all I could about our heritage. Eula would face hardships and triumphs which would create a bond so strong nothing could ever break it.
The McCafferty Plantation was noted for its kindness to, slaves. So, when Eula Mae was bought for work by a slave trader, named Jameson for that specific Plantation, her family was very happy. They thought she would be given a much better life.
The day Eula left, her Mama hugged her tight, and gave her a kiss. Eula was then sent on her way, with Jameson, the slave trader, who claimed she had been bought for the McCafferty’s.
Eula arrived on the plantation, still none the wiser, who she had truly been purchased by, or why. She assumed what the slave trader said was true, she would be a new house cook for the McCafferty’s.
Upon her arrival, Eula is immediately met and taken by one of the slaves to their cabins on the edge of the river. There she is given a bath, and a new dress. Eula is then readied to be presented to Conor McCafferty.
“Jameson, what are you doing here?” Conor inquires.
“Ah here she comes,” Jameson starts. “She is the reason I am here.”
Conor looks at Jameson, as if he is an alien, when he presents the young girl to him. “I don’t need any new help Jameson.” Conor states.
In a thick Irish accent, Jameson begins explaining what is going on. “This beautiful philly is Eula Mae Jackson. I was commissioned to look out someone with her unique qualities, by Mr. Martin. He thought it might make up for the little misunderstanding over the border you two had.
Jameson continues on, “Mr. Martin and the other plantation owners bought her for you all to share,” a smile crossing his lips, “to enjoy.” Jameson wiggles his eyebrows, in a rather revolting way. “Mr. Martin thought you being a widower, and the dispute over the border, he would give you first go with her.”
At this time Jonathan Martin rides up to view his newly purchased goods. Jonathan dismounts his horse, and begins working his way up onto the porch. “You did good Jameson, she could almost pass for a white girl. How old?” Jonathan asks as he moves in, right beside Eula.
Jameson replies, “Sixteen the end of the month.”
“And still a virgin?” Jonathan questions.
Jameson nods yes in reply. A large salacious grin crosses Jonathan’s barbaric face as his hand caresses Eula’s cheek. Eula pulls back from him, a look of sheer terror on her face.
Conor has had enough. “No one is going to touch this young girl! I won’t have it!”
Johnathan snorts “You won’t have it! YOU WON’T HAVE IT! Who in the hell do you think you are? I paid good money to get this beautiful piece of virgin ass. Seeing as you don’t want first go I will gladly take her.” He grabs Eula’s arm and begins pulling her along with him. “She is going to wish you had her first when she feels my size.”
Conor is on his feet immediately, taking hold of Eula’s other arm trying to pull her free of Jonathan’s hold. Eula is frantic and in tears, as she tries with all her might to free herself.
Being the unsavory character he is, Jameson uses the situation to his advantage. He moves in closer and swings on Conor. His fist finding its mark, Conor’s jaw. Conor stumbles knocking Eula to the ground in the process. Her dress top ripping during the scuffle. Conor tries to shake off the blow, but Jameson grabs him around the neck and holds him in a choke hold.
Eula realizes her hands are bleeding as she tugs on the fabric, trying to close her dress top back, however the mangled fabric and dislodged buttons, make it unsuitable to cover her bare breasts.
While the men continue to squabble, Eula begins scooting backwards on her backside, trying to get away from Jonathan Martin. Noticing her movement, Jonathan looks down at Eula, like the wild animal he is, and states, “Look at that boys. I think I will take her right here and now and Conor, you can just watch.”
Jameson grunts “I get her next.”
Jonathan pins the girl to the ground, and pulls her skirt up. He eyes her naked lower half with awe.
“What a sweet tiny beauty. Jameson, she won’t be worth much when I’m done,” spit falling on Eula’s chest, as Jonathan speaks.
Conor squirms and shifts, trying his best to knock Jameson’s hold on him loose. However, the more he struggles the tighter Jameson holds on. Jameson begins taunting Conor as Jonathan prepares to have his way with Eula.
Issah, Conor’s foreman and a young boy moves in from the field when they hear the commotion. As they approach, Issah realizes what is about to occur, he knows he cannot stop it. He turns the young boy’s face away to shield him from the violence.
Jonathan begins undoing his belt and pants. His lips moving to Eula’s mouth. She cries and turns her head in protest. Eula struggles and fights as hard as she can against Jonathan.
Jonathan states, “Get ready for hell! Cause you are gonna think you have entered the gates of it, as I rip into you!”

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