Hi y’all just popping by since it has been a bit since I have posted…

This time of year, is the greatest, and the worst. It is the time for cooler weather , for all of my favorite holidays , and all of the delicious foods that come along with them!! It is also the time of year , when recent losses & long ago losses really hit home. I try to look on the bright side &imagine all of those loved ones huddled around their own table where they are now , enjoying the festivities too as they watch over. However that only gets me so far…

Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family & giving thanks to all we have. It is a time to celebrate our blessings through food and family!

I have a traditional American Thanksgiving, with turkey, stuffing, & all the other fixings!! And yes, all made from scratch.  I know this is seen around the globe, and I would really enjoy hearing any replies about your Thanksgiving traditions, how you give thanks for what you have , and how you celebrate and with whom 🙂  I hope to see some comments soon !! Lots of Love & enjoy reading!! MLSteele

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