The Thirteen Days Of Halloween… Epilogue

The small town that lay just on the other side of death, returned as best it could to normal. Those who had been killed during this most recent fight to save the soul of a pure and innocent human, were laid to rest in the churchyard. Even the cowards who tried their best to escape , had a home there. All among the others who had stood in battle in one time or other against evil.
As a soul leaves its body, it drifts either towards the heavens , or down into despair. Some, those who leave to early , they sometimes find theirselves here. In a battle to ascend to heaven and escape the claws of hell.
The people of the town, led by the cleric fight for those souls. So they may find their way home to eternal peace & slumber. Every now and then , an evil soul passes through and is devoured immediately. Such as the man who had slain Ana Marie. The demon could see when he searched the man just what he had done. He watched as he drained the last drop of life from AnaMarie, then he tried to flee. Her father caught him. He killed him in return. And when he fell through the grave landing here, Clarence followed. He came out , somewhere among the witches graves , for he was not evil. He then waited for the right moment, and appeared.
Today, on All Souls Day, the people of the town watch as Ana Marie’s spirit once again rises , only this time free of her body, it ascends into Heaven.


©2015 ML Steele

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