The Thirteen Hours of Halloween … Hour 1….

“I am ready.” The man states to the monster.
The beast begins circling him looking him over as his inner light still glows very bright. The creature knows he cannot close in until the light dims.
As if realizing this the man slowly begins to dim, the closer the beast edges. My the time the monster is able to grab the man the light is but a mere flicker.
The creature then lunged. It’s massive body landing right on top of the man.
The man pinned to the ground, looks up into the beasts eyes. Suddenly the man’s light returns.
“Quickly Ana Marie, Now!” The man exclaims.
The girl breaks free of the chain , and tries with all her might to make the journey back to the church , and the portal.
“You double crossed me!” The serpent creature hissed. It then headed into the direction of the girl. The towns men stood shoulder to shoulder, those who were left , crosses held high, chanting. The cleric , first and foremost creating a barrier between the beast and the girl.
“You shall not have the pure and innocent , the cleric demanded. I will never allow it!” The cleric then changed form. He grew in size , his body glowing. I shall not let thee pass!”
Feeling himself defeated, the creature closes its eyes… To summon others.

©2015 ML Steele

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