The Thirteen Hours of Halloween … Hour 2…

The man stood there waiting for the creature to release the girl, when suddenly he pulled a heavy chain and shackles out.
“That wasn’t part of our agreement. I said me for her, not both of us.”
The monster cackled. “Think of who you are dealing with. You must have known I would not free her, to allow her to go running off, and making an escape. You can swap , if you choose… But I am growing steadily bored. You have 1 minute & 1/2 left, so move.”
The man moved forward and began to speak to the girl, his hand moving her dirty hair from her eyes. “Look at me dearest. Remember who I am.”
He then moved in closer, hugging her tight.
“Remember I love you , and I have since the day I found out you were growing inside your mom.”
Once again he hugged her tight.
A spark then lit in her dim eyes. “Papa!”
“Yes, it is me. I have come to help you.” He whispered in her ear as he hugged her tight.
“Thirty seconds.”
The man eyed the beast. He then, leaned in to hug his daughter one last time.
“You must list close.” As he placed something in her hand. “I forgot this when I sent you on your journey. When I discovered my mistake, I knew I had to correct it. I made it here & to you. I made it in time! When you get the chance break for the church . You will find the way back there, I promise.”
The man looked over his shoulder, and the clerics eye met his , and each man gave a nod.
“Now I must go, do not fear for me, I will find my way back. And remember ____, I love you, Always.”
With that the man released his daughter and turned to meet his fate.

©2015 ML Steele

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