The Thirteen Hours of Halloween… Hour Three…

The beast decided the trade would suffice him. Besides in the end , what did it matter to him in which order he devoured them. The ultimate would be when he had the cleric. It would take several of his brethren, if not his master as well to take him. But he wouldn’t bother himself with such mundane matters right now. The man from earlier was wearing off and he wanted a new fix.
” I have a final request ,” the man began. “When we swap, I would like a proper goodbye with the girl. She is very important to me, and I want her to remember , just what she has meant to me.”
“If you must, so be it.” The monster snarled. “But you will have no more than two minutes. I’m running out of patience.” As he looked to the town clock, he thought and time…”

©2015 ML Steele

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