The Thirteen Hours of Halloween…. Hour 4…

A man’s voice is suddenly mixed in with the ancient music. A voice I should know. It is dancing in my mind , but not taking shape. I feel so exhausted from the heat and running. I just want to sleep…
The girl went limp once again in the demons clutches, as the men watched. Some began to question if they had lost her soul already to the evil that clutched her.
As they began to question, the creature took notice of them. The man once again called out , “You must stay strong and continue to believe!”
It was no use, once the root of the doubt had been planted, those men would be doomed. The man thought to himself ,”Maybe this will buy time, if this creature”s attention is refocused.
The man the takes down his cross. He stares the beast in the eye. He takes a deep breath, and speaks straight to the monster.
” I ask for a trade. Myself for the girl.”
“You are arrogant human. What makes you think I will not take all of you?”
“The Holy Man!”
The creature scoffed. “Surely you jest. I can call on others to help me take all of you. Cleric or not, I can and will have you all. Starting with the girl.”
“No!! Take me first. I won’t fight you.” And with that, the man laid down his cross and stepped away from it.
“The one on your neck as well,” the creature snarled.
The man’s hand went to the cross around his neck. He had not removed it since the day his wife had placed it there so many years ago. He took another deep breath, “Please Forgive me.” He then unfastened the chain and the necklace dropped to the ground.

The clock in the center of town begins to chime… Dong,Dong, Dong ,Dong….

“We are wasting time.” One of the others demanded.  “Leave them both to the beast and let us return to our homes.”

It was obvious another soul had begun to slip away…

©2015 ML Steele

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