The Thirteen Hours of Halloween … Hour 6…


When I awoke , I was wrapped in the fiery talon of the beast. I was hotter than I had ever been even after running 26 miles. I yearned for some ice cold water to drink. My mind was a great mess. I couldn’t remember where I was, or what was going on. I could faintly hear mumbling coming from somewhere. The more I tried to concentrate the clearer it became. The words sounded like music to a song older than time. Something made the beast weaken its hold. I can only assume it was the sound, but where was it coming from…
Suddenly the beast began to snarl and growl. Someone answered those noises with words. Words I had never heard… Was I dreaming? Had this all only been a nightmare?
“It’s working,” one of the men shouted, as the clergyman appeared entranced continuing the chant.
“Don’t break his concentration,” another spoke as he gripped his cross tighter & proceeded to move in even closer to the beast.
©2015 ML Steele

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