The Thirteen Hours of Halloween … Hour 8….


“All of those men, surely they could see both me and the monster,” I thought as I watch them ascend the hill. But no one even casts an eye in my direction, except the creature. It had taken cover from the men who are descending on it at a rapid pace.
“What is that ?” I think to myself as the lights from the men show something bunched up on the ground. A lantern is thrust down further , and that is when the body is revealed of the man … Or what is left of him crumpled on the ground singed . Is that what had become of the other ….
That is the last thing I would recall, before waking in the clutches of the beast .
“The beast has the innocent! We must move quickly or she will be lost forever ! ” The clergyman announced as the girl and monster materialized before them all. The creature croaked something out no one could understand. No one that is , except the clergy.
Holding up his cross, the clergy speaks ” You must all have pure faith in order for us to reclaim this child !”
The men followed suit and raised their crosses as well. All, except one. He stood shaking , his hand barely raised . The creature eyed him intently.

©2015 ML Steele

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