The Thirteen Hours of Halloween… Hour 9, Part 2

The Stalker saw that the men carried crosses. Most of them took on a glow that the crosses imbued them with, with the priest being the strongest and steadiest one. The prayer was full of power, and even from this distance he could feel the effects. He didn’t like his chances, and he readied his weapon. The Prey was near to his grasp, and he didn’t want to lose this one.

For a moment, he was transfixed by the power in the priest’s aura. As the man turned his attention to something that one of the others said, the Stalker could see that there was one other man in the group that was less than thrilled to be there. Fair enough, since he’d seen many of the potential Prey in the situations they called, ‘creepy.’ He focused his attention on this man, since his cross didn’t give him as much auric cover as the others.

Would wonders never cease? It looked to him that the one he’d found hanging back from the others wasn’t a prize, by any means. He could see that there were black spots on his soul, deep down. That was why the cross didn’t give him the same protections. Of course, there was a cherubic expression on his face, but the Stalker had senses far beyond any man here. He couldn’t see anything as bad as the one that he’d just taken, but there was plenty of stains on this man. Maybe he’d have a good hunt tonight, in addition to the Prey.

He would have to steer far clear of that priest. The Stalker could see the gray hairs and the bright blue eyes dancing with intelligence. The sheer power in the man was buttressed with an unshakable faith and the armor of his convictions. No, there could be no contact with this man at all.

The Prey was close enough to grasp now, and he did. She collapsed at his feet as the spell dispersed. He picked her up and hid behind the tree closest to the soulstained man.

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