The Thirteen Hours of Halloween, Hour 10, Part 2

The Stalker had a little while to go before the Prey was his. It always took a while, using this method of trapping. He hid himself behind his spell-craft, speaking the words of power to cloak himself from the eyes of the others. He cast another spell at the Prey, to try to hide her too.

He watched in slight amazement as the spell bounced off her with several magical sparks. That had never happened before, and he was surprised by the novelty of the spell’s ineffectualness. The Stalker had heard of this happening before, but hardly recently in his centuries-long unLife. He wondered if the Prey had innocence in her character. It was sure to him that the man he’d just encountered had a great deal of blackness in his soul. That explained how easily the Stalker could take him. The man’s blackness responded to his own.

He didn’t know why his confinement spell didn’t work on her, not now. She was in the grip of the lasso spell now, but the moment she was brought to his side it would dissipate. He’d have to do something else then. There was still a few minutes before that happened, however, and her struggles were diminishing. The Stalker judged her as getting tired, but he’d learned a long time ago to never assume that this was always the case.

He looked at the approaching group of men. Some held ropes, some had torches, some had pitchforks. The Stalker snorted to himself at the thought of those harming him. He wasn’t concerned about any of the group at all, except for one. That one, he treated with a great deal of wary respect. The clergyman was an older man, skin sunburned from the rough work that he did. He moved with a deceptive power that the careful tread did nothing to hide. The cross that he carried looked aged and worn. This was the most telling thing to the Stalker. If this was the original cross that this priest had been given, upon his entry into the order, then it was a badge. It showed the hidden depths of his faith, and with that in mind, the Stalker hurried his attempts to capture the Prey. He wanted to be gone from here, before the clergyman could have his say.

The Stalker muttered another incantation, a little bit louder than before.

-JB Steele

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