The Thirteen Hours of Halloween… Hour 10…


The lights in the town had come on , when the creature had eliminated the newest visitor. Yes, of course they had known when each arrival had appeared due to the bell sounding. However since they never heard the monster’s own alarm , after the first arrival, they assumed it had not been alerted by the ringing of the bell.
Several of the townsmen, including the clergyman readied themselves for the trek up the hill.
A line of lanterns showed their progress as the men edged closer and closer to the place where visitors materialized.
Upon arriving at the site, they discovered the charred remains of what use to be the second visitor. The clergyman held up his cross, and immediately the signal was given that this man had been evil .
The group of men walked on top of his remains. The charred body dissolved to Ash and was returned to the ground as fertilizer.
The men moved on all huddled behind the clergy cross held high.

©2015 ML Steele

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