The Thirteen Hours of Halloween, Hour 11, part 2

The Stalker looked hard at the man. There was something about him that linked him with the Prey, but he didn’t know what it was – yet. It would come to him in a moment. This man was no threat to him, so he looked again at the Prey. While he was distracted with the new arrival, the Prey had flushed out of hiding. She was running for all she was worth toward the church.

That wouldn’t do, so he took measures.

A wave of his hand, and the Prey lifted up slightly. Her feet wasn’t touching the ground anymore, and another flick of his fingers started to reel her in slowly. She was too busy trying to get away from him to notice at first what was happening. The Stalker dispassionately evaluated her running form and gave silent approval, although he was certain that it would serve her no good purpose.

Since the Prey was contained, for the most part, he looked again at the disoriented man. The feeling of a connection between them, the man and the Prey, was very strong. He decided to investigate. Putting his talons on the smaller head, he forced his way into the man’s mind. It was laughably easy, and…

What’s this?

The Stalker looked at the Prey, a new speculation entering his mind.

Well, well… it seemed his Prey’s connection to this man was not the happiest, and that if she recognized him, she’d be even more terrified. This would not do, because then she would be made less than she was now. That made him forfeit to any Stalker, so long as they didn’t dawdle about it. He wasn’t going to, since he believed in decisive action.

He opened his maw wide as he revealed himself to the man, now considered to be unPrey. The unPrey’s eyes widened and a shriek erupted. That was cut off quickly as the unPrey’s head was bitten off and his spirit was sucked out.

Swallowing in contentment, the Stalker looked again at the Prey. Her back was to him, and he wasn’t sure if she’d seen what had happened. There was enough noise to wake the dead. He chuckled nastily at his joke, and sat down to wait for the Prey to be brought to him.

-JB Steele

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