Final Part 40

I have finally reached the end of this story. I hope y’all have enjoyed it. I am thinking of editing it now, and maybe putting on amazon or something. I have yet to publish anything, Yet. But this could be the first. Thank you and Enjoy reading!!


Freya and Frigg arrive in Valhalla with Linda. “The child is barely with us still, “Frigg admits to Odin.

“I will summon Mimir, he can help.”

“She will make it, won’t she Odin?” Freya askes of Linda.

“You know she can’t. The prophecy clearly states the girl must die at the hands of the wolf.”

“But the child, your grandchild. What will become of it?”

“Mimir will handle it all. He has handled everything ever since we arrived here as protectors.

“You help Odin, you are still our God.”

Odin turns and leaves Freya alone with Linda.

When Mimir arrives, Freya is doing all she can to maintain the child’s health. “The child must be delivered, it can wait no longer.” Mimir states as he views the gory scene.

Frigg asks, “Who can do it, and how?”

“I can do it,” Freya intercedes.

“You must get started now, or the child will be lost!” Mimir exclaims.

Freya carefully opens Linda’s belly up and delivers the child. A tiny girl, no longer than Freya’s petite forearm. She immediately begins checking the child over, to ensure the baby has not sustained any injuries, from the fight which took her mother’s life.

“The baby girl is perfect.” Freya states.

One small swat to the bottom of the baby’s feet, and the child begins to cry.

Frigg moves in and begins to magically repair Linda. She removes the scratches, and the cuts. She closes the incision that was needed to save her daughter’s life.

Next the blood that covers Linda’s body and clothing is removed. Finally, Linda is dressed in a long flowing gown made of silk. One, just like the one on Halloween, worthy of Freya.

Freya brings a crown of flowers and hands it to Frigg to place on Linda’s head, as she cuddles Linda’s child at her chest. As Frigg places the crown on Linda’s head, the two goddesses admire her beautiful creamy complexion. “She is paler than normal.”

“I know, one thing I cannot fix, due to the blood loss and drop in her body temperature.”

“She is very lovely. Just as she had been on her wedding day,” Freya adds.

Thor and Vidar arrive just as Frigg finishes up. Freya has left the room with Linda’s child in her arms, sleeping peacefully.

Vidar falls to his knees, as he sees his beloved laying pale and motionless on the bed.

“Why? Why Linda? Why my child?” Vidar demands out loud hoping for an answer from someone.

“Because it was necessary.” Odin states as he enters the room.

“You, You knew this, and you never said a word!” Vidar rages.

“I did.” Odin admits, defeated.

Enraged, Vidar lunges towards his father. Thor was quicker, and caught his brother before he could make contact. “It was the prophecy Vidar.” Thor states. “I knew as well.”

Vidar falls to the floor. “Everyone knew, and still let me fall in love and marry knowing my heart would be ripped out when my wife and child died.” Thinking of his whole life, the reason he had been born, “Am I to only know pain and misery? “

Vidar then thought as he anxiously scrambled from the floor. “Mimir, where is Mimir? I want to ascend.”

“Ludvik,” a soft feminine voice Vidar knew whispered. “I am here, just not in my body.”


“Yes. Would you really trade all we had, had you know my fate? In my heart, I knew. I knew where I would end up, and still I wanted us to be. I wanted your love. I wanted our child. Was I selfish to want those things?”

“No. And I would change nothing. I love you and our child. Has the baby ascended already?”

Vidar looks up to see the faint image of his wife staring at him. “Vidar, our child is alive! You cannot ascend. You must stay and watch over our daughter as she grows.”

“Daughter. But Linda,”

“No buts. I have no choice, I will ascend, and soon. You must promise me you will stay near her and keep her safe. Loki will not rest until he is able to return. And she, she is a way for him.”

“I promise Min Skatt.:

“You know I love you Vidar. I love our baby girl Cajsa too.

“Cajsa, I like. She is pure.”

“You must keep her safe.”

“I will.”


Odin disappears from the room, in search of Mimir.

“The girl must ascend?” Odin questions.

“You know she must Odin. She is neither god nor protector.”

“Is there no other way?”

“There is nothing I can do. I am sorry Odin.”

Odin stood there looking at Mimir, “What if I ascend, and grant her my position?”

“Odin, that means you cannot return.”

“I know. But it means, that Vidar will finally know I love him, and always have. Even if I was never able to show it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Do it now, before the girl leaves him forever.”

“As you wish My Friend. You have redeemed yourself here in more ways than you know.”

“Thank you. Oh and Mimir, it is all Loki. He is who wants to return. Protect my grandchild.”

Suddenly Odin disappears from Mimir’s sight. Nothing left behind, except Huginn and Muninn. “You didn’t think all of you would have to ascend. I can keep a part of you to help watch over things both here and in the mortal world.” The two birds then flew off in search of a glimpse of the baby girl.

Mimir appears in the room with the others. Linda’s body begins to become more solid every second, until finally she is back. “I believe I should give you this.”

“What is that?” Linda asked.

“It is your wings. You will become a gargoyle, and protect this world from the monsters that are in it, both visible and invisible.”

Linda stood there stunned.

“That is if you want it.”

“Oh I want it!” Exclaimed Linda.

“There are conditions. You cannot have mortal contact with your daughter. It will put her in too much danger. But, you can watch from afar.”

“I can do that.”

“You will stay, as will Vidar. We will need you now that Odin has chosen to ascend.”

At this everyone looks at Mimir. “He chose to, so Linda may stay with Vidar and watch over her child.”

Suddenly could be heard echoing in the great hall, the sounds of two ravens cawing.


Linda and Vidar take to the city. “You will love when night falls and we come to life.”

“Are you sure I am strong enough for this?”

“I know you are.” Vidar’s lips land on Linda’s.

“You will sit there, as I sit on top of that, during the day. Tonight, I will find you. Now up you go, quick. It is almost dawn.”

“Are you sure Jace can handle Cajsa alone? He always had my mother to help before.”

“Jace, not dad?”

“Vidar, I knew he wasn’t my biological father. And now, I realize he was placed in my home by Odin and Mimir. To protect me.”

“And did he?”

“Yes. But my mom was there.”

“And you will be here, only a few minutes away. If he needs us, he knows how to contact us.”

“Come, I will fly with you up to your post.”

The End.





©2015 ML Steele

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